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One Night Stand - 16

Rumi and Alex cheerfully work in kitchen. Cooking pasta with Russian salad. Alex holds Rumi while she chops vegetables. You are hungry right? Yes, I am and he kisses on her lips. Till food gets ready you can arrange the dinner table. Rumi replies and plant a soft kiss on his lips again. After some time, they both sit at dinner table chatting, laughing and enjoying dinner. I hope Your mom won’t worry for you; it is quite late saying Alex and fills her mouth with pasta. No, she won’t because she is out of town for two to three days and my brother is with our cousin and she puts some more salad in his mouth. Great! It’s a wonderful night. Alex holds and kisses Rumi’s hand.

After dinner they discussed about the anniversary arrangements. Will June come for the party? Rumi questions Alex. As much as I know her, she never looks back from where she gets offended. But one day I will say sorry to her because she is still a friend for me and I don’t want to start my new journey with someone ‘s tears. Alex voice is soft and calm. Olive asked about us from my friend Ryma. Rumi says in a sad tone. You don’t worry about him, let that asshole enjoy in Germany only. Alex starts the music and asks her for a dance.

They both look into each other’s eyes in every move with the beat of music. Then Alex holds her hand and drags her into his bedroom. Remember the day when you came here for a deal. Alex says in a low tone. Yes!! Many things have changed from that night to this night and now it is time to celebrate love. Alex smiles and kisses on Rumi’s cheeks. Slowly, his hand holds her face and his lips go onto her lips. He freed her hair from her holder. His tongue is in her mouth and slowly he freed her from her dress. She shy’s but says nothing and unbuttons his shirt and soon they both fell on bed to make love. Alex worships her body and Rumi also feels the rhythm of Alex inside her.

Good morning! Alex kisses Rumi to wake her up. She smiles and they both drink coffee with breakfast in his room. I really don’t want you to go from this house he says and kisses on Rumi’s lips. Even, I don’t want to leave you alone, she replies with a kiss. But first I need to see my brother and then have to reach office because Olive has given me lot of responsibility. Don’t talk about that idiot early morning. Alex feels little jealous and Rumi laughs by seeing his reaction. Come on Alex it’s time to go and he drops her home. She invites him to a small but decorated house of hers which is appreciated by him. Alex meets her brother and they both jell up with each other. It was an unforgettable night mumbles Alex and reaches office.

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