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One Night Stand - 12

The day comes and everyone waits excitedly for the auction to start. There is music and dance, the party goes in its own flow. As the auction begins. The famous business personalities flaunt off their money to win remarkable technology and things which belonged to ancient history. Hey, lover boy your girl gave another hit. No wonder she is amazing. She makes a person fall in love with her. Even the one who never took love feelings seriously. Nyon says while enjoying his drink. Alex shies like a college boy and says I agree with you buddy. By the way, where is my girl? I need to see her. His eyes looking for Rumi continuously.

He finds her sitting at the corner of a table with her team. It seems that Olive is giving instructions and she was listening to him carefully. Bastard! He is after my girl; Alex words are bitter. Nyon looks in the same direction, smiles and says that he is taking all his chances, Alex. I know that’s why he had quit his previous job and joined this company where Rumi is currently working. Alas! he doesn’t know that I am a man who never let his things go away from him says to Nyon. She is more than my girl; I took over the company to protect her from this idiot. I am watching his every move diligently. Nyon is surprised to see Alex reaction. He is a fool, Alex because he doesn’t know what he is looking for says Nyon smilingly.

After a minute, Rumi comes to Alex. Auction begins, of the finest things related to technology and pieces of literature. Things belonging to Bill Gates reaches the highest bidding and some belongings of Anne frank were bid to the highest price. Sir, it is time for your speech because even the Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg shared precious words in the auction organised for some of his antique things. Hope you are ready to share few words with this huge crowd Rumi says politely. Of course, I am ready to speak my thoughts his voice is seductive when he looks into Rumi’s eyes. Rumi also feels some connection with him. Alex gives his speech. After his speech, everyone comes on the dance floor. (Music plays…. Celine Dion song, my heart will go on……).Olive dances with Rumi and Alex comes and asks for a dance, but before Rumi could answer he takes her away from Olive and dance on Enrique Iglesias song Hero.

I want to share something with you. Alex asks Rumi to come along with him. He takes her on the terrace of the auction hall. He holds Rumi’s hand and says that for the first time in my life I feel that there is somebody who understands and made me realize my forgotten dream. I am really thankful to you. Yes, soon I will fulfil my dream and my mother would be proud too. Your name really means close to god. You are an angel send by god. He kisses her hand and Rumi also gets closer and closer and they kiss fervently. The song plays (you are sky full of stars, and moon is brightened on sky...)

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