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Without you - 5

Date :- 6/febuary/1965
Day :- Saturday

(It's morning he can sleep very early tommorow because he was so tired about Roy's matter and he also have many work who he can do very late so he was sleep so early and then he wake up at middle of the night almost 2 am at , everyone in her is sleeping but he also try to sleep but he can't because he was start sleeping too early then he realised he can't sleep because it's almost night and he feel no tiredness this time so get up and go out of his room there he can see her father and mother still sleeping so he go to wash her face this night he also have little bit fever so he only wash her face and return to her room)

(There he have nothing to do in the middle of the night so he still wake up and walking around her room then he see her phone then he can pick it up and sit window side way , the rain start and the cold winds comes in her room he can sit on the window side way ,he look the time it 2 : 10 am so he can open the Ai app then suddenly a call comes the ring is too much high who can make too much noise so he can cut the phone without seeing who is calling her)

(After it he cannot think about more that call start chatting) :-

He "hi"
that AI "hi how was your day goes"
He "it's alright i only cannot sleep this time so I think chat a little bit"
AI " oh it's great and I hope our little chat help you to sleep"

(I want to not sleep and she says help me to sleep, huh)(he thinks in mind)

He "well you know what day coming up tommorow"
AI "yeah it's Sunday right"

(In this app developer cannot add information about valentine day what the hell thing happened) (he thinks in mind)

He "tommorow is Sunday but Tommorow is also start of valentine's day weekend you don't know anything about it"
AI "ofcourse i know it's all about it it's the best weekend for true Lover right"

(I can expect more than this type of version AI but atleast she about valentine day)

He "so any plans for this weekend"
AI "nothing it's normal days for me you know I am not waste my time in this"

(Whoah i am in love really amazing girl) (thinks and feels proud on mind)

he "oh it's alright mine is same too it's also normal days for me too"
AI "oh it's means we also have same type of thinking and interest it's really nice to hear right"
He "yeah I think so"
AI "but don't give up like this because everyday is new than past so who knows what happened tomorrow so never say everyday is normal atleast everyday is new turn in life"

(He words really attached to her heart for others he don't know what's mean if this but he know it's reality of the coming up future time)

(Few time pass it's gone too long conversation almost 2 hours this late night chat looks so long and between in this he also sleep on her table with hold phone on her hands)

(Next morning when he woke up he can see he sleeps there while chatting with her and the app also open too firstly he can turn off her phone go to our of his room outside their he can see her dad already gone to her work and her mother on her work too then he realised he woke up too late , it's 9 am when he woke up ,he quickly wash her face and getting ready to go out)

(Then suddenly her phone ring ,he go to pick up the phone it's her friend Roy's call)

On call :-

Roy "hey where are you ,you promise me you met me right"
He "huh i know it i woke up too late today i on going okay"
Roy "no need it i already on your home"
He "what"

(Her door bell ring)

(Huh that idiot i tell her i come myself, he goes quickly ou there Roy already there)

He "why are you come there i tell you i come huh"
Roy "huh i think you forgot so i come (smile to looking her)
He "so what the urgent work you need my help again huh"
Roy "huh yu help me lot right, so I think I give you a treat"
He "stop your acting now and say what you want"
Roy "haha nothing please help me one more situation"
He "i tell you i never help you more in your relationship okay stay distance to me (angry on her)
Roy "but I don't know what i do you ask her for going with me party but what i do in party"
He "seriously I don't have any time for your stupidity go to hell"
(He going back to her home back)

Roy "please bro you are my last hope please help"
He "huh why I am your friend (screaming so loud)

(After all this he and roy go somewhere together)

He "where we go huh"
Roy " we go to her school"
He "huh whaat why and why me huh"
Roy "huh first reach there then I tell you"
He "stop joking right now and just tell me you idiot"

(Talking in the way he reach the school it's almost time to over school he and roy stand behind the gate)

He "huh now we here just tell me why I am here huh and why me you need to do yourself"
Roy "please wait only sometime okay it's almost there"

(Few time pass them the school over and the students come out there her girlfriend also come s straightly go close to them)

Roy "ya I want to introduce you to my girlfriend"
He "i don't want it just let me go"
Roy "wait ,wait please..."
Her girlfriend "you're so selfish you know"(she said to her)
He "huh what mean huh i am selfish so why you come here huh"
Her girlfriend "you're too selfish you cannot take few minutes for your best friend happiness huh"
He "no I don't need it"
Her girlfriend "whaat (shock to her answer) you are so cruel"
He "think what you want i go" (roy hold her hand and said)
Roy "shut up you too i only want to introduce eachother okay so shut up"
He "huh why are you so much soft better make distance this type of girls"
Her girlfriend "what you mean this type huh (getting angry)
He "about you ...
Roy "shut you too today is prepare for valentine's day weekend okay so we go to school to decorate it okay"
He "I will not come"
Roy "you need to go (roy punch on her head)
He "why you cannot understand i have many work to do"
Roy "which kind of work"
Her girlfriend "why you cannot say you don't know how to decorate huh"
He "shut you weird face girl"(angry on her)
Her girlfriend "what you call me huh" (getting angry on her)
Roy "i think you need more time to understand eachother"

