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Tea and Coffee

After few days, today was a holiday for me. Holiday means getting up a little late, reading a favourite book but not a newspaper with tea. But today nothing happened like before. Every morning it was on my own time. Tea was also being made but I had changed my attitude a little, yes today I turned my face with tea. Tea has the same importance in my life as you think that everything is there but something is lacking. Love is a similar feeling. There is no substitute for the one who really loves. I mean do I love tea?????? Not at all. People are often deceived in habit and love, but both have one thing in common; Both can be omitted. Tea for one's own benefit and love for the benefit of others.
The call for tea drew attention to the mobile. I thought I should read the old messages. For so many days there was conflict going on in my mind. Society, friends and relatives never allow you to leave the worldly life. They are also right in their place because living life means a lot of money, a car, bungalow and if you want to do something for someone, then you can have your family and children. To go beyond this thinking means to rebel against the society. Then why would anyone understand my thinking? Here I too was a rebel.
I believe that miracles also happen here. God always gives a chance to fulfill everyone's wish. I felt the same today. There was someone who was thinking like me. As things were progressing with him, my thinking was getting direction. By the way, sending messages to him on WhatsApp in every morning with tea was also included in the habit.
Somewhere it was not that tea has been replaced by a positive thought, which is received like a friend. Maybe it would be wrong to say friend, it would also be wrong to say habit, because today I have learned about nothing from him and also known the infinite, so it is better to say nothing because it is better to keep it momentary with the eternal So that the taste remains.
"I loved Kulhad tea in the open air with wind chimes and fairy tales
He loves coffee in the AC room with walls of ocean wales. "
Maybe you’ll prove me wrong. Perhaps one day, you’ll push back at me, making me feel something on your end for once. Because wishful thinking is another attribute of caring. The difference is that I don’t

you could ever force me to regret that one.
I am recalling that beautiful song with the SIP of Tea..

Vaqt hai maharba arzu hai zaba
Fikr kal ki kare itani furasat kahan
Vaqt hai maharba arzu hai zaba
Fikr kal ki kare itani furasat kahan
Daur ye chalata rahe rang uchhalata rahe
Rup machalata rahe jam badalata rahe..

Pal bhar ki kushiyan hai sari
Badhane lagi badhane lagi bekarari badhane lagi bekarari...

Matalab ki duniya hai sari
Bichhade sabhi bichhade sabhi bari-bari
Dekhi zamane ki yari bichhade sabhi bari-bari...

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