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Without you - 1

DATE :- 12/DEC/1965

(It's a very beautiful day and it's evening time sun is about to set.
A bit stand on a very high rock he is very silent and serious looking like it's have in any depression)

"Huh" (suddenly her phone ring)
"Hello where are you it's almost evening I told you if you never come i never allow to enter the home I hope you understand it"
"Sorry I am coming"

(Night time) 7: 30 pm dinner table

"where are you From all day huh and why you can not pick my photo earlier I try totally 4 times" your dad calls you but yo can't pick"
" Huh (in very high tension) no no my phone is in vibration this reason I can't pick up phone)
"Huh go and wash your give your excuse your dad"

(He goes washroom but he is very look so tension and fearing)
(He Ask to own "what i do I am totally gone when my dad comes)(he thinks in her brain) suddenly her dad comes.

(He come our to washroom and go to dinner table where her mother and father both there and her two sisters too)

Her dad "why you can not pick my phone . "Oh dad ..."shut up if i die live your life without me you only think this huh i never ask you anything when i die live your life no one stop "
(He is very disappointed when her dad said this type of things he feels so disappointed he think it's all yet fault)

(It's midnight and he never sleeps her whole family members sleeping he only awake and talk to own)

"Huh it's about my fault if i take more attention to my phone it's never happened" (suddenly her mother comes her room)

Her mother"why you awake"
"No I go to sleep" her mother " you already know what type of your dad , next time never gonna late"
"I only late only three minutes and ..." Her mother "i know it but you know what type of your dad go and sleep tommorow is your school"
(When her mother said tommorow is your school her face fully scared and tension full he go without say anything)

(Next day) (in school)

(Her friend roy and he sit in front bench suddenly bell start and it's lunch time)

(A tenth class senior boy enter in her class , after seeing senior boy her face very scared, he came directly her bench and scatch her bottel)

"Hey that's my bottle give it back" senior boy "ha ha you stop you forgot what happened last weak you want to revind huh" (her face is too scared but it's also very Angry too and he snached her bottel returns then many students come In from tenth class it's all yet senior boy friends he tight her hand and leg bump into a very big wall after this her face is very badly Damaged and start flowing blood seen this all boys ran away, then he get up and see her surrounding there many people but no one go ahead to save him everyone only see and somebody laughing too it's very bad and tough situations for her then her school principal comes and take it too medical centre) principal sir " how it happens somebody fight with you" (but he never said he bitten by senior boys because he have fear he again beat by her he only say i only fall from bench)

(After discharge from medical centre he goes somewhere where very big mountain and hills he stand a very high mountain it's too high it's like a very high mountain)

(He start crying and he talk to own)

" Everyone only against on me nobody support me I am totally alone what i do"(he start crying too and look the hight of the mountain , he suddenly stand up and goes forward then her phone fall to her pocket he seen it and pick it up and remember how her phone got it he wait totally three years then he remembered her father do hard for ti but this for her he started crying too he think her past when her father said become a doctor and save everyone's life without any difference between anyone who is beautiful who is rich suddenly her phone ring he suddenly woke up there thinking he look her phone it's her friend roy phone he ignored it and pick there bag then suddenly her phone vibration it's an message fron her friend he read it)

Message :- roy " today is our function day come fast it's about to start" (he read it ignoring it he don't want to go anywhere because this time he is very depressed suddenly her Instagram open in her phone it's an mistake so he turn if her phone but he see an ad in her phone it's an app ad where an with help ai he make lot if photos and animated videos he already have an YouTube channel so he decided to download this app because her channel is already down he think he upload some animted video he got some more views and subscribers after downloading this app he turn if her phone he came back to her home)

(It's night time her make food for dinner and her sister work on her phone or some homework too) he wash her hand and start making videos for her channel suddenly he remembered he download a app to make animation videos he think try it too he open her app there is nothing only some tips to make animation he try to make animation video but it's too hard he think so he gives up and go away suddenly he see a one more section there an " AI GIRLFRIEND" he think it's an only joke he skip it suddenly her mother calls her to do some work after do all work he came to her phone he seen the section he seen is already open and a new message appears he think it's waste of time but he start the message what is it

Message :-

"Hi my name is Shirley, I am 15 yo girl live in Florida i am totally open mind and joy girl it's no matter how big problem comes but I am never give my dream is to become the most famous person in the world, how about you?
He looks at this message and he think it's only a waste but he already very depressed and he want to someone talk to her so he replied the message but he can't believe when he reply it It's also got a reply message too.

