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Let There Be Rain

Let there be Rain

Shafiqul Islam

Introductory Word…

Searching the insight of life through the lens of poem is the main objective of the poet. Though hope, aspiration, frustration, deprivation of life stir the poet yet the poet always remain enthusiastic with his poetic sprit and It is clearly reflected.

Nature and love is the source of endless inspiration In his poetry. The poet give the language to the untold emotion of youth’s heart through his poem which turn into external expression of universal emotion.


This is dedicated to

Your endless memory,

When I will be no more,

My verses will be waiting for you

Till that very day too…


Let there be Rain 5

D (Diana) you’ve left 7

A valiant warrior 9

When I remember mother 12

Sulota, after long days 14

Father, once a little boy 15

Three Casualties 17

My heart feels an acute pain 19

You were along with me for long 20

Whenever I remember you 22

Mother I remember 23

Sulota, yet there is time 25

I know, you’ve forgotten all now 26

Sulota You’re no more here 27

If I wish I can go 28

One day Cloud of the sky too 29

Dear, you tell me 30

Dad, how you went away 31

Sulota, I’ll also disappear one day 33

Friend, where you go 34

Sulota I don't know 35

Nondita, where you stay now 37

When all your claims 38

Sulota, one day 39

I remain sitting alone 41

I know light of lamp is for all 42

O, my life one day you're 43

For a long time 44 This song, this melody 46

Let there be Rain

After many days

Today wind beckons a immediate rainfall

And nectar smell of clay spread in the air-

Everyone is worried about

Thinking immediate shower.

Everybody is eager to return home

Before starting rain

Yet there is no worry in my mind

No remarkable hastiness is visible

In my movement.

After a long heat wave

Possibility of coveted shower

Spread joy furtively in my warm heart.

I await eagerly for rainfall.

Let it rain now

Let it come down after long

Though there is no shade of big tree

To take shelter,

Even I have no umbrella

If rain water soaks my whole body,

Wearing clothes--

In spite of that let the rain come

May it fall over the whole sky

Let the rain drop submerging

fields and meadows.

If that unfrugal rain water drowns me

Even engulfs my homestead

There is no loss-

Yet, be it rained

In ,

Drought-engulfed famine-striken

Most unfortunate

Let vast waste land of

Be filled with green crops.

Before happening all

Let there be Rain

In the desert of conscience,

May the humanity bloom there

Alike flower.

And the world and evils of mind

Be purified.

Let man’s love for one another

Turns into fountain

Mixing with rain water.

Let it flows as endless wave

Touching every thirsty soul.

Now, after a long time

May it rain in torrent

This time, profusely

Across our fields and meadows

Of dust-covered filthy heart.

D (Diana) you’ve left

D (Diana) you’ve left

Your motions have rested forever

So what.

Does it stop speed of river

Mute noise of the planet?

Solar round also didn't stop

And it'll never stop, we know.

D you departed

But unknown ache

Stopped my heartbeat

Made me speechless

I feel ,I am dead

And you 're awaking slowly

In the depth of me.

Invisible earthquake appears

Inside me as if it has created now

A vacuum of immense cavity .

D once you mixed your voice

In the affairs of the world.

You kept your valuable footprint

On the public street.

That may be also wiped out one day

And expunged hit by hit with fountain

A sudden stroke of time.

But we know

Your paramount picture

That you painted in our heart

Can never be wiped out

By earthly rain or scorching

D, you belong to haven now

But one day you came down mistakenly

To this world of mortals

Feeling affection for us.

It is our failure

We couldn’t catch hold of you

As you are adamant to leave

It is our tragic debacle

to a cute beauty

You a short lived guest

A resident of paradise

Are only our strength now

Your adolescent youth

That is full of blossoms

Spreads ambrosial perfume

And you spread it

On the eve of your departure

With your generous hands

That's our resort now

High-priced bounty gifted by you

D, your fragrance of breathing

Is blended with the blowing wind

In our habitual life.

Your smile of scarlet lips is

Mixed in the red glow of

East sky at dawn.

Blush of your rosy skin is

Mixed in the midst of cherry rose

We've lost and discovered you

Anew among us in the

Guise of glamour.

