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Princess of Roopvanti


There was a king famous, charitable, had no dearth of material resources. People of his Kingdom were very pleased with him.

But king was not happy. He was gloomy. He had only daughter, Princess Roopwanti. She was beautiful, but very fatty. Because of her obesity no one was ready to marry her. This worry was saddening his heart very much. This anxiety used to pinch king all the twenty four hours of the day.

He consulted several Hakims and Vaids, but nobody cured her fatness. King was very much perplexed. He could not understand what to do.

One day he decided to consult his ministers and advisors to seek their advice. So he called for Darbar.

Now Darbar was in full session.

All occupied their seats. King poured his heart before them and saught their advice.

Consultation was on among ministers and advisors. At last they came to the conclusion.

The chief minister rose from his seat and proposed to the king for notification in the kingdom and neighboring countries too.

“Whosoever is able to reduce obesity of princess, will be bestowed upon half of the kingdom, tray filled with diamonds, jewellery, gold and also marry his daughter with royal pomp and show.”

King liked the idea and ordered his ministers to act accordingly.

Next day in the large gathering, town crier announced on the top of his voice, “Listen! Listen! King and queen are highly disturbed due to obesity of princess. I am making this announcement on behalf of them, “whosoever will cure princess and reduce her fatness and make her slim will be rewarded with half kingdom, wealth, jewellery, gold and also marry his daughter with royal pomp and show.”

Many people tried their best to treat the princess but failed to make princess slim.

King, out of annoyance, got them imprisoned.

Thus many more days passed away.

One day a boy, very handsome entered King’s Darbar, when Darbar was in session. Ministers were seated on their allotted places. The young man bowed before the king with folded hands and said, “I have come here to treat the princess, but with a condition.”

King, “What?”

Young man, “I need one month’s time to treat the princess and none of you shall meet Princess during that period.”

King, “It’s OK”.

Young man, “I need a separate palace, where I could treat her.”

King agreed but said, “Do remember, if you fail to cure her, you will be liable for a very harsh punishment.”

Young man, “I accept it, your majesty!”

A separate palace was given to young man for treatment of Princess.

Princess and young man began to live there.

Two three days passed by. Treatment of princess did not begin.

One day young man came to princess. He was depressed. His face showed glimpses of grief.

Princess (seeing this), “What is wrong with you? Why do you look so pale and depressed?”

Young man did not answer.

Princess, “Have you come to treat me or came to express your grief to me?”

Young man was still in silence.

He was silent like a statue.

Princess, “I am talking to you, reply me.”

Now young man started talking.

Young man, “I am not only Hakim, but also an astrologer.”

Princess, “Then?”

Young man, “I am worried a lot seeing your future.”

Princess, “What is in my future?”

Young man: Silent.

Princess: “What is there in my future?”

Young man was again silent.

Princess: “What is written in my future?”

Young man: “It is better not to ask this.”

Princess:”No, you have to tell me about it.”

Young man, “So listen, you are destined to die after thirty days.”

Princess, “Check carefully and let me know.”

Young man, “After checking carefully I have said this.”

Princess enquires, “Is there any solution to avoid death?”

Young man, “No.”

Hearing about death Princess was very much upset as well as afraid. Young man had created a lot of fear in her mind.

She gave up her food and lost her sleep.

She used to think about death all the time.

Her days became longer.

She lost her appetite for food and water.

She could think only of death.

Days passed by.

Princess was loosing her weight.

King and queen were forbidden from seeing her.

Princess was always under the fear of death. All the time she was thinking that she would die very soon.

Thirty days passed away.

Princess laid down straight on the floor, thinking death may come any moment.

Whole day passed away, but death of God never came.

King and queen came to see princess, as the month was over.

On the other hand Princess was very much annoyed with the young man as his prophecy proved false.

Princess asked the young man in anger,” Where is your prophecy?”

Young man replied politely, “Yes Princess, my prophecy is certainly wrong but your treatment…”

By that time the King and queen entered the room.

They were surprised to see the beautiful and slim princess standing before them.

They could not believe their eyes.

Young man was smiling.

Now Princess realized everything. It was fear of death that had changed her from fatty to slim Princess.

There was heartily laughter.

Everyone in the Kingdom was in all praise for the young man. The silence and gloom in King’s palace vanished.

There was happiness and joy all around.

Palace was now decorated and illuminated.

Whole Kingdom was in celebration.

Free food was distributed to all the people.

Young man was invited to King’s Palace.

Princess marriage with young man was solemnized with all royal pomp and show. It was unprecedented spectacle as celebrations went on for many days.

Poor people were fed and charities were given all the twenty four hours.