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One Night Stand - 15

Alex’s father seems restless and seeing him Alex asks, what happened dad? Are you thinking something? If you are worried about company’s anniversary celebration then do not worry, I will handle it. Alex continuously looks at his father for a reply. No, Alex I will manage myself but can I ask you something my son? Of course! Dad, you can Alex replies. Are you very close to that girl named Rumi? Is she the reason to leave June? Alex was surprised and shocked with the questions of his father. No, not at all and she is just working in my company and there is no connection between June and her. Who told you this? Alex is curious to know. Olive saw you with Rumi quite close to her near her house Edward says hesitatingly.

Dad I just went to drop her and trust me I will come to you first if there is something to tell. Let this anniversary function is done and we will definitely talk as I have to fix things up. Alex gives him assurance. Now, don’t take any stress. Last week only your blood pressure was high and I allowed you to take the responsibility of the anniversary celebration as it gives you happiness otherwise, I would have handled everything myself. Alex holds his father hand firmly. Hope Alex there is nothing to hide Edward looks in Alex eyes and says.

Alex goes to meet his tennis coach and Nyon also joins him. After having conversation with his coach, he tells everything about his dad’s interrogation with him in the morning. Alex, why don’t you tell him about Rumi, June and your dream to him? I don’t think you need to hide anything from him. Nyon is asks straight forward from Alex. This is not the right time to tell him about Rumi either June or anything else because presently he is busy with anniversary celebration and you know how important it is for him. If I tell him anything right now, he will get worried and that might affect his health. And the reason of my breakup with June can hit him hard. Therefore, I am waiting for the anniversary celebration to get over then will tell him in the right way. First of fall I need to screw up that bastard Olive who had already played his shot. Just throw that asshole out from Skylar and this lesson is enough for him. Nyon says in anger. No, I will not do anything like that because may harm Rumi and I cannot put my love in danger so just wait and watch that what I will do with that scoundrel.

When Rumi was making some acquisitions for the grand event Olive asks her to come in his room. Rumi this event is very important for us. But there is something else that I want to tell you is that Mr. Benson wants me to go Germany for another new event which is again a big project for the company. Therefore, call everyone for a meeting because I have to give instructions to the whole team. After meeting he has to leave immediately for his flight which is around 8’o clock in the evening. Alex calls Rumi and asks her to come to his home tonight to discuss about the details of anniversary event. Alex, Olive is leaving for Germany tonight. Did you do anything about this? Rumi is curious but deep inside she is happy too. My love, I only taught him a lesson to cross his limits. We will have a great time tonight. I will be waiting for you. Alex voice is seductive and full of love.