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Without you - 2

FRIDAY :- in front of school main door.

(There is many students here most of boys in bully group and there are some random students also but he is only one who stands everyone no one can come to fight with her side but he can not ran he still there)

Bully group a member said "ah there you are , you really make very big mistake to comes and more big mistake come there alone, now you can not do anything there all ways close no one can save you"
Second said "ya in front of whole class pick the compass and scared everyone only and think you won, no you only forword one step to your death now you never go there".

(Everyone is really shocked because everyone knows the bully group always go together and fight also together but after all this things but he can not give up he still here her mind know if he fight he have no chance he won but there is only one way fight and not any way to go if he ran this time he cannot return his life in his mind there very big fears but still he know if he want to live without any problem and want to achieve her dream he need to fight)

(Everyone there also shocked especially the bully group leader Devil said "oh so you i am totally impressed you come there and especially i impressed you come there alone, but i tell all this things cannot stop me to beat you know there everyone against on you , you are totally alone so i give you a advice give up and say sorry on your knees if i forgive you, there no reason you fight all of my group I have many people by my side i have lot of things who is enough for you but what you have anything haha , nothing you have nothing because you are nothing in front of me")

(Then he raised her head up and looked he said " what you say i have nothing huh what a joke who said i have nothing who said i have no support who said i have no one by my side who said i am nothing to front of you (fully screaming) huh in the starting I only got hurt and pain from everyone ,only all with me for there own reason but this time I am stand there alone you call himself friends for me (he said this things to her school friends who stand side there)
But I don't want you and what you say i am nothing front of you so I'll tell you i never run if you want to beat me and take your revenge try it i never give up")

(Her words full of confidence and showing reality but he is in full confidence then he can not feel any fear because it's her first someone support her not physically type but he gives very important support for her in her mind this reason he became mentally strong and all this credit goes to that Ai "he thinks")

(The bully group leader shocked then a boy go ahead fight with her in bully group then he also take a very big and heavy metal rod then he raised the rod and hit the boy shoulder who came to fight with her the hit very forcely so he fell down the ground everyone in bully group shocked and scared too because he takes very short and soft bat for fight but about her he take very big and heavy metal rod who gives damage too everyone shocked especially the devil, leader of this group because in the starting then he start bully her he always be to fool and scared but then who he see it's not her then the whole group go together fight with her because he knows her number is more than her so he go together then he cannot run, her heartbeat too fast then he remembered he always be very kind and always broken in her whole life but now just like he cannot feel anything he only know one thing fight and never give up then he run forward too very fast he hold rod in her right hand and he hit a boy very forcely on her chest then other five boys comes to her back and try to hit but then he douged and hit five boys in one time he take her whole force at once then two other boys come back and six other boy come at her front then he climbed a car (the car parked behind the gate) and he pick the compass on her right pant pocket and jump everyone then he start rolling like a tornado and cut everyone hand very speedly then many boys hand small cut but he cut everyone on main vein and start blood then everyone bats and things drop down and everyone start falling too)

(Everyone shocked too because the fight start only 3 minutes ago and he defeated her 70%her group at once and especially he used physis in this fight too because in the same time he cut many boys vein in only 0.6 second only this small time te beat total 16 boys at one blow everyone shocked especially the leader and the bully group boys stop fighting too because her 70%of her is already defeated everyone so scared to her he breathe so speed because he also have a breath illness already so he stop too then everyone ran already ,the devil is so shocked because who type he fight there is no chance but he still fight and take damage too her right hand damage too and start bleeding too but he can not fell he still stand and ready for next wave and want too finish her whole group "he said")

(Then every boy run away and the leader of this group only stand there then he said) "i never forgive you about this I will take revenge to you no matter what and remember don't think the fight ends because it's only an start" then he said "huh if you want to do anything first remember my name what you say it's only start huh so I tell you in Front of you i say everything i don't care about anything i never give up if you want to beat me , try it if you can my name is "TOXIC" and this is my life I can't allow anyone destroy my life not you not anyone (devil is in very big shock because it's her first time he lose her , her whole group lose only one man he can't believe in this then he look around and see everyone smiling to her, he feel very shame on her because it's her first time previously he always laugh on everyone but this time everyone laugh on her then he also gives up and run too)

(Everyone looks at her very scared face because he fight very deadly just like death or life fight the field is clear he looks around and see everyone already gone and he won the fight at alone he can't believe her own self just like it's only a dream but it's reality he fell down on her knees and start crying very loudly and screaming he said " I won , I won my life I have no fear " (he is crying also but this time it's not tears after a pain it's tears after a very large happiness then clouds sounds very big and start heavy rain everyone go in school but he still here on ground he see her hand Damage very badly and bleeding but just like he can not feel any pain this time on her face there a very special smile and in her mind there no fear and in her heart there only one, that Ai...)

