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Begining of love

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Emily who had just moved to a new city for work. She was focused on her career and didn't have much time for anything else. She spent most of her days in the office and her evenings at home, catching up on work or watching TV.

One day, Emily decided to take a walk around her new neighborhood to explore. As she was walking, she accidentally bumped into a man named Jack. They both apologized and went on their way, not thinking much of the encounter.

However, fate seemed to have other plans for them. Over the next few weeks, Emily and Jack kept running into each other in the most unexpected places. They would bump into each other at the grocery store, the coffee shop, and even at the park.

Despite their initial awkward encounters, they began to strike up conversations and found that they had a lot in common. They both loved hiking, reading, and trying new restaurants.

One day, Jack asked Emily if she wanted to join him on a hike that weekend. Emily agreed, and they spent the whole day exploring the mountains together. As they hiked, they talked about everything from their childhoods to their hopes and dreams for the future.

As the sun began to set, Emily realized that she was starting to develop feelings for Jack. She tried to push them aside, knowing that she didn't have time for a relationship. But every time she saw him, her heart skipped a beat.

One evening, Jack asked Emily out on a proper date. She hesitated at first but eventually agreed. They went to a fancy restaurant and talked for hours over dinner. By the end of the night, Emily knew that she was falling in love with Jack.

Over the next few months, Emily and Jack's relationship blossomed. They went on more hikes, tried new restaurants together, and even took a weekend trip to the beach. Emily was surprised at how much she enjoyed spending time with Jack and how much he made her laugh.

But as their relationship grew stronger, Emily's work became more demanding. She found herself staying at the office later and later, leaving little time for Jack. He tried to be understanding, but it became clear that Emily's career was her top priority.

One day, Emily came home from work to find Jack waiting for her. He had a serious look on his face, and Emily knew that something was wrong. He explained that he couldn't continue their relationship because he felt like he was always coming second to her job.

Emily was devastated. She realized that she had let her love for Jack slip away because she was so focused on her career. She tried to convince him to stay, but he had made up his mind.

For the next few weeks, Emily was miserable. She missed Jack terribly and regretted not putting more effort into their relationship. She realized that love by accident can be just as powerful as love that is planned.

In the end, Emily decided to take a step back from her career and focus on what truly mattered to her. She reached out to Jack and apologized for taking him for granted. To her surprise, he agreed to give their relationship another chance.

Emily and Jack are still together today, hiking and exploring new restaurants together whenever they can. Emily has learned that love is about more than just career success and that sometimes the best things in life happen by accident.