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Without you - 4

Date :- 4/Feb/1965
Day :- Thursday

(It's almost afternoon time, 11:30 am roy is ready to meet her roy pick up her biike and go out of home, second side he also wait for roy he can only stand side of road in front of her home then her father go out of home for work her father see her then he said "why you stand there" he said "oh i waiting for roy, he said he met me this time")

(Her father cannot say anything to her and gone then he can see left side of road riy coming he can see her and give a hand sign to turn left because he want to talk her Another place not on her home)

(It's a very old type factory where he and roy sitting there also nobody comes because it's really looks scary when time is night or morning he was there Roy stand her bike on side)

Roy "oh finnally I am here it's really cold na"
He "it's you want to met and I am also confused why you cannot go to her of yourself huh what's with your mouth huh"
Roy "i already tell I am not sure i do well or not and if i make any mistake there my whole life gone"
He "you really weird well by the way how I can help you in your problem huh"
Roy "you don't need to do anything I will take and drop you that location where she had only you need to ask about party okay i hope you do well"

(He listens her conversation very silently)

Roy "why you so silent huh it's not too hard huh"
He "If it's not hard so do it yourself now"
Roy "ah why you cannot understand i cannot do myself because i am very nervous this time"
He "what ,huh and why you think i do it"
Roy "ah... I think ...
He "you think i a Love expert and whatever like huh you idiot i cannot believe on myself how i say yes to help you huh"
Roy "huh please bro understand my situation it's really tough for me"
He "whatever i don't know what you say but I only know one thing I only waste my time there" (screwing on Roy)
Roy "huh i know it's really shameful but I don't want to lose her"
(Down her head)
He "hey you really Loves her huh"
Roy "ya ofcourse but i can't do anything"
He "huh why I have friend like you annoying things" (he can look roy in her eyes there some tears then he remembered about her it's once upon a time when he also like roy always have big dreams but also fears too then hug roy say)

He "shut up this face you impressed your girlfriend huh what a fool"
Roy "but i can't do anything by myself what i do"
He "first shut up and stop crying you looks very fool this reason why nobody be your friend you are very fool"
Roy "then why you be my friend"(crying too)
He "it's my reason that's non of your business okay so shut up you idiot"

(Few time passes)

He "Well who's your girlfriend huh"
Roy "you wanna see her okay I have a photo let me show you"
(Checking photo to find the photo)

Roy "yeah this one"
(He can see her shocked) he "whaaaat this what happened to your mind huh you mad huh in this whole world you only her huh you idiot"

Roy "what , what you mean (roy check her phone), oh no it's not it's mine elder sister not yet wait i find it yeah this" (show different pic)

He "huh now okay i really shocked you are i don't believe in this"
Roy "so what you think about my choice it's really looks like a angel huh (looking her smiling)
He "huh as you think then why we there let's go to meet your angel huh it's looks like a little bit thing"
Roy "huh whaaat you mean"
He "huh to forget why we hear for huh you forgot you say i go to your place to ask about valentine day party to your girlfriend huh"
Roy "no I cannot forget but it's earlier you don't think huh"
He "oh really then when we go huh"
Roy "huh atleast after this night"
He "i don't have whole day for this stupidity you idiot (screaming on Roy)
Roy "but I think her school not end"
He "huh whaat you mean her school end on night huh"
Roy "no no I don't mean it but ..."
He "but what huh you want to go or not huh you idiot (he get to there and sit on Roy bike)
Roy "what are you doing"
He "we go right now"
Roy "whaaat no no i cannot give you key"
He "huh really so i don't want it already (because he already snatch the key when he hug roy he can show her key on her hand)
Roy "you thief I can not allow to go she is mine girlfriend not i go when I want"
He "so it's my life my time I go anything anywhere i want sit back now"(screaming on her)
Roy "huh (roy go and sit back on bike with sad face) but it's wrong you say you help"
He "i know i already do it"

(He start bike and go straight in school)

(The school is already end all students come out he and roy stand behind the gate front of school waiting for Roy's girlfriend)

He "where's your stupid girlfriend huh"
Roy "hey don't call him stupid i will kill (angry on her)
He "shut up you idiot first tell me where she is huh"
Roy "i trying to find in this crowd but i can't find her"
He "do it quickly i don't have whole day for this stupid work okay"
Roy "oh really then what work you need to do huh (looking her)
He "focus on finding her it's none of your business you idiot (punch on her head)
Roy "okay okay wait"

Roy "yeah there she is (pointing on her)
He "oh that's the time to work now let's go"
Roy "hey wait what are you doing"
He "shut up just with me and don't disturb me on my work okay"
Roy "but i want to do everything slowly"
He "but mine rule is different (go directly to that girl Group where Roy's girlfriend standing)

He to roy girlfriend "hey my friend means roy wants to go with you on valentine's day party"
"(Roy looking so shocking) "whaaaaaat you say huh"

He "hey I don't have whole day just give your answer now"
Roy's girlfriend "oh really and who are you and why you said roy also have a mouth to speak"
He "huh it's no reason to know who i am and about roy yeah he so idiot now answer my question"
Roy's girlfriend "well I have no plans for valentine's day weekend so I think I have some time"

(Roy passout there "how it's possible it's stupid proposal I did more better than this")

Roy's girlfriend "(shocked huh what happened, what happened with her)

He "huh no need to worry about like this type of person he alright you say yes okay my work complete (pick up roy on her back and get going)

