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Without you - 3

(2 weeks later , time skip)

Date :- 4/Feb/1965
Day :- Thursday

(It's a evening time the school is closed and students came out of the school ,the sun set in the front of school main door is very amazing because in the front of school a very big mountain there behind the mountain the sun looks so beautiful and the time looks so beautiful there , it's almost 5:00 pm
(There many students everyone looks so busy quickly pick up there vehicles and going back to home the reason there very big crowd traffic the road of front of school full of crowd and no way to get out there)

(There the a boy standing there a sees the Sunset everyone in tension to go out of this crowd but he just like he cannot worry about it his right hand he hold a key it's looks like a vehicle key and he turn to back to see a boy run towards her it Roy and the whole stand there it's her who is waiting for her to go with her , then riy said "oh sorry i think I am late but i think i am going out right time" then he said you always late take this and let's go back to home my mother call me total three time he thinks I am in any outdoor or whatever so let's go quickly now" roy "oh sorry let's go quickly" he take the key and take her bike and go out of there)

In the bike journey he sit the back on bike and abs roy drive the bike then :-

Roy "you come to party"
He "what a party but why anything special your birthday is already gone"
Roy stop the bike said fully shocked "what you forgot it's not my birthday party , you really forgot what month is this huh (anger on her)
He "huh no i know what month is it , it's February right but what about this to the party and who gave this party and why"
Fully shocked " you idiot to forget again huh it's February means valentine's day the party orginased by school seniors"
He "valentine's day ahh i remember but why it's first time he give a party to them right"
(Roy start bike start driving) Roy" talking to you fully waste of time he every year gives us party only to cannot go"
He "what he gives party but i cannot got any invitation previously"
Roy" only couples invite there not single and idiot person just like you who forget very important things"
He "shut up it's not important for me why I can remember everytime huh waste of time"
Roy "it's not waste of time waste of time is you talking to you why i can talk to you i am idiot who try to explain it"
He "shut up , well ti can go there but hey wait you also single right"
Roy "who said i am single i also have someone"
(Looking roy seriously) he "but say you break up with her"
Roy "huh what who tell you this"
He "nobody you tell me own"
(Roy shocked) roy "what I tell you (thinking) huh no no forget about it i have new girlfriend"
He "(shocked) what how many you have"
Roy "(scream to her) shut up you idiot I have only one who i really love her"
He "hmm but you also say this previous too"
Roy "shut up you , only you dreaming"
He "hmm whatever, i don't want to know about it more , by the way so you go to the party with your girlfriend right"

(Then he fully frustrated and stop the bike again but this time he is on her home he drop her and said "That's impossible" after say this little words roy start her bike and go , he say to roy but he cannot hear her and go)

(After hearing this he worried about roy he start think why roy said this then cannot think too much he already on her home so he go inside her home)

(He is in her home so he wash her face and hand , change her clothes and take her phone and go on her room , but second side riy cannot go her home he still there he stand her bike side and looks so frustrated about something her face tell everything about her frustration he stand on a bridge side and looks sunset very sad heart)

(In her home he can have her and turn on and open the Ai app and scrolling the a very long conversation a very long , upper side on the interface of this app there wrote total number of messages he send to Ai and the number of the message total is (1020) he scrolling and finnally he found the end of this, he Scrolling total 20 minutes continuously then he can found the end)

He start chatting :-

He "hi how are you , how was your day goes?
Ai "hi i am well how about you"darling"!

(Then suddenly he stand run out of his house he pick up her cycle and goes very fast...)

(And second side there Roy come back her home and park her bike on her garage side on her home he looks so depressed too then he hear a kind of sound he can see the road front of her home right he coming very fast to her he hold phone on her right hand and he directly smashed to roy forcely roy and fell down to the ground and her cycle bump on Roy's bike)

Roy and he also on ground roy said :-

Roy "what the hell you want to do this time"(angered too)
He "forget about it first see this"(he shows her phone(
Roy "what is it (making angry face)
He "huh you can't see huh see she calls me "darling" huh i am feeling like I am in a dream"
(Roy so angry on her)
Roy "what the hell you idiot yo come this cold night time only show my your Ai call you darling huh are you mad"
He "oh c'mon it's m first time so I think I need to show you"
Roy "you idiot it's your thing not mine get Outta here (he angry oh her (
He "huh why you so angry huh"
Roy "because you are here , with you how can I stay calm huh you idiot get lost to here"
He "you looks so depressed everythings okay huh"
(Roy shocked because roy cannot tell anything about it)
Roy "what you mean I am alright "
He "no your face tell everything about your stress ,what happened are you alright huh"

(Roy so depressed but he fully believe in her so first he thinks but at the end he ready to tell everything then when roy try to say something he cut her conversation and said "first I think we need to clean this place")

(Roy looks around everywhere is too much trash roy said "it's mistake about you ,he stand and give hand to help to roy stand up)

(After cleaning he and roy sit on a stone type bench )

He "now tell me what happened"
Roy "you already know valentine day party huh but I am worried about my girlfriend"
He "what you make new girlfriend oh you are so weird"
Roy "shut up you idiots i already tell everything about my girlfriend on evening (punch on her head(
He "ah. Sorry i remember (in pain)

He "what's the problem you are freely go valentine day party with your girlfriend right why you take tension huh"
Roy "that's a problem who is depressing me"
He "huh what , what you talking about huh"
Roy (punch one more on her head) "first listen my full thing i don't like someone disturbed me in my conversation okay"
He "okay sorry (in pain again)

