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It's the story of a candidate who gives the interview in the company but don't take the selection and save the job for other people but she was not fool by nature(this is the true story of girl but with the change of names of the people to identify the reality of the people):-

Rakhi was a girl who was searching the Job after completion of her studies.She was daily going here-and-there and also sending her Resume in various companies through various Job Portals like,,,etc

One day,she got the call from the Consultancy(who don't take the charges from the candidate and those take the charges from the company only for candidate's placement) for the interview in the company.When she reached the interview venue for her interview, the interviewer(after completion of her interview informed her that she should come after 2 months.Rakhi informed the interviewer that she will infrom him(interviewer) after talk through the Consultancy.

Indeed,Rakhi got surprised and was thinking,"If the vacancy will be vacant then why did Consultancy sent her today for the interview as urgent requirement"?She came back from the Interview Venue and talked to the concened lady(who sent her from the Consultancy for the Interview) named Neha,"Do you know about the upcoming Vacancies in that company(where you have sent me today for Interview) after 2 months?"

Neha replied,"No,I don't know anything about it".Rakhi told her,"I want to disclose the reality.Be aware from these type of persons".

Neha asked,"Rakhi.What do you want to say?'

Rakhi replied,"Please don't think that I want to break your dealing with the Client(Company).But the Interviewer wants to hire the candidate from his own and wants to break the dealing with you because if he will hire the candidated by his own,then what's your requirement to send the candidates for Interview"

Neha got agreed but Rekha insisted to talk to the owner of the Consultancy.When the owner of the Consultancy came to talk to Rakhi,she said,"You are the not employee-class people.So, you can't understand the pain of your employees.But be aware from these type of people,if you want the existence of the Business in the market."Owner thanked her and advised her to get her placed in the future(whether in his Client's Company or his friend's Company) which was the result of her kindness and the Consultancy's owner decided to disclose the business deal with the Company.When the Company owner asked about it,then he told the whole incident and said,"I am breaking the Business deal with you.Be aware from these type of people(interviewer) because I don't want to dismiss the Interviewer from the Job.But you should have to put him under survillence."

Aftersometime,Rakhi got placed through the Consultancy in a good Company with good package.

Through the mediun of this story, I want to draw the attention towards the Job-searching people(especially for the freshers who don't have any kind of Job experience) towards these type of fraud people who can be anywhere in the Company.

In the end, I need the feedback of my story to the readers(whether positive or negative).