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life is a game of birth and death

listen man worship god


the palms are empty while leaving

If possible keep simplicity in life


a lot gets left behind

Fill every moment with freshness


Everyone keeps on walking in the morning and evening

the days are falling like leaves


Will love as much as possible friend

Now you will not be able to stop your heart




The foundation marks the establishment of the Ram temple

a sign of people's devotion to God


all angels have become with each other

Heartfelt worship is a sign of worship


the world is about to find peace and tranquility

happiness will come is a sign of the wind blowing



I guess I'm not that sweet

The one who is in front of me is not close to me


Were alone in happiness, will live alone in sorrow

I am not destined to be with you


I have a lack that no one can fill

Nadeem is dear to me, you are not Rakib


You are beating in the chest instead of the heart, friend.

be kind hearted darling you are not habib


love what you get

Out of the box style, not strange



Naina has started tricking

it's raining fetishes


if the legs are weak

hands start moving


look at heart

have started talking


in love with sky

the clouds are laughing


from the air of the cities

villages are changing




want to forget those old memories

What will you do now by remembering the false promises


today heart wrenching tunes are playing

silence the instruments forever


Sweet sweet ghazal will take life of friend

no sound is heard by the ears


Listen darling, go out with an umbrella

Can't remove stains easily


blondes look beautiful soft

Let me see the hands with henna



Friendship is the most unique of all

The unique lovely seeps of friendship


always stays together in happiness and sorrow

Friend Anera is crying for friendship


I get peace only by the existence of my friend.

sour sweet seeps of friendship



Love thirsty Radha is absorbed in devotion to Krishna

wander around like you have lost your sanity


Find Kunj Bihari in the streets of Vrindavan

Krishna's love is engrossed as if asleep


There is neither peace in the day nor agreement in the night

Banwari has cried many times in memory


She went along with Krishna's heart

never turn back what's gone


Don't know when Pritam dear Krishna will come

she has washed the twelve paths with tears



Lived on the hope of seeing a moment

drank the tears of separation thinking it as jam


Don't know what has been said in the ear

the windows rattled


late replies are awesome

Friend turned his eyes to the beauty


From words everyone seems loyal

This issue has also been removed from the concern list.


silence is better in the market of voices

Seeing the face today, the lips were stitched



Vrindavan's Kunj Gali still calls Radha's name

The street of Sakhi Van Upvan still calls out the name of Radha


Even today there is a desire for that which was not in the destiny

The tender bud of the garden still calls out the name of Radha


Fizao's soul has entered as a heartbeat

Centuries have passed but Vali still calls Radha's name

Wali - Saint



My mind has wandered in the land of shifts

He is well there in the land of the Pari's


Very cute as well as colorful

There is a wave of beauty in the land of shifts


Will illuminate that dark night

Happiness blossoms in the land of shifts


He doesn't get lucky even in his dreams.

There is a beautiful Sharara in the country of Pari


Fall in love as soon as thoughts come

There is a beautiful sight in the land of the Paris




the world is a beautiful illusion

the labyrinth is a spider's web


deal with smartly

all rupees are amazing


change the tone

it's a cargo full of humans


Alive but the soul is dead

everyone is the same


loot the sea by giving a strand

Every moment is a new trick in the mind



Life shows colors like a younger sister

Somewhere happiness sometimes feeds tears of sorrow


need to spend some quiet time

she keeps the promise of meeting life


Don't get lost in the heartless ways of the world

teaches to be strong with heart and mind


keeps grinding in the mill of nights and days

Every moment erases the breath on its own terms


Friend looks like a field of race horse

Sometimes she loses, sometimes she herself wins



oh fleeting moment, wait a minute

understand the beauty of time


everyone's life is the same

just change your perspective


sure after defeat

tell your heart and mind


heard true love is visible

don't let go hold on tight


story with every person

hold on dear moment



A desire arose from this place

with a desire to where


He left promising to return

friend will see the way till there


keep up as much as possible

By the way, how long will someone keep supporting


Will die after reaching the perfect destination

as long as you keep breathing


Don't understand, you will leave the middle way

until there is a separate identity



the smell of love is still fresh

Yad bane rehne gaya suhana mazi hai


whoever you are with wherever you are

we are happy to see you happy


while giving love into the hands of others

Hera is Kazi because of our smile


laughed at the rarest gift

Heart lost and won today is the game


sways in the slightest breeze

the delicate little angel is shy



Maa Bhaum, may your glory remain immortal

May my country always be inhabited


don't stare

stay away from the evil eye


open the wings of the innocent mind

have a great independence day


more flights to go

Countrymen keep the blood hot


show love

Longing for population