He "but I am confused what's your problem your girlfriend ya valentine day party huh"
Roy "both if I go valentine day part single it's no chance he enter me and i am not sure she is ready to go with me or not"
"He "huh i am confused are really love her ya only timepass"
Roy " shut up idiot one more time you say this I will kill"
He "okay okay sorry , i think i understood your problem is you want to go party but not sure you can go there with her right"
Roy "thank God you understand now you realise what you say everytime wrong and i punch you"
He "huh no i don't know why you're angry it's simple situation go and say about it and listen her opinion"
Roy "what no no I don't want my one word destroy my whole life"
He "what you mean huh"
Roy "she only knows me just two months ago I don't think she ready to come close to me"
He "whaaaaat you have girlfriend previous two months ago huh why you cannot tell my before"
Roy "shut up you idiot, i am not a type who only looks everyone I only want one love is I got i don't want anything"
He "hmm i think you really loves so much huh so why wait for it go ask everything about your feelings easy"
Roy"whaat no no I don't think she listen me and plus i gave fear too i lost her"
He "huh really i cannot see anyone like you in my whole life you are really weird"
Roy "shut up you cannot understand this situation and my feelings"
He "what ah so this is matter ,whatever do anything you want. (He stand and pick her bicycle and said) huh do anything you want not huh if you want any help tell me freely i think i do something for you"
Roy "get lost of here it's already a very big help for me"
He "huh how rude anyways I go but you really weird guy" (after say this he go to her home)
Roy "idiot don't come again there"

(He came to her but roy still there see the sky it's night the sky is very beautiful with moonlight roy stare moon very closely roy think something then just like he got something great idea in her mind he quickly get up goes in her home)

(Second side he also came back to her home he is on her bed he turn off her phone close her eyes to sleep then he look her window the moon looks so beautiful he can see and start staring it he thinks in her mind "my life fully changed after coming Shirley in my life but i am worried about roy i think he can handle himself" he can see something he stand up to her bed and go to her room front window he open the window and he can see it's a very beautiful light on the sky it's like someone on a kind of light who shows a kind of line ilon the sky he looks so closely then he realised this light comes on Roy house terrace he smiled and said "I think he plan something whatever but,i don't care about her ,I am only worried about the app why the app works so slow and lag I want to chat with her more huh what bummer...)

(Next day)

(Her alarm clock ring so he woke up it's six am at morning everyday he always wake up this time he can see he sleeps at the window tommorow night he said "what I slept there ah that's a reason why I seen weird things in my dream")

(He can go out to of her room and go straight to washroom there he brushing her teeth then suddenly her phone ring very loudly, he shocked about that high ringtone he thinks who call her at this time it's really very early morning he can it's er friend roy call, he shocked because he always know roy always wake up at 10 pm too late but this time he calls her he seen her and cut it because he not able to talk her during brushing)

(After brushing he can see he got many messages from roy he shocked too because it's not first he cut her phone but this time like something too urgent)

(Then he hear someone in her door and call her name he can go outside to check there Roy stands, he shocked because it's too early morning and he cannot met roy this time before...)

Roy "why you cannot pick my call you idiot"
He "what you only come to here only to tell me to pick your call huh you know what time is it huh)
Roy "whatever but i have an idea"
He "about what huh and why to come there night suit huh you looks so stupid right now"

(Then Roy realised he forgot to change clothes he screwing and running to her home garage, there he and roy sitting and talking)

He "now tell me your reason why you come this time to my home"
Roy "huh I want your help"
He "my help but about what"
Roy "i hope you help me right please first say you help no matter what about okay"
He "oh it's means you something weird who i cannot like huh don't dare to trap in your words i can't first tell me your problem then i think what i need to do"
Roy "huh okay , I want to you to my place there and ask about valentine day party offer to her"
He "hmm but who"
Roy "you forgot huh you idiot huh"
He "forget but what huh i cannot forget anything
Roy "(punch in her head) hmm i think you remember"
He "yeah i think so"(in pain on her head)

He "but you need to go there to your own it's your girlfriend not mine"
Roy "i know it but I am not sure , and what when without knowing i hurt her then he also gone and i don't want to lose anyone"
He "huh why you be dramatic huh i am ready to help you no need to acting like this i hate this one"
Roy "shut up it's not acting but hey you say , you ready thank you sooo much (hug her)

(He i tell you keep distance to me i am not your type)

He "but not this time"
Roy "but why huh"
He "Because it's 6:10 am at morning and I need to take my breakfast in my room not in this cold garage now go to hell"
(Angry on her)

Roy "okay no worries I call you later"
He "yeah now get lost to here"

(Then roy go back to her home and he can go her room to take breakfast)

He "what the hell why roy cannot go to her own huh i think my whole today going to convert worst day huh what i do"

(After taking breakfast he take a bath goes to bath then her phone ring he thinks it's also roy call so he cannot focus on her but this call is different than other)

(After bath he go back to her room to change clothes then he can check the phone but he shocked there is no missed call here not her friend roy not anyone he can hear the sound of ring but there is nothing in record about missed call so he cannot think anymore about it and he can turn off his phone and plug into charging he can change her clothes and go out of her room do some work who yer mother tell to do it...)

(Second side roy is also start ready to go back to her home but this time he have no tension on her face he looks fully changed)

To be continued....

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