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Ravana's Last Question

When Ravana was very close to his death, he thought about his Prabhu Shiva. He said," O Shiva if in this life I have only thought about you, then appear in front of me and talk to me now. Please, Shiva." (Ravana was so much in pain that his eyes got filled up with tears.)

Shiva knows that this is the last time he is listening to Ravana's voice. Shiva can't hear his bhakt's painful voice. So, he appears in front of Ravana. 

(The time stops as Shiva enters the battlefield of Ramayana)

Ravana cried before Shiva," Did I ever disgust you? Did I never chant your prayers? Don't you know, why I chant your name?... he mumbles so that maybe one day you get cherished by my love and just bless me with yourself. Don't you know this? What I want is your closeness (saanidhy). Was all my love towards you just nothing?"

Shiva was seeing only him and as he was going to answer, Ravana disrupted again by adding," Does my love towards you make you feel like a bird that is put into a cage? Was I nowhere in your eyes? Why the condition has made me such disgusted that even you don't want to choose me up, Shiva? O Prabhu. please answer me."

Shiva was in grief. He said, "O dear! You can't have me. This whole world can't have me. Even no one can have any Prabhu. You can have only my blessings. I am not yours, I am everyone's. Your love for me makes me feel strong. Your prayer and your voice make me dance. You are everywhere in my eyes. I have your bhakti. To have me you have already given so many tests. Now it's time to pause."

Ravana said to Shiva again," I don't know why I am feeling restless today. It feels like I won't be able to see you anymore. It feels like a pain of separation." He paused and with teary eyes continued by adding," I know I am going to die today but I want to ask you a last question Why would I have to die to have you in my life?"

Shiiva said, "Listen, dear child, no creature can keep me with themselves. Whenever this will happen, then he will call his death. I know you couldn't contain yourself because your cravings to have me started rising. You could not control your desires. Because of you, a message will go to society that when a man cannot maintain his willpower or desires, he will indeed be facing a downfall."

Ravana said, "I could not control myself. O Lord! I haven't done anything. I want you only."

Shiva said peacefully," Vishnu in the guise of Rama is coming to wash away all your sins. As only he can purify your soul (Aatma). Only Vishnu has such power that he can provide you with knowledge by discarding all your negative thoughts. He will be providing you with a path which is the 'Path Of Salvation' through which you can achieve me. Now it's time to accept Vishnu, O Ravana.  I have always wanted a devotee like you. Whenever and wherever you will be the subject of discussion, your bhakti towards me will be discussed more. O little child, I am waiting for you eagerly!! Come quickly and let me have you because through this only you can have me. Now, attain the peace in your mind."

Shiva whispers," I am waiting for you as only the soul can meet the divine."


The End.