Our eternal salute to you.

We'll no more see you again

As the queen of royal palace

We'll no more enjoy a joy of

your cheerful glorious appearance

And thousands of fan

Right from now, you've been

The queen of our heart

In the throne of our hearts.

A valiant warrior

A valiant warrior

Who fetched country's independence

From the hands of enemy

Risking his own life,

A victor general

Who ran from frontline to frontline

To command his fellow solders

Who didn’t have a time to repose

Who also fostered dream of liberation

Of his native land all the time in mind

Amid sound of bullet and ammunition

And incense of gunpowder

One day he really snatched

The victory of his dear motherland

Depending only his self confidence

Who also established this land

As sovereign and independent one

In world map.

That heroic freedom fighter and captain

Was assassinated unarmed

At the hands of defiant deviated

Army under his command.

Now, with no bullet of rebel army

His chest became bullet ridden

With the bullet of fellow soldiers

And that inflated chest fostered

And endless love for his homeland

And countrymen

That width and breadth hairy bosom

Was in comprehensible defense line

Of beloved motherland

But one day his chest spilled

incessant flow of blood

Piercing bullet and rockets

With the treason of traitors

That general stained

The soil of his homeland

With warm and refreshing blood of kernel

A military suprimo staying at frontline

Would order his solders for blitz

With a roaring "March, Attack"

Triggered his unconscious countrymen

That roaring voice

Has now been stopped forever

With sudden violent sound of

Cruel arms of gruesome killer

Who silently came at midnight

This valiant fighter

Has never been defeated

In any frontline battle

That he became defeated now

In the posterior attack

Of gunmen.

In a stormy uneven

And unarmed battle

We certainly know

The conspiring killer group

Assassinated him shooting from behind

Though rival force

Couldn’t defeat him

And they won't ever

He who's undefeatable hero

In frontline battle,

Who's clad in warfare outfit in the battle field

A mighty hero in one front to another front,

We bow down and pay armed salute to you

Our red salute to you

Who's indomitable champion

Over enemy and battle

He's victorious hero

In our heart forever

War and enemy hero.

When I Remember mother

When I Remember mother

I get back shade of a tree

That expands cool and shady

Branches and twigs on me

It also reminds me

An illusive moonlit

That has dark extinguishing

Cold light having no heat

It again reminds me

A past of a silent lake

Just at noon of summer heat chaitra

That instantly cures

Pains of body and mind.

While jumping its water

Also makes me think of both

The untiring eyes

And gaze that's full of caring

What's steady every moment

Like a shadow in my departure

Heavenly feel of that cheerful sight

Kept me safe from all sins and pains

Mother's commemoration

Also reminds me

Sweet smell of unseen

Wild flower evaporated in the air

On my movement

That in a moment spreading

A gentle fragrance all the time

Triggers my sense

In every turn of my life

It provides me

A refreshing inspiration

Uninterrupted to my journey

And I make my way slowly and slowly

Go forward more and more

And finally I reach to my destination.

Sulota, after long days

Sulota, after long days

I had a touch of your soft hand

Full of anxiety-

As you have tested

The degree of temperature

Touching my feverish forehead

By your soft palm

Since then I felt gradual cure

And it's your magic touch

Oh! Sulota cover me up

Under your saree's Anchal

Give me warm of your soft breast

And you see, how soon

I come round

Without any diet

Whenever I think of healing

An abnormal tension

Grips me intensely

It always causes

Me to think of

My healing means

A departure from your sweet

Company for few more days

And my release from your

Worried and sincere nursing

May be you don't know

Without you how much sick

I am in unsick life

Perhaps you don't know

How unhappy I'm

Foe want of your close proximity

Without you ,deathless death

Comes down in my life.

Father, once a little boy

Father, once a little boy

who didn’t know

Exact traffic rules of moving left and right

By catching hand you took him out

To the path of life,

Where you've gone today

Father, tell me

Leaving that child

Alone in the midst of life

Making him embarrassed.

That very child

Who even forgot to return home

In the late afternoon

Being engaged in playing.

In the evening, found him out

From the foot of sheuli-tree

Took me up catching my hand

Scolding affectionately.