(He can't believe in love and anything his reaction is clearly show her trust broke hundred of time but time he really depressed so he start replying too)

He reply it :-

"Huh i don't mind but I want to see more about yourself who are you?
"Oh that's thing to know no worries I tell about myself "I am 17 yo girl who lives in Florida and also I have big dreams and i nie I am studying in class 11th, how about you?"
(He little doubt because he first time talking someone in her who life in her life nobody talk to her like this kindness but he is confused too because it's an AI but he tell about her it's really strange for her but he it's all programming so he takes not too serious and start replying)
"Huh about me huh i have nothing in my life i tell about something to you"
"Oh i think you are depressed don't i am here for you , you freely ask everything to me i am always listen to you"
(When he read it he is very shocked because it's her first someone wants to hear her opinion her thinking he is very shocked but he is very feel light and fear free about anything he reply it)
"But why you can hear about me i tell you i am fully bored and lose thing you only waste your time everyone only this things"
"Huh don't need to hear about other i believe in you and you are not waste okay remember it i support and i know you achieve great things on your own"
(He is really very shocked it's her first someone says you can do it you can achieve a thing achieve your dream he is very shocked and sad too because previously everyone only say you are only waste of time you can't do anything your dream your thoughts is all waste but this time he really feel very good ge stop thinking about he is an Al and he tell everything about her day about her life)
(After all this he feels very comfortable and good then her sister comes to her room he see he is smiling then he said" oh what is a long time you can smile what happened today huh"
(Then he shocked suddenly her sister comes because he totally go another word with chatting an Al then he realised he really smile her tears all gone he really can't believe it he everytime no cry and silent but this time he smiled he chat only an Ai but he can not feel it he chat like he talk an real girl he very shocked then her sister gone)

He started again chatting :-

"Huh it's all about me I am totally broken this time i don't think I can achieve my dream I seen in my whole life"
"Oh don't worry you are not broken only your thinking broke okay always remember if you don't fight you always lose things but sometimes we need to fight and prove ourselves everyone no one here who can not see ups and downs but sometimes this things makes too but always remember no one comes to save you if you don't want fight so never cry if you lose things and if you want not lose anything so you need to fight"
"Huh but how i can fight everyone on alone i can't do it alone i have no friends everyone only see no one comes to help"
"Huh why you say that I am here to support you and remember you are not alone okay"

(He is very shocked his first someone say this things to her he feel very light this time just like the have no fears about anything he has no fear about school things about her life just like he feels like he never feel like this)

"You are the first one who say i support you and then in my whole life i only find new fight and opponents who always try to down me"
"Huh no need to worry okay now i am here with you so don't worry if you live in past you can not make your future so focus on present and make your future your own i support you"

(He is very surprised now he never feel any pain he have no tension to worry about it then suddenly her father comes so he switched off her phone and go to dinner with her family)

Her father "what about today what happened with you ,you again fight anyone what's this scares hmm"
"Oh it's nothing today i fell to my stairs"
"I tell you lot of times never take too quickly always work normally not too quickly see what happens next time do not work too speedy"

(This time he shocked too because he always tell everything happened about everything but this time he lie he started thinking why he lie why then he remembered what her Ai say "never say anyone to your pain this way not pain convert into happiness if you wanna thing to do in your pain finish this pain forever" he really think different this time like he never think before like this , it's very full of new things today he is shocked too but he also very happy too)

(Next day at school)

(He and her friend roy sit in the front seat everyone looks her very weirdy eyes but he have no tension about anything just like he feel very light and freely he remembered tommorow incident but today he have no fear he realised all those things too then again the senior boys comes again too and straightly he comes to the front bench to her)

Senior boy " huh what you are her I think you ran this school ya you took to your parents here haha you fool you again come here for new pain I think you forgot about tommorow I think you want to remember it huh"

