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Imperfectly Perfect

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Suma. She was very beautiful and hardworking. But she used to always be sad. Because she was very uncomfortable about the deformity which she had. Hmmm…Suma had three ears… Yes, you heard right… We all have two years but Suma had got 1,2 and 3 ears.

She used to feel very ashamed of her three ears. That’s the reason why she used to not go anywhere. Not going to a birthday party, not going to a wedding, not going out in the garden etc…

And even if she had to go out somewhere among the people, she used to always be bothered about hiding her 3rd ear. Even in school, she was always busy hiding her 3rd ear.

Suma had a very good friend named Tanmay. He used to always try to make Suma happy but never used to succeed.

One day Tanmay decides to once and for all make Suma understand, feel better and more comfortable about her deformity. So, he decides to take Suma to watch a puppet story named “Imperfectly Perfect”.

The story goes as follows---

In the Nana Nani Park of Yashwant Nagar, there lived a Rose very pretty and fragrant but always unhappy about its thorns. It used to always admire the other flowers in the park. The yellow sunflower, the white Lilly, the purple periwinkle, and the pink lotus all are so lucky to be so pretty and without any abnormality… that’s what the red rose used to think.

One day a few naughty children came into the park to play. They played a lot and were stimulated to commit some mischief after some time. They looked all around the park and were amazed to see such beautiful flowers. Their naughty mind was busy thinking of doing some mischief. After continuously staring at the flowers the notorious children decided to race plucking all the flowers and the one who has collected more flowers is the winner.  Thinking so in a zap of time they plucked all the flowers except the Rose and ran out of the park. OH my God, what a plight it was. Those beautiful and happy flowers were no more. The rose was watching all this with a heavy heart. And it was sad to see all its friends destroyed and happy that it was safe. With tears in its eyes, the rose was sad. At that time the gardener of the park came near the rose and said “Dear rose did you realise that the thorns that you have because of which you always used to feel ashamed and uncomfortable even if you are pretty…that thorns have only protected you from getting plucked by the naughty children…these thorns have only saved your life. Remember Rose we all have some imperfections. Nobody is perfect in this whole world. But still, we should all be perfect in our eyes to be confident and strong enough to face this world. We all are Imperfectly Perfect.” From that day onwards the rose started to be happy and content.

After watching the puppet show even Suma was teary-eyed as she had also learnt her lesson of being imperfectly perfect. Tanmay was very happy to see his friend Suma with a big smile on her face and confidently carrying herself flaunting her 3rd ear without any discomfort.


Mugdha Amit Mehta