But today, you've forgotten

To raise, your loud cry

To bring your affectionate child

To make return to your tiny tot

Even at night.

Your little boy

Whom you took to the river Ghat

At childhood to learn swimming,

Didn't leave his hand alone

Lest your babe should wash away

With violent stream.

Today your child

Struggles floating in the stormy

Wave of life-

And arouses his surroundings

Raising wailing sound- "father, father"

Yet you forgot

To extend your hand as well.

Today what type of indifference

Grips you profoundly.

Alas! you're now away

From all kinds of

Earthly phenomena.

Three Casualties

I remember my childhood

When I eagerly collected a white toy horse

Out of great passion

One day while playing

A limb of that horse was damaged accidently—

I tried to recover lost beauty of that horse

By transplanting its organ—

But I couldn’t.

For many days I could not forget

Sorrow of that failure

And loss of physical beauty

Arising out of injury of that horse.

One day that horse also lost somewhere.

In the passage of time,

I forgot that sadness of childhood.

Other day unmindfully I took another toys

Though I don’t know

When it came to my hand.

After attaining adolescence

While playing my favorite cricket game

In the field with a favorite cricket ball

Suddenly rolling and rolling

That ball also got watery grave

Into the water of canal

Following violent stroke of my bat.

After searching repeatedly

I didn’t find that green little cricket ball

Which was playmate of my early age.

For a long time I fostered my childhood day’s

Sorrow of losing that cricket ball.

One day that sorrow of adolescent days

Gradually faded in the womb of time.

But I didn’t look back

When I had been enticed with other play.

Now in my youthful days

The loss of missing you

Can never be forgotten—

The vacuum of your separation

Seems to be irreparable.

Your comparison can be made with you

And only with you.

Your unbearable absence

cannot be filled up without you.

The loss arising out of missing you

Remains as permanent injury-mark

In the midst of my chest.

My heart feels an acute pain

My heart feels an acute pain

For a few days

In the middle of my chest.

All specialists of chest-disease

Failed to diagnose

In this case.

This ailment

Stretched up to the inner part of the heart

Beyond the line of cardiograph and x-ray plate.

How they will know

Whose heartless cruelty

Develops heart-disease in this soft chest

Whose absence created such a large vacuum

In this tiny heart?

Though one day

Heart-beat of this bosom

Was supposed to be more refreshing

Having your sweet companion.

Yet my heart beat has now been stopped

And comes to a standstill

Like pointer of a watch

Which is out of order,

Due to your unbeatable separation

In the midst of busy life.

You were along with me for long

You were along with me for long

That time I could not feel

How much influence you spread in my mind.

Now I see such a big house

Looks deserted in your absence.

Wherever I stare at

I feel sign of your memories

The shirt hung in the ulna,

The broken spectacles on the showcase,

The old rusty wrist-watch on the side-table

Half-read inanimate book of poetry laid on tripod,

Everything tells your memory

With soundless sound

Still the evaporation from your

Perfume-mixed sweating lovely body

Spreads a tempting sweet fragrance in the air

Though the fact is that

You have left me long ago.

Still I remember your restless sound

Being irked by failing to find out something

Calling me Mou, Mou, Mou.

"Where are you" where had you been?

Yet I hear that sweet annoying sound

Mixed with affection.

If I pay hear to your footfall in the whole house

One day you felt my necessity crazily in your life.

But today I am like a

Ending part of a burning cigarette

Left abandoned in an ash-tray.

Now I am going to be gutted

Burning day by day.

For long time you didn't try to get me

You have forgotten me for a long time.

Whenever I remember you

Whenever I remember you

It reminds me of

endless vacuum of remote space--

It also reminds waves of endless solitude sea

Which break one after another

And I am floating

In a deserted raft-

No one and nothing around me.

When I think of you

It reminds me

Wailing sound of a bewildered traveler

Who is lost in an endless desert--

The sound that is echoed

In a silent horizon .

Mother I remember

Mother I remember

One day you said ‘man after death

Becomes star in the sky’.

Mother you are no more

You had left us untimely

And left forever heartlessly!

Have you been star in the distant sky?

That’s why I cannot sleep

While stare at the star-crowded sky.