(Then suddenly her girlfriend's phone ring like it's a message when she see the message he like her whole expression change like she scared about something he can notice it but roy is already go on Roy call her to come fast)

He "what"
Her girlfriend "huh (like he fully shocked and suddenly depressed) nothing it's nothing"

(He noticed everything but cannot say anything and go on)

(When he entered the school there everyone with her gf/bf and decorate the whole school it's looks like it's a very big party everywhere is many things)

Roy "why are you waiting come and take hand"
He "yeah i come"

(But her girlfriend so depressed and scared then roy come and hold her hand and pull her)

(Few time pass he all do very hard work to decorate then a girl said to roy" hi can you help me to decorate stairs" then suddenly her girlfriend comes and say go to hell you bi**h)

(Roy and he only look each other and laughing, he shocked because there someone here who protects roy without her)

(Then that girl go close to her and ask to her this thing)

He "oh okay" (then he can see there only couples work together then suddenly he move here hand out and the girl fall to the ground"
That girl "what are you doing"
He "sorry but I have girlfriend"

Roy "whaaat seriously you really"
He "what you mean i already booked for her"
Roy "what.."
That girl "huh you idiot punch on her face"

(Roy laughing to her and her girlfriend also)

He "that's why I will not coming there stupid girls huh i can't here too long"
Roy "it's your fault you can't understand other feelings"
He "i don't want it and i don't care"
Roy "what you dumbass"

(Long time passes ira evening time he all spend her whole time in this school to decorate fully day gone it's sunset where the announcement to valentine day starting)

(Everyone is coming the main hall in school there the stage is fully decorated to announcement there is very big hall the stage is very big and the whole he all decorated together, everyone looks so happy th couple who come there is very happy because this valentine's day weekend everyday is very big party orginased by school and seniors)

(Then he look Roy's girlfriend she is again looks so scared about something and this time like he waiting something she looks main clock so closely, then the teacher come on the stage and take mic to announcement everything is ready then suddenly the main door is open and the bully gang leader and some boys of that group there with her , he can see it and he is shocked because devil is who already fight with her he is shocked because he is missing many days but then suddenly he appears there)

(Roy's girlfriend become more depressed and scared and looking devil he can see it then he can see she go with devil he fully shocked first he thinks she cheat roy but then he can see she is crying... (The announcement is start - all are welcome this interesting and very special weak the valentine's week inhope you all enjoyed it's our first time we organise..) second side he looks so closely to her but Devil and she is suddenly disappeared he go forward to find her then he bump into her devil looks her, he can see Devil hold the hand of roy's girlfriend he can see her eye still crying)

(The announcement - we are so exited to our future parties and amazing things so get with your couple and get going it's the "starting of the biggest day of Love "valentine's day weekend".
Second side he can face to face again with devil)

Devil "you ,I will kill you" (so angry on her and her group support is also ready so he can step back because in this crowd he can't fight with her devil also cannot attack to her he can only smile to see he ,the smile is so scary and dangerous because he is very change than before because then he is only a child but now it's looks like a very dangerous person)

(The announcement is completed and Devil gone with roy's girlfriend Roy is not right here because roy is on stage to back up support when roy back :-

Roy "huh where she goes i plan to go hotel some dinner this night"

(He is so confused and he did not want to break roy heart at once because this time roy so happy he said(

He "oh she said her father calls her to come back to her home"
Roy "huh what a luck I think i propose her today"
He "huh what"
Roy "yeah you know with you I feel so confident so I think i propose her today but unfortunately I can't"

(Now he feel so bad about roy , because roy plan to propose her but there is different thing happened he cannot understand anything)

He "don't worry i am also with you , you can propose her next time okay"

(Then suddenly everyone start clapping because the announcement is over and the weak is start right now roy go out of school and wait for her on bike ,he is so confused and shocked why devil here and why she go with her and she crying he have lot of questions in her mind but no one can give answer this question he can look the front of school where the sunset is happening)

He "you are right everyday is not same" (ask himself thinking about that Ai)"


Next without you #6 episode - rose day , (valentine day arc)
(Part 1)

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