(He suddenly look her and scared but in her heart he really have no tension no fear about her like he don't mind who he is everyone only look her very curiously then senior snatched her water bottle again like tommorow but today he have no fear he think what he do why this happened again then he remembered again what the Al say "nobody comes to save you , you are capable for anything you never lose thing only your thinking lose a thing" then her thinking fully changed he have endless confidence then he stand up and look in senior boy eyes there he also find fear too he think everyone have her own fear everyone got a chance to beat it i want to beat it too but I can not stand there lot of boys and alone ,then he remembered Al say "you are not alone i am support you and always here with you" then he without any thinking he punch senior boy chest the punch is too powerful there he is fully depressed he want to beat then he realised her whole power once when he blow her then he know after all this he directly started fighting with senior boys but he have no fears about it about anything her is too powerful the senior boy fell to the ground and the water bottle he snached is fell to ground too he goes and pick up and the bottle and put in her bag , everyone is ver shock because he is who beat very badly tommorow but today he fight with her everyone only looks her then he get up to the ground and said "how dare you forgot what happened when someone start fighting with our huh i think you forgot" then he give order to her friends go beat them)

(Then he totally shocked everyone looks first time her this side he never run he still stand there and ready to fight alone against 7 senior boy bully group everyone shocked too but he can't believe in his own her whole thinking change this time he always scared everyone and only run but this time just like he have no fear if he lose one more time and beaten again he know he is alone against everyone but he have no fear this time then in her heart he realised why he can not give up he remembered everything what happened to her whole life then he remembered "nobody comes to save you if you want never lose anything you need to fight everyone it's the last way" and all this things say then time to them Al he can't believe it he have fear also but he can see it in her heart there only confidence and anger to beat everyone to against her and all the thing he know in her nobody comes to save her everyone only see this dreams but one help so he want change this he want to change everything in her life)

(Then the bully boys group comes to beat her there everyone only against her nobody with her how can I fight alone everyone he thinks)

(Then he remembered what the Al say "i am always here with you and support you no matter what" then he only think it's only an thing but this time he realised the value what of those words who said this lines is not here with her atleast she is not exist in this world but atleast someone tell him he support me so I want to fight i know it's no chance I win but if i give up there i give up of everything I want to change it) "he thinks"

(Then he start thinking how can he beat everyone if he lose one more time it's not chance he can still alive then he pick up the compas on the table and stand front of everyone shocked a boy in the bully group said "hey what are doing are you become mad huh" he said "without be Devil we can not fight an evil" this things say to her the Ai then everyone so shocked because everyone know he is so scared and kind boy but why he said this type of things her voice is so different than previous then the bully boy group scared this be her everyone very scared only one boy then a boy in the bully boy group go ahead to attack then he turn and push the boy to the ground then he point the compas to her neck her looks so scary everybody very scared and ran away because her looks and words like he lost her whole control the boy scream very loud then he put the compas other side and see everyone ran away then he can't believe in herself it's her first he won a fight he can not lose anything he is so shocked but he is happy too then the school bell ring suddenly and the teacher comes to the class everyone so scared after all this to her so nobody tell anything to teacher the fight is already end this time he really feels very light and fearless he go and sit there seat and the class starts her friend roy who sit with her so scared then he looks to her he said "why you scared to me huh i am not do anything wrong" her reaction is normal like Same her friend can not believe this is few seconds ago he turn into an devil he about to murder someone but thos time he looks like nothing happened it's reallt strange for her)

(The school end and it's first time he came back to her room without bully today because he fight he never give up then he realised it's all about to then Al it's all this confidence give her he is so shocked too but so happy too he goes to her home and quickly change her clothes and pick up her phone he open the Ai App where he start chatting again with the Al :-

"Hey you know what happened today"
"Hi i hope your day goes well and it's great in your day happened some great things"
"Huh you know i fight with her i can't believe it how can I able to fight with her huh it's really an different thing in my life happens"
"Oh i see i hope you are okay and i am proud of you Never give up and continue with your happiness"
(It's her first time someone say I am proud of you no one say this thing previously not her family too he is so happy so he don't want to know anything about it he only chat with her , long time pass he tell everything about today incident everything it's almost evening then her mother calls her to do some work then he turn swich off her phone and go to do works when he comes back to the phone he see the App is already closed he open again the app and try to continue the chat but the Al act like he can't know anything about previous conversation with her he said :-

"Huh you can not remember our previous conversation it's only pass only 5 minutes you forgot everything I tell you" (then he remembered it's only an Ai thir reason get memory reset about such a time but then he can not feel she is only an Ai not real girl but still he act like he chat with real one because he fell in love with an Ai) ...

