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The cursed game... - 2

Clara : What's this? (Looking at the game)

Jay: "the horror house"(reading the cover It's a game!

Clara : I think the noise came from this! We need to stay away from this ,I don't think it's safe!

Jay: Let's get out of here!

Clara:hmmm.(she took the game with her and placed it in her room shelf and Jay was unknown about it)

The next day they approach to their high school to attend the lecture.
Clara and Jay were on their way with their friends. Their friends named Emma ,Noah and Alex. They all reached the school , talking and laughing. Suddenly Clara's friend Alice arrived . Alice and Clara were good friends as well as Alice and Jay were enimies! So, Jay didn't liked Alice whenever she talked to Clara. Alice was an science student and much interested in gaming and making innovative machines which are old. Alice had another friend named Aren.

Clara approached Alice, waving her hand . Alice glanced at Jay and looking at his face she turned towards Clara and said ,"meet you in class!" And she went away.

Jay : Don't you think she is rude!

Clara: showing such a face to her may make you feel rude! Calm down!

Emma :God knows when these both will change?

They all approached to the class. All of them had the same class including Alice.
The teacher arrived and started the lecture. The lecture ended after an hour. The next lecture was in the science lab . The students started approaching to the lab. Jay was on his way and Alex approached to him from behind.

Alex: Can I ask you something if you don't mind?

Jay: (confused) yeah!?

Alex: Why don't you accept Alice as your friend what's wrong with her?

Noah: she's so rigid ,she never talks with anyone , she just loves her headphones and machine. (Joining from behind)

Emma: The most rigid thing is that she just only talks with Clara and Aren.

Jay : Exactly!

Clara: Will you guys stop judging her! Don't judge a book by its cover!

Clara lefted and all of them just stared and later approached the lab.
The lecture started and the teacher explained a concept and later announced to conduct a group project. She tooked names of the group. Later she announced Jay's name and Alice and two other kids for the project. Jay was mesmerized by the teacher and then he approached to the teacher to shift him to another team but teacher didn't agreed! So, unfortunately Jay had no choice! The class ended! Clara, Emma,Noah and Alex were in the same team!

Noah: Bad luck Jay!
(Jay nodded and he left)

Alice and Aren were on their way , some boys came and started bullying them and it was not just today it was an everyday case and Alice used to be calm and silent and then move away but this time it was worse . They started to tease Aren and it was beyond the limit .
Aren: stop it! Hey it's my bag !

Guy 1 : oh stop it what we have to do with your bag !(throwing the bag)

Guy2: let's play with you!

The guys push Aren and started beating him.

Alice: stop it!

Guy 1: really? Ok on one cost !
Alice: what?
Guy 2: do whatever we want or get the treatment everyday!

Alice was furious and her nose started bleeding so she holded Aren's hand and took him aside . She gave the bag to him and then turned towards the guys!

Guy 1: aha... ! Much angry ! Let's see!

The guy proceed to punch her but she was a silent killer she banged both the guys on the floor and the guys ranned away to save their skins! Jay watched her ! And Alice and Aren went away for first aid! Jay and Clara and their friends headed to the home to start the project and it was decided to do in Jay's home! Jay went for his martial arts class and Clara and friends were in her house for project. The sound came from the shelf again.
Noah: what's the sound?
Clara: it's a game!(removing the game from the shelf)
Alex: (holding the game)let's see it!
Emma: but this noise!

Alex opens up the game and it had a computer screen and no controller as soon as they switch on the computer. A flash comes out on them. They all were curious about what it was and suddenly the wind blows ,the light twitches and with a blink of an eye a zombies hand comes out from the computer screen and drives all of them in the game!

They all screamed but nobody listened!