EAT THAT FROG books and stories free download online pdf in English


This is a perfect book for those who want to increase their productivity at work as well as in personal life. This books will give you 21 ways, which you have to follow. After applying all this rules, you will be surely efficient.

Here are some points for those who want to read books.
▪️ Practice is a key to mastering any skill.
▪️ 3 quality to develop a habit
1. Decision - Make a decision to develop a habit of completion of task

2.Discipline - Discipline yourself to practice the principle you are about to learn over and over until you master them.

3.Determination - give everything with determination until it become your habit.

▪️ "The person you see if the person you will be." _ Jim Cathcart

➡️ Here is a 21 Ways to be more productive.

1. Set the table
🔸The great rule of success is THINK ON PAPER.
🔸The most important thing in life is a GOAL.
🔸Note down all your goal which you want to achieve.

2. Plan Everything in Advance
🔸Your mind, your ability to think, plan & decide is your most powerful tool for overcoming procrastination & increase productivity.
🔸Make your next day planning before going to bed.
🔸Spend your 10% time for planning which saves your 90% time during work.

3. 80/20 rule
🔸This rule says 20% of your work gives 80% of result, so complete that 20% of work first.
🔸Resist the temptation to clear up small things first.

4. Consider the consequences
🔸Long term thinking improve short term decision making.
🔸Think about consequences of doing or not doing anything.

Remember "Failures do what is tension relieving while winners do what is goal achieving."

Motivate require motive.

5. Practice the ABCDE method continuously
🔸This is a priority setting method.
🔸How it work - Make a list of goal on paper. Then put A,B,C,D or E infront of each goal. In which A is a most important task & E is a very least task which you can avoid too.

6. Focus on key result area
🔸Know your key area & how you are performing in those area.
🔸Improve those key area which hold you back for success in work.
🔸Major reason for procrastination is people avoid jobs in which they are weak.

7. Obey the law of forced efficiency
🔸Law of forced efficiency says " There is never enough time to do everything but there is always time to do most important things."
Ask three questions to get your most important task complete
a). What are my highest value activities?
b). What can I only I do that if done well will make a real difference?
c). What is most valuable use of my right now?

8. Prepare thoroughly before you begin
🔸Collect everything you need to complete the job and then start.

9. Do your homework
🔸Learn whatever you need to learn for to do your work excellently.
🔸Continuously improve your skill in key result area for good performance.
🔸Getting better in your task improve your efficiency in work.
🔸The more you learn and know the more confident and motivate you feel.

10. Leverage your special talents
🔸You have to find your special abilities and improve that.

11. Identify your key constraint
🔸Concentrate on that one area which hold you back at your work and identify your limiting factors and focus on it to improve.

12. Take it one oil better at time
🔸Focus on small steps instead of used task.
🔸A great life or great career is built by performing one task at time quickly and well and then going on the next task.

13. Put the pressure on yourself
🔸Successful people put pressure on themselves to complete the work.
🔸Always set the deadline with your goal. It will put pressure on you to complete it before it due.

14. Maximize your personal powers
🔸Identify your best working time during the day and complete the most difficult task during the time.
🔸Also take a vacations or rest occasionally, it will improve your working.

15. Motivate yourself into action
🔸Always stay positive for keep yourself energize. Keep talking positive with yourself it will boost yourself esteem.
🔸Always find something positive in every situation good or bad.
🔸Find a solution into problem not blaming on to people.

16. Practice creative procrastination
🔸You can get your time and your life under control only to the degree to which you discontinue lower value activity.

17. Do the most difficult task first

18. Slice and dice the task
🔸Divide a large task into small parts.

19. Create large chunks of time
🔸Fix your time lock for specific activity by this way you can complete the big task.

20. Develop sense of urgency

21. Single handle every task
🔸The ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, do it whether you feel like it or not.

This is the 21 steps which you can follow for reducing your procrastination and increasing productivity and efficiency.

So that's all I learn from this book and I recommended you to at least read one time in your life.

Thank you. 😊