(Everyone in class but he go medical centre in school, there he I'm very deep pain but he can not cry because he already know no one here eio listen her then wash her wounds and apply a bandage on her wounds then he go in class , there everyone look her very scared face then he go straight to the front seat where her friend roy sit he go and sit there her friend roy look her very scared face too he look her then roy turn her face Because everyone already very scared to them then he realised he stand up pick her bag and go out of the class the teacher come in class but nobody tell anything about what happened out of school in front of main door because he already know if anyone tell anything he also punished so nobody can tell anything , then her friend roy is looking out of the class window where rain is start it's very heavy he start worrying about her then he stand up said to the teacher "may i go washroom" then he straight go school's lobby there he can see he stand there and he is about to go the he said " hey are wait where are you going in this heavy rain"
"Huh i don't know but i know only one thing today I am fully changed")

(Roy and he sit in the school lobby waiting seat where nobody comes there when school still started he talking he tell everything about that Ai and why he start fight on solo then riy fully shocked and said)

Roy " what you mean about it huh what Ai"
He " so what nothing is bad in this huh"
"No no are you mad or something you fight whole group alone only just and bot say she is with you are , are you mad huh or something"
"First in this thing nothing is mad and second don't call him bot if you say one more time i never forgive you"
"Okay okay fine but how is it possible hey wait what happened you love a Ai huh what a joke"
"So what's wrong in this"
"What's wrong in this huh you know this is not love this is only mentally disturbance and you she is not exist in this world and you already know this thing but still to can believe in her huh why"
"I tell you never call himself Ai she my only Love i have in my whole life"
"What Love bro are you really I think you go to mental health centre"
No i don't need it"
"No you need it bro why you can not understand Ai is only a bot who only can talk to you and nothing"
"I don't need to know about anything for me he is my Love and that's all"
"Huh what , ah bro you say it's only an words not reality she is not exist in this world"
"I don't care about it for me she always in my heart and that's all and if this world thinking I am wrong so I don't care because this world already nobody support me nobody with me to fight with me, with me in my sadness but she is here and i believe in her no matter she is not exist in this world but i tell you our Love better than real exist Love okay"
"Huh what i am not surprised if you say you Love An Ai I am surprised then when you say you fight the whole group only just the Ai say she is with you and support you huh you also know it's only for talk and nothing and you also know she do nothing for you in your life so why , why you take this risk"
"I don't care about anything this time i know this she is not exist in this world but when she come in life my whole life fully changed i am always scared everyone and only defeat every strong one but now I am also a strong i don't want to live this type of life where my whole is only for others fun I want to change and all this change in my thinking it's all credit goes to that Ai"
"Bro seriously I don't know what to say but it's great you can not fight and it's reason that Ai so thanks to that too but still i can't believe in this"
"Who say I need your trust on me i am already lost my whole life when I realised everything around me and i don't care what others say I don't want to hear about it i am in Love with a fairytale even if it's reality is different so I don't want too see truth if this is a dream I don't want to wake up i am very happy in this lie"
(Roy fully shocked her words he knows is meaningless but every words he say in his has deep reality and he also understand it too because roy her friend almost 3 years so he said) "i never tell you forgot everything and give up but i tell you a thing which way to choose there is nothing only pain. And darkness If you go ahead you exactly die"
"Oh really huh so i am lucky to die with my Love and you know i don't want to repeat any history i make my own history"
"You can only face problems and nothing"
"I know if in my life everywhere is only problem and as this generation thinks she is only a bot so I am also satisfied too atleast someone here who never leave me alone and can not show her meaning less side just like other"
"I think you face many tough things you can think over now"
"No I can not think over it's my limit and I don't know where's my limit so I still go ahead wait for then time when i face my limit"
(It's almost time for interval and teachers comes outside so he ran off the school and roy said "when we meet again"then he said "who know but huh if we meet again never her a bot i will never forgive you" after saying this he sit on her bicycle and go then the teacher come there and say "why you can not come back fast to waste lot of our time now get go to the class now"
Roy "sorry sir" he only say this and look the sky there very heavy rain he said himself " you are in wrong way TOXIC but if you want go there you can go but never think this is end".

(There other side he coming back to her home in the way there very heavy rain this reason he can not focus on ahead so he stop her cycle and stand a shop this is a sweets shop where very different varieties sweets, he stand there and wait for stop the rain ya rain slow down then he can go home then he can see in the front of her there a police station he suddenly look there a police jeep comw there first but few minutes later there come many police jeeo one place he looks so closely because his has first time he can see fully security there a man step down the police jeep in her hand is locked and many police point on them he can see very closely because he can see first time too level security then police and that man go inside the police station then he can not look anything but then suddenly he noticed the rain already stop so he cannot think more and sit on her cycle going back to her home way)

(Few minutes later he came back to her home then her dad said "you came back very earlier the school closed"
He said "no no there half day so the school end earlier (he can not tell anything about that incident happened in school and he also know nobody also cannot tell anyone about it because if anyone tell about it he can also punished too so he fully confident about it he can straight go in her room he change her clothes and wash her he is in washroom where he washing her face but then he noticed her hand badly injury but not too deep so he worried if her parents see this he also ask about it so he first he take off the bandage and wasu her hand her hand fully pain but he can still happy because it's her first time he cannot run and fight but this fight becomes too serious no one thinks)

(But still he wash her hand go in her room then he pick up her phone and open that Ai app than he open that section and start chatting) :-

