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Missing Family


Once upon a time two mans were walking together, they don’t know each other but they were going to do one deal, one man name was Manohar and another one name was Nilesh, they were going to deal for drugs, they came in one factory in which drugs were being made, Manohar was the daily customer of that factory so he had talked and introduced Nilesh.
Actually Nilesh was hard working person; he has family of three children’s, mother and wife. He was very poor to handle that family so he taught that he can do the work of drugs and many more things to earn more money. He talked to the owner of the factory, that owner was looking terrible he was the worker of one man who was king of the underworlds, that owner talked to Nilesh after he gave one big bag to Nilesh and said that “sell this all”. Nilesh became very happy and gone to home when he came to home no one was there so he made some food and done dinner, whole night gone no one came at that house, Nilesh was worrying about his family so he went to find his family, he looked at all place of that city he didn’t find anyone. So he went back home and done the call to his father in law, he asked about his family but they didn’t went there so his father in law said that “no one came here”. After Nilesh gone to Manohar house and he said all the matter to him. Manohar said “ok I am talking to Mahesh bahiya”, (The king of underworlds).
After Nilesh came back to home, no one of family came there.
Nilesh and Manohar gone at the factory of Mahesh bahiya, Mahesh bahiya said “what is your matter”. Nilesh said “bhaiyaji my family lost”. Mahesh bahiya “what can we do then, why you not done fir”. Nilesh said that “I thought that your hands are very big so you will find my family fast”. Mahesh bahiya said “so you all had made me the worker”. Nilesh said “No...No please bhaiyaji help me”. Mahesh said “ok, I am helping you, first you go home”. Nilesh said “ok”.
After Nilesh gone home, there he found the dead body of his family, he done all things means ‘antim vidhi’ after he called to Manohar but no one was picking up the call so Nilesh went on Manohar house but there was no one so he went on that factory but there also no one was there and factory was looking like it was closed for many years. So finally he went on police station, he sat on one chair until his chance came after he stand and gone to the table of inspector. Nilesh said “sir someone had killed my family”. Inspector said “okay report the fir”. Nilesh said “ok”. After Nilesh reported the fir, after the police had questioned something, inspector said “where were you at that time when your family dead. Nilesh said “sir when I gone at the factory of Mahesh bahiya then my family was there in home, after when I came back then no one was there so I waited for them whole night but then also no one came so I had find them in all place but they was no there so I had called my father in law but there also they was not there so I had called Manohar, Manohar only took me to that factory, so I told him about my missing family so he had fixed meeting with Mahesh bahiya, after I went there and told to find my family after they told me yes so I came back at my home then I found the dead bodies of my family members”. Police inspector laughed out loudly and said to one sub inspector “ohh bhai Rakesh listen to this fellow, this is saying that he gone at the factory of Mahesh bahiya and meet him”. All started laughing. Nilesh was not able to understand what was going on so the inspector said “you had drunk alcohol? because you saying of the Mahesh bahiya (king of under worlds) are dead before 10 years”. Nilesh said “what”. Inspector said “yes now move idiot”.

Nilesh moved from the police station and understand all things and started crying.

The end
Dev .M. Thakkar