The Vikramidtya Secret - Chapter 11


" Saheb , this was found in your pocket " The laundry man gave one pouch to Professor Dev Raval.

" Thanks , Bhai " Dev Raval took the pouch.

He remembered that at the night of tragic incident of Mahaveer Shah , when he was entering in the gate of Imperial Heights , his royal en-field was collide with some strange man who was in great hurry.

This pouch was fallen from the jacket of that man. 

Professor totally forgot about that part of the incident as soon after they were busy with the last rites of the Mahaveer Shah.

He also recall that the man was seemed in some kind of emergency. He ran away after the accident. He even did not bother to looked back.

" Anyways let me check what it contains " Professor talked to himself. He took a big scissor from his utility box and carefully cut the pouch from one side.

He inserted his fingers inside and fetch out the object from the openings.

The object was rapped by some plastic. He carefully removed the plastic from the object.

Now the real object was in his hand. It was metal object with some kinds of inscriptions were carved upon it.

For the historian like him he was fascinated by the object. It looked very ancient probably centuries ago. He took his magnifying glass and observe the object.

 After carefully obeseving the object from every possible angel, he came to conclusion that it was an religious object known as “ SHRI YANTRA”



" Poorva beta , the dinner is ready. Please come downstairs. " Poorva heard the domestic help of the bungalow calling her.

Manju Masi was the old and trusted employee of Shah family. She was working for the family for the decades. She was taking care of all the household works. She lives in the servant quarter inside the compound wall of the bungalow.

She has managed to control the Poorva after the death of the Mahaveer Shah.

After the death of her grandfather Poorva mostly remains in her room. She was missing her Dadu very much. She did not went to the college also.

After the tragic death of her patents , her Dadu has raised her. He was the only member in the name of the family.

" Poorva , please come. Khichdi would be cold. " She heard the voice of Manju Masi from the kitchen. 

She rose from her bed. She was sleeping on the bed and due to that her hair was uncombed.

She opened the drawer to find the butterfly or some rubber band to tie her hair.

Instead she found the handkerchief. It was found by her in the hand of her grandfather Mahaveer Shah. The hankie was tightly cupped inside fist of her Dadu.

Her Dadu has left the last massage for her. The massage was written by his dadu by his blood. 

She again read the massage. It was written, " My dear daughter seek the blessings from the Goddess "

At the same time her mobile phone rang. It was the call from Professor Dev Raval.






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