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had built a sand castle

It was a beautiful house.


to live together

Was decorated with desires


Even the viewers should be jealous.

It was decorated with great care.


In the sign of love

had laid marble


The angels came and took care of me.

It was made with purity.




The days of childhood were pleasant.

He was true and spiritual.


wish to reach the moon

Those were the days of fairies.


paper boat in the rain

used to hug toys


Playing with laughter

Friend, it was great fun.


no reason to cry

There were legends in the stories.



I want to drown in the sea of eyes.

Want to loot the treasure of love?


I have nothing left but me.

After all everyone wants to escape from fairs.


It's been a very long and fast race.

Want to wait a moment longer?


Why was craving written in your destiny?

I want to ask if I find God.


If you are allowed, do so much mischief.

I want to bow down in love's adoration.




There is experience in old age.

Wonders happen in youth


Why from the headlines on the face?

Troubled heart becomes


eyes don't let me sleep

Jam itself is humjuba.


Look at the extent of your desire.

Friend love is suba hota ll


from childhood to old age

There is status in the soul.



flowers teach to smile

love shows wonders


let's go somewhere together

Let's drink the jam of love


Alone, hiding from everyone.

wipes tears from eyes


Some complications, some efforts.

spend the night counting the stars


Take life and leave alive

let's reconcile ourselves to ourselves ll



Let the fragrance of soil reside in your heart.

Light the lamp of love in the universe


Everyone is abandoning the city.

Today we will save the settlements from destruction.


People kill with flowers, friend.

It is possible that hatred will be erased from the hearts.


By encouraging myself

Show what is wrong by calling it wrong.


This is a different thing, he is not an alcoholic.

Feed me with your eyes, not with your hands.




Soldiers show bravery on the border.

The brave lady shows bravery in the house.


I find peace for two moments by closing my eyes.

I spend my whole life in memories.


Happiness will soon fill your heart

This gives solace to loved ones.


Moving ahead in life with courage.

Gives you an ocean of happiness


day and night by overcoming difficulties

She makes her family happy with her vivacity.



Aanchal wet with child's tears

The courtyard blossoms with her laughter.


What can I say? Nothing can be said.

Affection overflowing in words ll


Look at the effect of voiceless love.

The mind is connected with the mother.


Must always be connected to the earth.

body is made of five elements


to get what can't be got

Stubbornness becomes the reason for tears



Come let's touch the moon with our hands today.

Hug and fulfill your heart's desires


The efforts of many brains paid off.

For years everyone's heart will have a desire.


Used to watch from afar in the night with wishes.

Come meet me closely with lots of love


After a long period of time, the fate supported me.

Look at it wholeheartedly, no one will be left to complain.


Today the wish has been fulfilled.

Let's get the sign stitched on Chanda's land.



My heart was thrilled to see the green Vasundhara.

I will go to enjoy the madbhari fizz


After chatting with Hariyali today friend.

My heart and mind felt a strange peace.


As if the glory of heaven had descended on earth.

Amazing views gave Rometa a stir.


Will keep the craftsmanship of nature in your memories.

The sky is full of moonless and floating universe.


It's raining happiness all around.

The color of the flower bed is purple, yellow and blue.



The blossoming color of Henna is fragrant on the cheeks.

As soon as the eyes meet, the peacock in the heart starts singing.


The passion to accompany your convoy has reached its peak.

If you come a little closer, your heart's toy will be lost.



Keep looking through the window to get a complete view.

The desire to see the moon burns in my heart day and night.


Even if we talk for five minutes, he gets bored.

As soon as I remember, my face lights up with shame.


It is not the love of moments, it is the worship of centuries, friend.

Everyday comes in dreams which are said not to come.



The festival of Rakshabandhan has come.

I have brought the threads of love with you.


holy true brother sister love

The ocean of love came overflowing


By tying in the unique bond of Rakhi.

Got the blessings of life long protection


picky, naughty, lovely sister

Brother's company is like a shadow.


Brother and sister cry unique.

Loved the priceless Benmoon gift


May Veera always blossom with happiness.

mother's shadow as sister



This is life, there will be traps like this too.

Now I have to hide my tears too


I am so immersed in myself.

There will be times without sound


To keep love alive

We will have to loot the treasures of love.


Friend, please sing a song.

I have to tell you something to cheer you up.


If you want to make the stone soft then

You will have to convince the angry person yourself.


I have to keep quiet and smile.

Will have to be performed with full dedication.



The festival of Rakshabandhan has arrived.

Have brought the threads of love with me


pure true brother sister love

The ocean of love came surging.


By tying yourself in the unique bond of Rakhi.

Got the blessings of life long protection.


On the fussy and naughty lovely sister.

My brother stays with me like a shadow.


Brother sister's secret is unique.

Precious benmoon gift ll.


May Veera always be filled with happiness.

Mother's shadow as sister ll



The world became colorful after your arrival.

It became serious after your arrival.


Your every heartbeat beats in my heart.

I got absorbed in you after your arrival.