Relationship Between Mom And Daughter.... books and stories free download online pdf in English

Relationship Between Mom And Daughter....

It felt different, there was a change.
The salt seemed to be lesser than usual.
I requested my mother for some salt and as I looked at her, I realised the other change.
My mother wasn’t young anymore.
The lack of salt was due to blood pressure.
Her hands seemed frail.
Her spectacles have grown larger.
She had strands of grey hair.
And I could see black and white.
There are lesser Sunday afternoons left than spent.
It’s a reality that we all need to come to terms with.
I stood up, forcing her quite literally to sit with me and have her food.
And looked at her, smiling while she enjoyed a plate of ‘Rajma Chawal’.

I wanted to watch a movie; so I decided to go on netflix.
But what I ended you doing was scroll past all categories for the next 30 minutes; every time I decided to watch a movie, my mind told me maybe there’s a better one. I am on dating apps, all the popular ones, swiping left and right on people, going on dates, with every green flag person I met, my mind tells me the same thing, maybe there’s a better one.
we are surrounded by options; in types of sunscreen, movies and love. And I wonder maybe I’ll end up alone with great skin, watching friends again.
picture from a trip that I had recently gone to - solo tripping - dehradun - I will be posting pictures here from time to time - which would never make it posts; its just for you’ll❤️
you know that feeling? you wake up randomly from your sleep and think; “oh shit it’s 9” and then check your phone to realise it’s just 3 am and you still have alot of time to sleep. That feeling of having more time; more time before reality hits you on the face like a cold shower is happiness. So while life will feel shitty when you stop randomly but sometimes pausing makes you realise you still have time to cherish🌸
we all wish for our dreams to come true,
but we also have bad dreams,
nightmares as we call them is also a dream that we see
so if all our dreams do come true,
the bad ones will also do,
so we will end up together with the love of our life, but we also see dreams of losing someone we love, we could be living at our dream destination but will also end up all alone at a deserted island,
do we still want to wish for all our dreams to come true? Or really want to dream only one thing, that our bad dreams never come true.
I wonder what threads thinks of us?
We gave it all the love and attention only to ghost it and never look back.
I wonder if as humans we have started to care less?
For apps? For people?
I wonder if we all have felt like it in our lives? Experiencing love,
only to find ourselves alone again,
To have people yet noone that cares?
I know it’s just an app, a machine
But I wonder when did our hearts turn into one?