The Vikramaditya Secret







All the characters, places, incidents and adventures narrated in this novel are totally fictions. It has been totally imaginative of the author.

There is no any resemblance of anything of this novel to the history.

This has been created for entertainment of readers only.

Summary of the last chapter

The person with long suitcase entered in the hall. Mahaveer Shah had a short meeting with Young and famous professor Dev Raval a well known historian and having good knowledge in cryptography. He was also the mentor of Poorva Shah. Mahaveer Shah gave his speech while the person who was caring the rifle and about to shoot him got the message from his boss to not to fire. Mahaveer Shah went directly to his office and rested on his chair. Someone entered in his office…..

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Someone entered in the office of Mahaveer Shah.

An intruder had worn the black jeans and black T shirt. He was also wearing the black cap on his head. He was wearing the normal anti heat mask on his face.

“Who are you? How you came inside the chamber? “Mahaveer Shah asked him.

“Don’t waste your energy by asking silly questions, you old pal “An intruder replied

“Listen, whoever you are just get out from my office else I will call the security" Mahaveer Shah said to him.

“Mr. Shah please notes that there is no one in the name of security outside.” An intruder replied with smile in his face.

Mahaveer Shah looked outside from the glass wall and saw a security guard was lying on the floor unconscious.

“What did you did to him? Why you have been here? “Mahaveer Shah asked him directly.

“I am here for that valuable thing which you are holding. “The intruder answered.

“What you are talking about?” Mahaveer Shah said to him

“Don’t be the smart. I really know you are having the same “The intruder replied

“Really I do not possess anything. Believe me. I have nothing which can attract your “Mr. Shah said quickly.

“I know you are a very good business man but you are good actor also. But I know everything so don’t play the tricks with me. “He took out the revolver from his pocket and aimed towards Mahaveer Shah.

“Hand me that thing. Else....." He pointed the revolver to Mahaveer Shah


A Honda City entered in the Bungalow No 11 situated on the Racecourse Road of the city of Rajkot.

The Racecourse road is consists of the public garden at one side and the minister's bungalows on the opposite sides.

The name plate of the bungalow was read “Chirag Gandhi - Minister of Youth, Culture & Education”

The Honda City stopped in the parking complex and one young figure came out of the car.

Chirag Gandhi went inside to his house.

A Chirag Gandhi was the most talked and discussed name in the political circle.

He was looking after the Youth, Culture & education department and he was doing it very well. To be precise he was doing his duty par excellence.

He always remains ready for the welfare of his assigned department. He does not follow the time and situations. He always ready for work anytime anywhere.

Even now at the late evening time he was coming from the important meeting with the Vice Chancellor of the Saurashtra University. 

The agenda of the meeting was to conduct the mega job fair in the University Complex for the benefit of the young students.

Chirag Gandhi reaches to drawing room where his father cum his political mentor was seating. 

His father Mr. Hasmukh Gandhi was the Chief Minister of the state. He has served one term. His political tenure has received mix response. 

In tenure as CM of the state, he has able to manage the positive growth but somehow he could not achieve the star status any point of the time.

He just remained low profile Chief Minister.

He was not elected in the second term though his party was in rule. So he declared his retirement and started to build the career of his son Chirag Gandhi.

He many times felt the grief and agony that his good works have been unnoticed. 

Hasmukh Gandhi greeted his son "Welcome Son! How was your meeting with Vice Chancellor? "

“Successful “He received the one word answer from his son.

“Good. Now freshen up and then we will have the dinner together. “Senior Gandhi suggested his junior.

“OK. Papa “Chirag said and went to his room.

After thirty minutes father and son were seated on the dining table and doing the dinner.

“Where is 'The Shadow' Papa?” Chirag asked to his father.

“Busy. He is doing our Job with our Target “Hasmukh Gandhi replied without any expressions.


Somewhere in the Rajkot

A person carrying the long strange suitcase entered in the posh bungalow.

He directly went in to the office space made in the corner of lavish hall.

He entered in the office and closed the door. His master was seating in the chair. He nodded his head and indicated him to seat.

“With due respect, May I know why you have changed our plans Bapu? We could have done there easily and effectively “He asked to Yuvraj Sinh Khuman.

Yuvraj Sinh Khuman rise from his chair. In the back wall there was the big picture of Raja Bhoj was placed. There were two swards in the V shape also were placed in the wall. The royal sign of his clan was also there on the wall.

“Calm down. Still we have not able to track down the where about of our goal. So I have decided to play the personal visit to his office by myself. “Yuvraj Sinh answered to his deputy.

“But Bapu, we know he would not speak up anything to anyone “His deputy reminded him the reality. 

He further added,

“Please do remember even after that massive car accident he has not broken. He eventually became much stronger after that incident. “He said to Yuvraj Sinh.

Yuvraj Sinh walked across the office and replied to his deputy.

“Not this times my friend. Because this time we would play with the different ball “Yuvraj Sinh said with firm determinations.


An intruder has pointed a revolver to Mahaveer Shah.

“This is the last time I am asking you. Hand me that object.”

“OK wait. Please don’t shoot. I am giving you” Mahaveer Shah requested him.

He then slowly ducks down on his working table. An intruder was observing him.

“Don’t play the games with me” He warned Mahaveer Shah.

For the split seconds intruder’s concentration was diverted and Mr. Shah took out the baseball bat under his table.

He hit on his other hand.

An intruder was taken aback and surprised. He fired his revolver….



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