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The Real Character of the Job

This is the story of my creative ideas which is not related to any type of true incident:-

Rakhi was a good-devoted girl towards the Job. But she was full of self-respected person who never buttered her manager and always dutiful towards her work. One day, a girl named Rashi joined suddenly(who was also the relative of the manager also).With the passage of the time, all the Office staff came to know that Rashi was not dedicated towards her work and frequently taking the leaves instead of giving the work timely to the client.

Besides that, nobody can take the action towards Rashi. One day, Rakhi came to the cabin of her manager and asked,"Rashi is not giving the dedication on her work on time to deliver to the client. Please make her understand that we should keep the reputation of our company by managing the clients on time."

But the manager got furious and told Rakhi,"No need to say anything about her. You are the in-charge of this project.If you don't complete it on time, you can give the resign from this Job.”

Rakhi felt hurt herself and said,” If you don’t want me in the Job then, I am giving the resign from this Job today. If want my alternative, then you can arrange within the Notice Period.Because I will give the complete time to this company and my current project(which comes under my charge) because I am dedicated towards my work”.

With the passage of time, the Rakhi completed the work(sometimes, awakened at Night) and delivered it to Client and got placed another Company(competitor Company of her past Company) and got more salary package.

One day,Manager(Rakhi's past Company) came to know that some Clients broken the deal with the Company.Because a buttering person can't give the progress to the Company and Situation never remains same.

When Manager asked Rashi,"Why are you not taking the interest in your work?"

Rashi replied,"Rakhi Mam always helped me to complete the work on time.Even she corrected my mistakes without scolding me".

Manager realized that it was the huge loss of the Company without any dedicated Employee but he was responsible for Rakhi's resignation and his Job was also in trouble.

One day,Manager came to know that the Competitor Company(where Rakhi was working currently) got flourished due to Rakhi's talent in the market which was the shock for him.

Manager contacted Rakhi,"Can you please come to join this company again?We will give you more salary and promotion."

Rakhi replied," No Sir.When I have work dedicated towards the Company then you have never credited me because "There is no value of anything which is easily available.So, please try to understand between the real and fake employees.I have given full dedication towards my work even I was on on Notice Period because there was no fault of the Company when Rashi was not showing the dedication towards her work and I tried to alert you.If you want to eradicate the problem then please try to understand "Who is the real character of the Job".