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Starboy - (Last Part)

After the break, the game started. Yellow-clad Tapan Datta's boys swarmed like crabs to snatch Bahrain's attacking third. Tikitaka began to play back and forth with perfect skill. When the ball went to someone's feet in Bahrain, all three were going to block and snatch at the same time. Fifteen minutes passed in this way. The ball possession of Yellow Diamond was found to be five percent. But he couldn't open his mouth. 'Don't look at the beech, now I remember how to dance. Amazing coincidence. As soon as he remembered, the ball fell at Bichak's feet on the right side of the box at the head of thirty minutes. Together, the two of them came to block and started dancing on the small beach. On his right and left, Ramit and Sukhbir are running to catch a pass. He did not let go of the ball. Like a slippery soft reptile, the two dodged and went out before they could get a foot to the tackle. A long lefthander in front. Seeing the swing of the beech's body, he thought that the outside would definitely dodge and in every action, his body tilted in that direction. Because he had the ball in his left hand. So the stopper thought he must be trying to get out. But he did not take the ball on his right foot. He struck the ball with his left foot. Then four feet into the head of the six-yard box... Goalkeeper has nowhere to go. He stands in the middle of the line waiting for the shot. The body is ready for release. But I love to dance. He didn't take a shot. He's moving towards the goal. The goalkeeper kicked the ball. Bichke slipped again like a reptile, passing the goalkeeper who was lying on the ground with a small inside on his right leg. Just a goal in front. He did not touch the bat. The ball went into the goal. It all happened in just 16 seconds.

About 300 people gathered in the field. They were amazed at the boy's talent. He started shouting and clapping loudly. The boys of Bahrain now smelled danger and began to play on their feet. Within five minutes, three of them saw yellow cards. Three minutes left to finish the game. Beach got another ball in the same place within eighteen yards. One made a small splash. The second defender. He didn't take any risks. He stepped on the boy's shoulder. He fell on his face. There was nothing to think about. The referee immediately gave the penalty. To the south, where the rampart used to be, is Bahrain's goalpost. The sky is red in the west. The bell began to ring in his chest. The ball is in the penalty spot. Tapanbabu thought that the last lap of his life cycle was going on. Tappingjyoti was gripped by a twilight-like dream of hitting the finish line first by pulling an electric sprint on the wheel. A cloud of sweat began to form in his chest. On the last day, all that was found and lost was a penalty shot between the two. Tapanjyoti shouted and ordered

"Sukhbir... Sukhbir... Bike..... You don't kill. "

Tapan Babu knows that the most skilled penalty shooter in his team is the Punjabi boy Sukhbir Singh. He knows ballplayers aren't usually good penalty shooters. So he did not take it. Sukhbir sat on the ball and looked at the sky. What did he say in his mind? Then he walked three feet, ran four feet and took a shot with his right foot - a high shot to the right corner of the goalpost. The goalkeeper is on the other side.

One minute left to finish the game. Also, it can be time-consuming. It might as well be three minutes. Tapanbabu knows that at this time Bahrain will jump to its death. He took everyone down and made the team ultra-defensive. The onslaught began in extra time. There's still forty seconds to go. Yolo's boys are exhausted. The body doesn't move anymore. Bahrain got a corner kick at this crucial moment. It was as if someone had started hammering inside Tapanjyoti's chest. Standing on the line between life and death is like an insurmountable mountain traveller. The boy who was taking the corner, it was clear from his shot that he was under a lot of nervous pressure. The corner was a long one and went out of the goal line with an outswing. the result of overstimulation. A stone fell from his chest. The referee ended the game immediately.

A field of light. Flags of different colours fluttered in the evening. Many of the spectators who had come to watch the game were leaving the field. Some are still standing and applauding the boy's' footwork '. The boys are sitting on the ground, tired. Some are sleeping. Tapanjyoti Dutta went and stood in the field. The old man looked up at the sky. A weary man running the last race of his life can see the honorable lighted finishing point in front of him.

It was nine o'clock that night when we reached the slum of Subhashnagar. The other boys have been sent to Raipur. From there he went home. At the entrance of Subhash Nagar Colony, Tapanjyoti's mobile rang. When Tapanbabu picked up the phone, Siddhartha's voice came from there

"Tapanada Congregations... I got the news... What are you thinking of next? Concentrate on winning the tournament. You've really got a great deal! What's the name of that bitch... Ok... See you tomorrow... I'm coming home to you. "

Bichak's mother Sandhyamani said to Tapanbabu with a sad face,

"Mukujje has been left by another man. It's been so long... It's so big now.Where will I get such a job? "

Then Bichak's father pointed to Siddheshwar and said,

"This man is insane. If I sit down, the whole family will die. "

Tabu said:

"No, we are not going to die. The beech was pulled from the edge of our ditch into the hard ground. There is no need to fret anymore. "

"Did you play well? "

He smiled softly and said,

"I'm not a baby. You are a gem. A light shines on my dark street. "

Sandhyamani looked at Tapanjyoti inquiringly. He said, "What do you mean? "

Tabu said:

"I'm looking for that. "

Siddhartha looked on as usual. He walked down the street toward the house. He waits for a phone call deep in his heart. The name of the collar is Nandita Chowdhury with a silver shimmer in her hair. Tapanjyoti thought as he walked, he had left that fool. What a great thing you have done that Nandita will call him! He hasn't changed his nature.