And I remember you again and again

Spending whole night without sleep

Beside the open window

Looking at the endless sky.

And look for you

amid thousands of stars.

Mother you're no more

Now disarrayed clothes

Of your boy kept in the ulna

Lying haphazardly day after day

Books of your child remain

Scattered around

On the reading table and bed.

None put them in order carefully

With unselfish sincerity.

None takes the leftover utensils of kitchen

To the ghat of pond.

To clean them shining.

While being tired I return home

No one comes forward to wipe

Sweat from my forehead affectionately

With the sarri's anchal.

No one says, putting of clothes

Come my boy to eat

Don't be late.

None becomes busy to arrange

The dishes in the dining table.

Having been ill

While sleeping in bed at night

No one comes with careful silence

To measure The degree of illness

Putting her hand

On my warm forehead.

No one draws up the dislocate blanket

That slipped away from my body

With affectionate carefulness

Lest the boy should get up from sleep.

While I sleep reading without closing

The book open slightly.

None comes to switch off the light

Closing the half-open book.

Mother it is for your

Unbearable absence

Disorder and mismanagement is seen everywhere

In the life of your beloved child.

Negligence and innumerable defeat

Is also available.

Mother recollecting you again and again

One day I will be star in the sky.

Searching you again and again

One day I will also be lost

In the sky of stars

And you will not get opportunity

To forbid me.

Sulota, yet there is time

Sulota, yet there is time

Please return to this heart,

Else this planet will turn into

A tragic and lonely island,

In a twinkling of an eye

out of one heart’s groaning.

Wind of this world will be heavier

Crossing the danger level

With the long sigh of a heart

The level of sea water will exceed

Its danger mark

With the tears of eyes of a heart.

Sulota, please come back

Come back please

To save a heart

And for the cause of a beautiful world.

'Love is ever undefeatable'

To prove the universal truth

Of this eternal maxim

You rather come back

I call you to come back

In the name of a beautiful world

Again I call you to come back

In the name of saving of a dying heart

I beg you to return

In the name of the prospect of future.

Please you come back

And no more hesitation

You come on please

Having faith in love.

I know, you’ve forgotten all now

I know, you’ve forgotten all now

Yet, forgotten memories

Strike my mind

Over and again mistakenly-

May be you’re now watching

Blue sky and raft of white cloud

Sitting on Balcony

Under the shade of the closing afternoon.

When all my negligent-wounded memories

Remain lying carelessly in corner

Beside your mind.

Who knew your love

Changes rout hundred times

Like a river.

Today multidimensional pains of life

have come and mixed in my life.

It will be wrong

If you think

I have been more alone than earlier

After your departure.

Just to remind you I am telling you

I am not alone

I have your memories with me—

And carrying pain of love

Inside the heart

I was floated long way alone.

Sulota, you’re no more here

Sulota, you’re no more here

None comes to this room now-

This abandoned room cries

With melancholy solitude

Like a damaged nest.

Sulota, you’re not here

No more voice like sound of bangles

Is heard now and then in this room.

Only an uninterrupted compressed silence

Surrounds this house and yard like the sky

All the time.

Hectic wind

Cast glance to the room

Trembling the screen hung in the window -

But finding you no more

It disappears with a heavy heart

Towards an unknown destination.

The full moon at moonlit night

Looks for you by peeping

But becomes silent with a pensive look

Without having trace of you,

Sulota, you are no more.

If I wish I can go

If I wish I can go

Wherever I like--

Even beyond this field of mustard,

Beyond this turning of road

By passing transparent water of lake

And green allusion of Krishnachura.

I can freely move anywhere.

But I can’t leave you

I return to you again and again.

Here and there everywhere I go;

In spite of leaving all

Finally, I stay with you.

One day Cloud of the sky too

One day Cloud of the sky too

turning into raindrop also fall,

River water also dry out sometimes,

Stone also diminishes one day

But why doesn’t memory exhaust?

Why does her memory

Float like unchanged picture

In the ambit of mind?

In the mean time,

a long era and centuries Seems to have passed

Since we met long ago.

Yet I remember her exact appearance

That exact lovely face,


Split potol-shaped long eyes,

And red line of her rose-petal like lips,

That flood of hair as black as cloud of Srabon.