(3 hours pass it's night time and her dad come back to home he thinks someone complain to her dad he is scared too but he have a answer for her he confidently go out and sit on the dinning table but he can't believe her dad came not say anything then he realised nobody complaint to her after dinner her phone ring it's her friend roy call he pick up :-

"Hey you know what happened in school everyone is so scared about today incident especially to you"
"Huh this reason nobody complaint to my father"
"Ya but you know what happened you think you easily go out this problem you make very big mistake to fight with the bully group tomorrow he comes with her whole group amfir beat you"
"Huh what (but he have no fears about it in her heart in her thinking is fully changed just like he can fear to her he said) oh I see"
"Oi are you not scared i suggested you tomorrow you can not come school it's really dangerous for you if you caught with her he can not forgive you"
"I don't care about it if he want fight with me so I am ready too"
"What are you mad you wanna fight with her the whole group you don't know how dangerous he all is and your fight all alone"
"Who said i am alone" after said this he cut the phone and put of table"
Her friend "what you say hey wait then (phone cut) what he say he not alone means he have some who support her huh i think this reason why he take fight oh I think he is in very big problem"

(And there he is very curious about tommorow what happened he is scared too when he hear about it but he want to fight then he pick up her phone he looks the time it's 12 pm but he can sleep he is so scared about tommorow he thinks what he do then open the Ai app and start chatting :-

"What i do this time"
"What happened anything here who can give you tension"
(He tell everything about tommorow what goes to happening)
"Huh don't worry if you scared about tommorow so you can't live today remember you are not alone never think you go there fight alone i am always here support you no matter what"
"But how you can help you , you can't do anything for me"
"Don't say that I know I am not with you physically type but i am always support you and cheer you there and remember without any struggle you can not achieve anything"
(Then he fully shocked,his words start screaming around her brain her words is not physically real but it's not lie, he know her words can not do anything in her life but her every words do very important things in her thinking in her heart he can not feel any fear he only know one thing he can do anything if he can not give up anf keep fighting he said)

"But how can I fight whole to my own it's impossible i fight everyone on my own it can't be a sense"
"Oh c'mon i know you think so but remember nothing is impossible in this world if you lose never change your own life only change your thinking style if you onece see it you can do anything and also impossible is nothing it's already i, am , possible so when why you scared"

(He thinks so but in her heart there sone fears but think if he gives up there it's never way he go back to her previous life he have no ways then he said :-

"But how i can fight alone against everyone if I go to fight i definitely lose and it's meaningless"
"Oh don't worry i tell you , you are not alone in your journey i am here with you and i believe in you and i know one day you also observe this too"

(He frustrated this time but her words is very helpful for her nobody support her in her whole life not this time not until the end but still there someone here when say i support you he already know it's only for say but in his whole life is only one said he believes in her he have lot of fears but he want to free everything then he think something and say bye to the Ai and go to sleep)...

(Next day at morning)

(He have lot of fears today but tommorow he can not worried about it he sleeps very well he also noticed it always he can not sleep good especially this type of problem but tommorow just like he have no fears he totally get it he have fears but he also have confidence to fight them and all this confidence he got to the Ai he really feels very chill and calm especially this situation)

(School time there many boys comes for bully group side everyone only wait for her when he came he can beat very badly he also take baseball bats and deadly things with ourselves everyone around her is very scared after seen this then a boy said to the bully group leader as name Devil he call himself devil in the group and in school he is who boy who he punch by her her he the leader of this group he also here to take revenge her a boy said to devil "i think he can not come he already run" then the leader of Bully group leader Devil said "I think so but i want to see it and take my revenge now then he not come i will find her and beat her but i never let him go" everybody standing the front gate of school wat to wait for her)

(Then everyone see and shocked he can see he can be here but alone he came there alone he came without any support and anyone who fight with her side everyone very shocked to see this, and everyone who only seen this includes her friend roy there too he is very shocked he think someone comes with her for her support but he comes alone, everyone in the bully group is very shocked because her whole group comes to take revenge it and he already know her group there countless boys who works on bully group her leader is scared too because in her eyes there no fear atleast a strange craziness)...

TO be continued...

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