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The cursed game... - 1

It all started when a gaming engineer named Mr. Henry wolfard invented a game called "The horror house" in his lab house .he invented such a game which connected the real world with the game . The game had total 8 players who would find the way to come back from the haunted house where lived the demons"the world of demons". Henry was an talanted software engineer and he had invented a feature which could take images of the player and add as a character in the game. It' was an thriller adventure horror game . The game was a "do or die" once you enter the game without finishing it up you can't come back to the real world.The game had a horror world of demons in which the players have to find the way to the demonic world . There were in total ten levels which had many challenges . Henry entered a data of the story of the game. The story said about the warriors who used to fought with demons to save their world , but once the demons tricked and killed all the warriors.So the head of the warriors needs help! The demons have captured all the weapons and their half of the world into the world of demons . The demonic world and the world of warriors has been connected to a gate. When one enters the game it starts on the world of warriors and end at the demonic world. The game gives some the power to the players to defeat the demons. The demons are much powerful ,they can change themselves into anything .They can turn out themselves invisible. Henry first experimented the game but unluckily he got trapped in his own game. Since then nobody knewed where he went,he just disappeared. People never talked about him because he was just an insane who broke up with his family and friends and he had no one with him he was all alone. And now his house was deserted with game . After two years, that a family buyed the house and the family include a couple and their two kids. The kids were teenagers and they named Clara and Jay . They started living there and they were a happy family .Clara and Jay were both talanted . Clara was an intelligent student and Jay was an martial artist and was brilliant in many other sports. Once their mom asked to clean the store room .So as it was Sunday both were free so they entered the room with the broom and all other stuff. And finally they cleaned up the room .As soon as they exited the room a sound came after "cluck cluck!" They entered the room again and it was all silence as soon as they exited and again "cluck cluck!" Now they decided to be in the room and the sound came again . They found that the sound was coming from below the shelf and they found.........."the horror house!"