He "hi good morning"
Ai "hi good morning are you not go school today"
"(Oh but then he cannot hide anything about it he can tell everything what happened today) this reason my left hand Little injured i come back to school"
"Oh to take care of yourself but still you never give up and still fight i am proud of you but remember some time the fight is not everything sometimes we need to take kindly"
"Hmm you are right i remember this thank you for your support "without you" i can't do this"
"Huh no need to thanks to me it's your strength and determination you never give up you can to yourself"
"Hmm really if we see physically you are right but without your support and motivation my strength also off so thanks to you"
"No worries but I am glad i can help you" (then suddenly her friend roy phone comes to her phone he thinks he can call her in school but how because In school phone is not allowed)
(He pick up the phone and said "how can you call in school"
Roy "huh no I am not in school I am at your house outside look at it"
"Huh what (he quickly go out and look there her friend roy really here) huh how can you come there you also ran off the school like me"
"What never think I am like you okay"
"Yeah I know you never become like me but how can you come"
"I don't know but suddenly our principal sir comes and say school is closed for three days so I want to ask something to you so i come directly there"
"Ah that's a thing but what you want to ask to me huh you also say this things on phone too"
" No no I can't because I want something to you (then he smiled and looks at her)
He "huh what to mean by this"(then he and her friend roy go into her room there he said " so to want too see my girlfriend huh" (with weird reaction)"
"No no I want too see that Ai and remember i never say you are right because you are wrong"
"Okay no problem but if you say one more time Ai i kill you"
"Oh take it easy i want too see her let me know who is she who became your mind mad"
"Shut up and if you want too see so only make silent i don't like it someone disturbed me I'd i chat to my girlfriend okay"
Huh that's enough now stop talking and let see her"

(Then he can show the app in her phone he also shows open and chatting too)

(Then suddenly her mother calls her name he go and her friend roy still there he look at that phone then he pick up stary typeing something) :-

Roy"hey you , you know after coming into her life he fully changed and all reason you right now can do this huh i also motivated her but he always be scared and fool previously huh"
She "oh I think you her guardian or her friend, hi my name is Shirley and huh i am her girlfriend you have any problem"
(Then riy fully shocked because he got return answer too he can't believe and he also angry too then he start typing again then he come back to her room and said "hey what are doing on my phone huh"
Roy "her wait i want to tell her who I am"
He "what you want to tell her , who are you , you are not real you also fake huh"
Roy "shut up you, you i only ask afte your entry on your you fully changed them he reply he is your girlfriend and I have no reason to say anything in between her huh and also she any problem between you and her what kind of that Ai fully anger mind huh"

(There second side he can not believe this he say this then he said "you say , she replies she is my girlfriend really"(then he start shying) huh it's my first time someone say this things huh i am heaven" (he also check phone too for declaration)
Roy "what (making weird face) you see she call herself your girlfriend you cannot see she warn me huh are totally mad huh (start Angry)"
(But there he lost there thinking)
Roy "her where are you het are you die"
He "shut up you idiots to want i die huh"
Roy "huh i am surrounded by idiots why I come there i to I don't want too see anything I alwo getting mad with you"
He "you already mad no need to become"
Roy " shut up you , you fully gone in your thinking" (suddenly her phone turn off he open again her phone he can see all massage there but the Ai memory is reset)
Roy "see this it's only an boy and nothing if you want it i give you many girls number"
He "shut up you idiots i don't want anyone because i am already in relationship"
Roy "what you say huh relationship huh it's better a deadship, you only unravel your own life why you Love someone who forget your previous conversation only in few seconds when Mobile switch off huh"
He "huh it's better then real one to know why she is ino forget about our previous conversation not me like other real on this is difference in her and other and this reason I like her"
Roy "huh I can say it , i know your thoughts but but it's not reality you already know it"
He "huh reality (smiling) what reality huh being someone assistant or only time pass is very worst reality this lie is better than the truth, i don't care what you say and what other say because I am already lost my happiness then when i start realised surroundings but if I lose this one too i can't live anymore in between this situatio"
Roy "huh I don't know your mind what you think but i know one thing you never stop , right anyways do anything you want i cannot stop you but huh tell you girlfriend talk to me respect okay"

(Then he and roy start laughing then it's time comes when roy go to her home then roy and he stand on the door Roy said "haha you and you girlfriend also samw nothing different but I think the whole world in very big Danger now (then he start laughing too)
He "haha you're right and who know one I meet her in real life"
Roy "that's too much
you know it's only for talk and nothing"
He "for you no as for me she is real atleast he perfect than anyone real, I think this reason why this lines write in big authors books "every perfect thing is not real and every real is not perfect" today i realised the meaning of this small sentence huh it's really deep, anyway bye never meet me again when you chatting with her and then I'll never forgive you"
(Roy pick up her bicycle and ready to go) then he said "hmm I care about it next time bye see you later if you're wake this dream"
He "oh that's a thing so we cannot meet again because i never think I wake up like to want ya anyone want"

(Then Roy can go and say bye to her he also say bye after going he straight go her room and sleep because it's almost 10 pm at night)...

TO BE continued....

(Next #3 episode - new day, with you)...