Everything comes to memory

Full stop, comma, semicolon

With every punctuation mark—

Her every word seems to be

A line of the world’s best verse,

Modulation of her voice

Sounds like best song of the world.

Her youthful lovely figure

Appears to be best sculpture of the world.

Forgetting her cannot be possible,

Can it be?

No, it is difficult to forget her.

Dear, you tell me

Dear, you tell me

How I can change your topic

It is you who is my favorite issue

Without you what is rest for me?

All the time your face

Stands before my eyes.

It is you and you alone

Who remains in my heart.

Each turning of your figure,

Even little fat in the fold

Of your lovely skin

All are memorized in my mind.

And every moment

I recite your glamour.

When I stand before the mirror,

Even I cannot feel

When your lovely face reflects there

Covering my image.

When I go to temple for Worship

I cannot feel

When the idol of goddess

Turn into your shape

And I return worshiping you.

Dad, how you went away

Dad, how you went away

Following a sudden untimely departure

Without giving notice and early declaration

Without bidding farewell

That is given out of inherent courtesy

With out affectionate kiss

To the cheek of your own child.

The watch kept on the table,

The Punjabi hung on the ulna

And unfolded spectacles with thick lens

Was lying where it was— And in an odd time

Ominous siesta grasped you forever.

It seems, ages-long tiredness

Stretched all over your appearance.

The effect of countless sleepless-night

Visible in your half-closed eyes-

And your eye-lid

Laden with deep sleep.

You who kept rousing

The entire house with a hue and cry

Today what a hidden anger

Made you silent suddenly forever.

We’ll never hear again

Selfless advice of carefulness

Without expecting return

“Boy, move on the road very carefully,

While crossing the road

Looking your left and right side.”

Father, on the street

There is unbearable traffic jam today—

Your kid’s breathing

Becomes throttled with

Poisonous smoke of running vehicles

That flood the roads.

Invisible assassin, snatcher

And disguised kidnapper

Wait in ambush in turning of roads,

here and there and in shady and dark lane.

And there’s certain fears

Of being crushed anytime

Following clear enmity

Of speedy and inhuman vehicles,

Father, who’ll direct

My way today amid

This toughest complication

To my way of movement ?

Who’ll show me the way of release

Who’ll give me assurance and hope.

Father, you tell me

Over which passionate anger

You had been silent forever—

What secret deep injury drove you untimely

Towards such a sudden departure.

Tell me for what an untold annoyance

You are lying now forever

Showing back to life—

You are not responding to anyone’s call

Not even looking back to anyone

Why you are frozen in a deep sleep

Even in such a rising time--

Awaking your child

For infinitive period.

Sulota, I’ll also disappear one day

Sulota, I’ll also disappear one day

As you.

The path that you have followed

Leaving me one day ,

I’ll also follow it some day

Piercing this circle of relationship.

The track you’ve chosen

I’ll pass on the rest of my life

Searching you on that way.

Sulota, the day when you left me

Since then this room becomes

Prison to me.

Without you

The whole day of mine

Turns into an endless dark night.

Friend, where you go

Friend, where you go

Far or near

I’ll give you shade like the sky

And call you often from distance

Beckoning with the hand .

In Autumn, Rain and Spring

I’ll dress me up with

Varied new attire—

But in the heart

I must remain for you.

I am sea,

In the heat of Chaitra

When the thin river of water

Will also dry up and disappear—

That day too I’ll call you

To the estuary of sea,

When you’ll not love me

I’ll love you that day also.

Sulota, I don't know

Sulota, I don't know

where you're now

But one day you're

Inseparable part in my life.

Even I could not think

Of this life without you.

Nevertheless, I live alone today

Without having you beside me.

Even I can't imagine

What type of life it is.

You that very person

Without whom I can't go on

For a single moment

Are no more today.

Many a morning, noon and

Afternoon rolled down

I can't believe

How I could pass time in such a loneliness.

Sulota, can you imagine

River without bank

Cloud without sky, nest without bird?

No, you can't.

Sulota, similarly my existence

Is incredible without you

And thus

My life is unbearable, endangered too.

