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Starboy - Part 1

The boy is black. He is much younger than other boys of his age. According to his mother, his son is 12 years old. People say that Maradona's height will be when he grows up. I don't think it will increase much.
In any case, those who were watching the match around the Rayapada ground were stunned by his dribbling. Tapan Dutta was sixty years old. All his life he wandered in the fields and spent his life or it can be said that he wasted it. How many games have been seen and how many players' games have been seen so far, it cannot be counted. Chuni Goswami's dribbling as a teenager is still etched in my mind. That was also the time. That's what he said,
"Oh, it's like a joke. He is taking the ball out of the outside dodge in a jiffy by tapping the same inside. The ball hit his foot like a stick. Great... great. "
One of the thirty-somethings said,
"Yes, yes... like Maradona... the ball does not come out of the foot. Put your feet up!Baa... "
Another one commented:
- "It will go a long way if you fall into the hands of such people... Fantastic! It looks a bit like a mermaid! "
"Yes, what's his name? "
He is an old resident of the village. He said,
"It's his name. Everyone calls him a little boy. What's a good name? Her mother works as a domestic help. He lives in a slum colony. Dad is totally obsessed. He has a brother. He's a flower. At this age, he has developed many talents. What else can I say...
He had been suffering from fever for a few days. My head started to hurt this morning. He gets money from the house. In other words, he lives on money. If someone else takes them in, they will be destroyed. Of course, he is a good man at home. There is grace in the body. But they don't go a day without work. If there is no evening meal, the girl who cooks the food will continue to do so. But she's also a very smart girl. Don't do that. 'Extra 'will take the money. So they will look for a replacement for Bichak's mother. But that's not happening these days. The hands go away. Ten pounds on the head. I lay in bed at night. What happened to the father? What happened again? ' He stood up and clapped. It won't do any work. In the evening, his eyes are closed. Siddheshwar Majhi, standing like a violet for a while, ran out to the field of Rayapada. to call the boy.
When Siddheshwar reached the edge of the pitch, the ball hit the right head of the six-yard penalty box. Three guards surrounded him. Pulling the ball backwards through the bottom of the feet, once inside and once outside, swinging the two defenders on both sides in the body feint, the ball went out through the middle of the two like a flash of electricity. He then took the ball over the head of the third defender in the same motion with Chetto, passed him in three steps and went to the other side and took the ball on his right foot. The goalkeeper came out of the corner. It's going to hit the ball. He didn't waste a moment. He took the ball on his left foot. Then he hit the ball. The goalkeeper threw the body. The ball deflected off his body and went into the left corner of the goalpost. People on the ground were screaming. The ears are responsible for the hand clapping. Swarup said:
"Don't worry! "
Tapanjyoti Dutta, a forgotten field man who had spent his entire life wandering around the football field, neither in the house nor in the hut, began to see a sunrise shining from the edge of the sea or from the top of the hill, looking hypnotically at the beach. In the midst of this noise and clapping, he stood speechless. He felt that he could still get something out of life. The ball was being put back in the center, at that time Bichak's father Siddheshwar shouted from the sideline,
"This guy... Come soon. Your mother is very ill. "
After talking to the captain, the player changed and ran out of the field. That night, Beech and his father somehow took him to the Municipal Hospital in the evening. OPD is also available at night. The treatment will be there. Doctors are not allowed to meet patients outside the hospital. Death and survival will be in the treatment of that hospital, in the medicine given by the hospital. It took two hours, of course. It was late in the evening. He was sitting on the bench. Siddheshwar looked the same as Vavla. He started to walk like a baby. But what about the doctor? There is a lot of pressure at night. There is no room for him to get emotional. You have to deal with cold stress.
(To be continued...)