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Life is so unfair

So it's a end of year her parents went to Christmas holiday for a weeks then she start living with his friends on tht time she is also in a relationship with a very toxic person on the day of Christmas her bf is bsy with work. So he can't join her so she cll to his friends.. Then they start chilling together they start spend a quality time they start enjoy their company so much.. They go to club n dance a lot in the end of year 31 December .When the holiday is end her parteners come back to home town in Mumbai ... So they feel something is missing all the time so on the day of new year they go to park and Berger king to enjoy to spend a time. One day she went to library.. Suddenly her bff text to HER do u wnt to come in my volcano.. Hahahahaha I cll to his house volcano bECoz there is so much humidity the temperature is so high.. In winter it is okay bt in summer it is like u r making a chapati..She is also not in a mood to study on tht day So she said okay. I am coming. Surprisely she hve only ₹5 bt thanks to god tht distance of the volcano house is vry less so tht amount is sufficient.. She went n he was setting with his toothbrush after a few minutes wait finally he order massi ki biryani while eating .we start talking about ourself what going on btw us we both are so confused so we dicided (go with flow.) .. After few month goes she went to home town to celebrate holi .. In btw I would like to tell u she end up his relationship with his toxic boyfriend ... He creat a lot of Truma... He do lots of bad things bt finally tht chapter wash close.. now she is waiting for a new chapter of his life. THE FESTIVAL IS END she start feeling better and the paper is on head she went back to his place mumbai So when she is in train setting near the window looking outside .. Birds curping, beautiful lady selling flower, tea stall Her friend come to surprise her and he come and he say hlwww beautiful so the journey of tRAIN is 5 hours and it end like a 1 hours.. So we really start LOVING our company. So much ...We love cooking he make biryani chicken.. I make chola bhatura puri sbzi samosa PAKOR lot's of new new things we tired..while making a food we love to give company in kitchen ..Bt very sadly one day 14th she said let's be in a relationship.. Bcoz ppl start calling frends with benefit is not good .Bt he said no I HAVE RELATIONSHIP PHOBIA Booz MY LAST RELATIONSHIP END VERY BADLY.....then again she feel same pain that pain feel while say no to his 10 clss boyfriend that I don't want physical relationship Aab kya huaa tht I tell u in next story... ♥♥