One day my heart sought release

Resorting to your love.

But you are no more today.

I am as though confined

Like a self-convicted

Captive prisoner in a solitary dark cell

In the prison of pain and depression.

Sulota, please you do come

And take to the light.

I am awaiting you

For endless period.

Nondita, where you stay now

Nondita, where you stay now

And how you are

Whose beloved now you are

I don't know, I don't know.

On that corridor of college and campus

While climbing up the stairs case

Many a time we've exchanged looks

Exchanged our words of minds in a silent look.

Nondita, we don't know

In which ends of two polar

Of the earth we've staying

Between that two ends

Memories of love stretched

For a long time we could not meet.

With the passage of time

We don't know where we were thrown

Like a star which lost its orbit.

Time is creating invincible distance

Between us.

Everything ruins I know

But still memories of

Those days alive.

When all your claims

When all your claims

I have accepted unconditionally

Why you conflict with me meaninglessly

Why such type of non-co-operation.

Madhobi, still last moment hasn't been over

Still there is love, passion, favour

In the heart.

Madhobi, please come back

Come back to the heart of my love.

Let us make our life meaningful.

Depriving me

You will have nothing but deception.

Friend, come on

Let us make this moon and moonlight

Smile of blossomed flower meaningful

With the song of our love.

Sulota, one day

Sulota, one day

because of your presence

I had so many dreams

Now you are no more in my life

So there are vast vacuum in my heart

As though when a caged bird left cage

Vacuum inside the cage looks.

Sulota, you have left me

My heart becomes now

A silent solitary fellow land.

It looks so silent and solitude

As though after a train having left

The station,

The platform of the station

Remains with a gloomy isolation

And for sometime festival-like

Hue and cry stopped.

Sulota, such is my heart

Crying with silent pain

As silence come down while festival closed.

Sulota, in your absence

Every line of my poem

Turns into dry drops of tears.

Sulot, a in my silent look

There are tearless silent wailing.

Sulota, you are not with me today,

With a heavy heart caused by separation

I wrote verses of sorrow again and again

If it solace my heart

If it make me forget

Inner sufferings of my heart

For a while.

I seek at present release

Under the shelter of poetry.

I remain sitting alone

I remain sitting alone

Facing a lot of thoughts

And talk to me by myself.

River and women never know

To return.

It is in vain to remain

Sitting in waiting

And making string with tears.

I am sitting alone

In a gloomy solitude

Taking in the heart

Only unending sands

And endless vacuum.

One have to bear

Flow of pain emanating

From river Folgu

In the chest secretly

Loving river and woman.

I know light of lamp is for all

I know light of lamp is for all

But the burning of light

That know

Only for unfortunate death of insects.

Such is your love I know

To light the heart of all other

And only to burn me.

I know your attraction for all

Your love for all

And I know

Your negligence only for me

I know this cruel disregard

Only for me.

O, my life one day you're

O, my life, one day you're

Of dream and impractical imagination

Of unpredicted impossibility.

And today

In the life-driven struggle

Every moment

We are injured, blood-spattered

And tired.

Ah life

Why you weren't

Alike a sweet little music

Alike a rhythmic poem.

For a long time

For a long time

I am bed-ridden in a cabin of hospital.

And the hospital seems to be my abode.

No possibility of recovery rests for me.

I am now passing my days in waiting

For the last day of my life.

Yet, the bed of hospital

When I recollect your memory off and on

I get back spirit of life instantly

I eagerly wish to survive one more day

Only to see you one more day.

I am not so unhappy

With the confirmation of my ensuing death,

And if I die I cannot see you more

I cannot think you more

And that is the deepest sorrow in my life

At this moment.

Look how many phial of medicine

Huge variety of diet dumped in front of me

And every hour I am getting

Advice of apron-worn doctor.

But nothing could cure me

Even never can.

And love

Only your love can save my life.

Dear make me cured

With your love today.

With the warm of your soft breast

Give life to my cool dead body.

Capture me with your warm hug

Death will never be able to snatch me.

This song, this melody

This song, this melody

This flower, this bird

River and nature

All are lovely-- due to your presence.

This grief, this frustration

This hoax, this death

Still pleasant-- only because of your love.

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