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One Night Stand - 19


Alex plays hard and loses two sets in the beginning then suddenly he boosts up and plays so well with new sports person name Henry Zerr. Henry also overtakes Alex and again he loses the game. During lunch interval Nyon motivates Alex and says that you played so well before that you can reach the finals and now what happened Alex? Just concentrate man! I am doing my best but I am not sure whether I win or not but yes, will try my best, my friend Alex replies. After two seconds, interval will be over and just remember one thing that your mother will be very happy on your achievement and even your love will be glad too, Nyon reminds him.

Interval gets over Alex and Henry play very well. While everyone thinks that Henry will steal the game within few minutes. All of a sudden Alex sees his mother and Rumi smiling in front of him and deep inside his heart he knew that this is just a dream but he realises the reason that why he saw them at this point of time. He plays a good shot and turns the game. Everyone in the audience cheers him and exclaims Bravo! Bravo! The court is full of people because they have come to see the richest man of the city playing in the court. Media covers the game from the beginning till the end and it seems that the whole New York city has come to witness the game. Nyon hugs Alex. His father gets tears in his eyes.

Media wants to talk to him. He receives the U.S. Open cup and when questioned by media that who all are behind his success? He answers that there are few whom he really wants to thank. First, his coach Philip, his best friends Nyon and Simon and moreover his mother, Jessica.(After a pause )he smiles and says that there is one more important person in my life who is behind his smile and her name is Rumi .Alex calls Ryma asking about Rumi but he didn’t get any answer and then he decides to hire a detective who is going to fetch information about Rumi.

We will celebrate your success and it’s your dad’s birthday too. There will be double celebration tomorrow. Nyon hugs Alex. Nyon, I am in no mood to celebrate anything. You can come to my place to celebrate Dad’s birthday. Just three of us, says Alex and leaves for a meeting to board room.

Next day evening, Nyon with his parents Mr. Charlie Hamburg and his mother Gale come to Alex’s house for celebration. Simon, Jessica, Catherine her fiancee George and Alex’s sister comes with her husband Chris and two children to celebrate. Everyone looks happy and cheerful. Mr. Edward laughs with Nyon’s father Charlie but Alex seems sad. Nyon and his friends try to cheer him up but all in vain, his eyes reflect the darkness of his heart.

Son, where is my present? Edward asks and hugs Alex. What do you want dad? Tell me I will bring for you but as I know you have everything Alex says and everyone laughs. Nothing can fill what is missing in my everything, son. Alright, don’t bring anything for me but I have something for you to celebrate your success Edward comes closer to his son and hugs him. I don’t need anything dad he replies. Ok, first go on the terrace and later decide that you really want it or not. Edward pushes him to go and look at his gift. Alex feels embarrassed but being insisted by his father he goes to terrace to get his gift.