Roy's girlfriend "hey but what are you"
He "me huh you no need to know it"

(Everything goes very fast everyone only looks her because it's first someone ask about valentine day party to girl like this)

(After coming back to home roy is not in condition to.go back to her home so he take roy on her own home there he drop on her bed "huh what i do i can't do anything to left her there that idiot huh i think i can't do anything this time only waiting when he woke you idiot wake up already" (screaming) (pick there phone sit behind the bed)

(Few times pass it's 2 : 00 pm he cam still there to wait when roy woke up then suddenly roy woke up his breath work so fast he look around her roy looked he on her home in front of her can sit behind there and do something in her phone)

Roy "why I am at your home" (he fully ignored her)
Roy "hey are you listening me he can get up go near to her"
Roy "hey what you doing and what happened why I am at your home"

(He punch on her head) he "shut up don't disturb me when i chatting with my girlfriend okay wait few minutes and shut the hell up" (he is very angry on her)

(Roy silent sit behind her few minutes pass them suddenly he can stand up and turn of her phone look at her)

He "oh you woke up when huh why cannot tell me before"
Roy "you idiot shut up i woke up very early you are the only one who gone in her own world"
He "huh yeah I did you have any problem about it and huh when I am chatting on her don't disturb me i really don't like it"
Roy "it means you punch fully on your mind i think you are in sleep whatever but hey we going to met her it's too we need to go fast there"
He "you forgot huh about it"
Roy "forget about it what but please tell what we do in your home and why we can go to met her"
He "you really a human huh"
Roy "what you mean (making angry face)
He "nothing we already met her see it's mid day"

(Roy can see the clock it's time 2:10 pm)

Roy "huh really so what happened there"
He "huh i remember you passout there how you know about it"
Roy "whaaaaat i passout there how i do this mistake what she say huh what i do I am lost huh my bad (saying back to back gives no chance to her to say anything) what i do I know it i do very big mistake (start crying too)

He "shut up you idiot (punch on her) first listen me (huh how pathetic you) he ready to go with you"
Roy "whaaaaat ,.what you say huh please say one more time (shocked huh)

He "yeah she ready to go with you it's reality"
Roy "are you not joking huh are you how it happens but what happened there she ready huh"
He "nothing, nothing at all only I go to ask it and she ready that's all"
Roy "that's impossible how you , why you it's not reality (starts rumbling)
He "it's your choice to believe it or not but huh go to her to pick up on party okay she ready but I think she is not come your home you need to go pick up that's all and huh get out of my house" (screaming)

(Put out of home)

He "you sleep over there total two hours you the reason why i cannot take my lunch go to hell you idiot"
Roy "i can't believe it (going straightly, very shocked)
He "hey idiot take your bike too i cannot come to give your bike"
Roy "what I have bike too"

(He looking her so angry)

He "go to hell you idiot i don't help you anymore it's my worst day in my whole life I can't do anything i have many work or pending to do and if you waste my one second more I will kill you go now (screaming on her)"

(It's evening time almost 5 pm he go and type of resturant where first he knows about this Ai app hr stand there on right hr hold her phone and see the sunset)

He "i remember that time when I am here there's nothing changed only change in my thoughts, in my mind , in my life and all this after you come in my life" (saying to looking to her phone)

(Suddenly her friend roy call comes)

He "what happened with you why you cannot live me alone huh"
Roy "I want to talk something about it to you"
He "say it i am in very good mood and i don't want to someone destroy this little beautiful moments in my life"
Roy "she is really say yes huh"
He "i already tell this things hundred times why you cannot understand huh"
Roy "it's means she is really say yes huh"
He "if you say one more time I will kill you"
Roy "sorry sorry i know I ask one question thousand times but I am so happy this time you don't know but I am , hmm i only one thing to say you thank you... (His voice is so cold just like he is so calm this time)

(When he hear roy voice like this he realised he is really happy about it and he also realised it's not an ordinary Love like other he smiled inner too)

He said "huh if you really want to thanks to me please do something for me"
Roy "really what i do anything you really help me big please tell me what i do for you i think {i think -i can do something,for you} he "really please find this Ai app developer home address"
Roy "huh what "
He "yeah I want to kill her "
Roy "whaat , what you mean"
He "yeah he can improve the app it's too slow and it's uncomfortable when i chat with her"
Roy "haha (laughing) I think so.
He "and what funny in this i really wants to kill it's bad you think"

(Few minutes pass but there is so silent not roy say anything not he)

He "if you done so cut the phone now I don't want to lost this beautiful time in my life"
Roy "oh so you help me lot right"
He "you said this things totally 6 times now go to hell and make me free"
Roy "no no I only want to say you really help me to lot so I think..."
He "huh c'mon just say it i am really waste my time on you"
Roy "will you help me one more please" (said everything suddenly)

He "what now again huh inhaf but what about you want to help huh"
Roy "you help me to make ready to she go with me in party but i don't know what i do in party"
He "soo.(angry on her)
Roy "so I don't know what I do please help me what i do there"
He "i am not shocked because you always like this idiot fool and only waste of time shut up never call me one more time I don't want to waste my more time"
Roy "but hey please... (Call cut)

(He talks.on her own "huh that idiot why I have friends like this type it's better I don't have any friends".(screaming)


(next without you #4 ,episode - starting of the biggest day of Love , "valentine day")