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One Night Stand - 20 - FINAL

Chapter- 20

Terrace is decorated with balloons and lights. Alex turns around and looks there were only balloons of red and pink colour with colourful lights. Oh! Dad you are impossible he exclaims when finds nothing on the terrace and when  turns back to leave, he hears Christina Perri song:

I have died every day, waiting for you

Darling, don't be afraid

I have loved you

For a thousand years

He notices Rumi standing with a smile in the middle of balloons and lights. He could not believe his eyes and runs towards her. They look into each other’s eyes and he embraces and kisses her madly and deeply. Everyone gathers around them and clap. Hope you like the gift, my son. Edward smiles. Oh dad! You have really given me my world and hugs his dad. I always want to see you happy Alex and this lucky girl has changed my son for good. I am pleased to see you happy. Everyone let’s enjoy the party. Edward announces.

Nyon and Catherine meet Rumi and after few minutes Ryma, Silky and Olive also join the party. Ryma hugs and kisses Rumi, Olive feels sorry for what he did and has realised Silky’s feelings for him and now they are together. Nyon asks Ryma for dance. Simen and Jessica also dance together. It seems like everyone has found their soulmate.

Shall I take my love from this party? Alex asks Rumi and within few minutes they both were walking near by sea. Where have you been these days? He inquiries from her. I was in Alaska but few days back your dad came and asked me to come back with him. He apologised for his behaviour and today I am here with you. Does your mother know about it? Asks Alex. She knows that I was in Florida with my aunt. I told her before leaving the house but when reached Florida, I changed my mind, and leaves for Alaska where I worked in a firm that organises wedding. Rumi replies with a kiss on Alex cheeks.  Why you did not tell Ryma about where you were going? I didn’t because I knew you would come and I really wanted to stay away from you. But the day when your dad came and said sorry even, he told me about your sports journey. I understand that I was wrong in running away from my destiny tells Rumi to Alex while looking into his eyes.

Rumi, we will always be together because our destiny has brought us to walk together in the journey of life. I want to marry, have kids and grow old with you he kisses her and she kisses him back. Yes, Alex, I love you. You know I fell in love with you when I saw you in your office for the first time but never expected much in life because I know you are like a prince for me and this is not a fairy tale. Rumi hugs Alex. Alright then you should be thankful to me that I asked you for one-night stand and I fell in love with you. Alex kisses Rumi. Yes, One-night stand!  I want to spend my life with you, Rumi says to Alex with a shy smile. Alex laughs and says yes, every night but NO DEAL!!!! they laugh, kiss and moon and stars watch them.


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