The cursed game... - 11 in English Horror Stories by King K.M books and stories PDF | The cursed game... - part 11will they escape?

The cursed game... - part 11will they escape?

The all move in and see different rides , everything was cladded in darkness.

Jay:cc.. come on ! Let's go!

Emma: are you okay?

Alice: stay calm ! Jay! Think that this darkness would shatter away!( Calm voice)

Emma: Alice, it's easy for you to say , but to beat a phobia is something different!

Alice: anyway , we have to tackle our fears and get rid of it!

Suddenly a glowing light appears in the sky! And a voice comes up saying....

Unknown voice: The one which shows who you are and turns the whole maze into the fears of your heart! Find me if you can and unleash all the secrets of your heart!

Alex: I think it's a riddle!

Noah: yeah! But what is it for?

Emma: I think about the place where we can go!

Aren: but who shows who you are?

Clara: best friend?enemy?

Jay: nah! It's seems something else! It shows your image?

Alice: image can be seen in the mirror? Mirror!
Guys it's a mirror!

Aren: exactly! Mirror! Maze! Mirror maze!

Clara: and unleash the fears! No..( scary voice)

Noah: stop! You are making us scared!

Alex: let's go to the mirror maze!

The go to the mirror maze and reach the starting point of the mirror maze. The all find the way from the mirrors and at the end there was a big room!

As they entered the room they all got separated from each other and were all alone!
And the room had one escape door! The room was cladded with darkness !

The room was illusional which created illusion for the players and if the players defeat it then the escape room would open!

Jay was scared from the dark . He got panicked and started breathing heavily. He tried to find the escape door. It was all dark and he was continuesly finding the way to escape but nothing worked and he was panicking.

Suddenly , He saw a firefly moving around and it gave him some hope and he started following it . At one point the fly stopped and didn't move. Jay moved closer to it and the firefly change into an ugly zombie which had a knife in his hand! He stabbed the kinfe on Jay and he losed one life . He entered the room again and was left with two lives.
He went back to his memories! He remembered about his mom and she once said...

Mom: if there is no light of hope around then you have to be the light of your own!

Jay then came back to his present and gathered up all the courage. And he didn't panicked at all and also prevented himself by the zombies attack and used his sword to attack the zombies .Now he had beaten his fear of darkness and came out through the escape door!

He camed out of the room and landed on the ground and finally he got rid from his fear.

The second was Aren and he had a phobia of creepy crawlys, insects rats.....
He was in the room, all in the dark. Suddenly he saw a cokroach and he just stamped his foot on it. Later, thousands and lakhs of insects came and started to crawl up on him and some gaint insects came on him and he couldn't do anything and those gaints feeded on him! He screamed! He losed one life and entered again. This time he had to come up with an solution .
This time some gaint insects came along and he knew that if he killed those gaints he would escape. He was now ready to face . No matter what would happen , it was hard for him to face but he ignored the creepy crawlies and concentrated only on the Giants . And he did it. He holded his sword and striked up on the Giants and he won! And came out through the escape door!

Jay: Aren are you okay?

Aren:( breathing heavily) yeah! Much better!

They both could hear the screams of their friends. But can't help it. They could only give instructions to what to do and so they did!
They hear Emma's screams !
Aren: Emma are you there? Can you hear me?

Emma: (crying, screaming) yes!

Jay: Emma listen! Just calm down! What can you see?

Emma:(screaming) zombies!

Aren: listen! Emma, just think they are clowns ! Close your eyes Emma and just think that the howls is just a joke for you to laugh Emma!

Emma closes her eyes and then open and laughs at the zombies . And the zombies stop to howl. One of the zombies attack her . And she is left with two lives. He again enters the room , and now she was ready to face. She was now alert, she laughed and killed those zombies who attacked her! And she got victory on her fear! She came out through the escape door! As soon as she came out she started crying holding the head in her hand. Aren hugged her!

Aren: calm down. Everything is fine! Emma!

Emma wipes her tears and gets back and looks at Aren and Jay.

Emma: Thanks you guys! I thought I would never come back from here!

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