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Starboy - Part 3

At eight thirty at night, Tapanbabu entered Subhas Colony and asked at a pan cigarette shop,

"Well, where's the house? That football game... "Black...

The shopkeeper smiled and shook his head.

"Yes, I understand... Go forward. The house on the left... Are there any matches? "

"Yes... That one... Okay, thank you. "

Go ahead. Tapan Dutta went in front of the house like a plate of rice and said 'Amit... "Amit asked. He came out.

"You don't know me. My name is Tanuja. At one time, I was the coach of the Bengal Under Sixteen team. I have played for BNR, Arian and Khidirpur. You don't know that. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you. "

He said nonchalantly,

"When is the match? How much will you give? "

Tapanjyoti is accustomed to the Khep culture of football. He knows that many young people live in poverty with the money they earn from this game. Most of these children have no access to education. Constantly playing the game, the body suffers from injuries. Almost no one is treated, and most promising players die prematurely from injuries. Tapanbabu smiled a little and put his hand on the shoulder of the bitch and said,

"No, there's no game. I didn't come to the game. "

"But? My mother is very ill. He's been asleep for three days. It's better to say something quickly...

- Yes Yes Yes! The mother's body? Have you seen a doctor? Should I tell my doctor? "

"I went to the hospital. My mother says she won't live. "

"No, it never is. Make it up tonight. I'll do it all in the morning. Don't worry about anything. Anyway, I'll be back in the morning. I'll get the doctor. That's what I was going to say. "

Tapan Dutta's main point is that he wants to make a club team of the Under Fifteen age group. That age group has an international tournament in Amsterdam, Holland. Club teams come from all over the country. The prize money for the champions and runners-up is huge. Also, there is a big prize for the winning team. He wants to build a team around him. Tapanjyoti has also decided the name of his team - Yolo Diamond. After dinner, Tapan smoked a cigarette and went into a dream world to think about it. He began to think of himself as Bilardo, Argentina's coach of the sixties, and began to smash opponents with the magic of dribbling, hitting the beach in his dreams. It was like a dream the whole night. Sometimes he fell asleep and began to talk in his sleep. In this upsurge of his wife Maumadevi sleep was disturbed again and again. He expressed his anguish and anger.

"There's no way I'm going to sleep at night. Like a boy. Look back... Look back. Please get some sleep. "

But Holland will have to play a trial tournament to get a chance in that tournament. If you qualify there, you will be allowed to go there. Two teams can go from Eastern India - champions and runners-up. The match will be played at the Mohammedan Sporting Stadium. The next morning Tapan Dutta brought Dr. Sayandeep Mandal. The doctor saw, wrote the prescription and gave some routine blood and urine tests. He also said,

"We need food. I didn't take any new medications. Let's go to the previous ones. Let me know how it goes a week later. "

The doctor said he needed rest. But how about the food? How are you going to feed three people if you don't go to work? So, he unanimously agreed to the proposal. Two more days remain. Evening is now able to sit up. Seems to have taken the medicine. If you can't walk, you can't test your blood or urine. Because even if they do, they trust the hospital without money. Stay there now.

(To be continued...)