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Theory of Astral Travel

#. Quantum Physics
You must have heared about the subtle journey in hindi in the word of meditation . Also called "out of body experience". Means getting out of your body , Is the initial understanding .Is it out of body experience . And finds it out in a little detail.
The body you know in the original is . He is just your Physical body . But there is also a subtle body inside our body .Which is in the form of energy .What we call soul or Consciousness .Now look at the world around you . What do you think the world in seeing ? That is all it exists , But friends this is a world made up of only three dimensions .They are 11 dimension left yet , You can experience the world of these dimensions only during the subtle journey .
There are basically many such higher dimension .The ones you can't even think about . In the begining Science also believed it. There are only three dimensions , In this world But Quantum Physics changed the way everyone think .
By searching more than three dimensions what we are seeing in the original Many times more exists than this and is invisible . Now you must be thinking see why we are not able to see threse places . We cannot see all these places , Because we are closed . In my senses we can see things , can feel , can taste , can do sushi can hear sounds .
There is nothing more you can do than this . Because our physical body is locked in these senses . . . . . . .
But our astral body has no boundaries , He is no different from anything ,he can experience such which our physical body cannot do.
You can do whatever you want while doing a subtle journey .our subtle body can came and go anywhere in the whole world .There are many techniques to travel astral . But these techniques do not work for everyone .
You have to find it yourself ,which techniques is working well for you ? Today we will talk about such technique . Which works on most of the people . . . . !
" The Hammock technique "
This is a very good technique . Which you can feel out of body .
For this you have to lie down straight. Your spine should be straight .After that you have to focus on your breadth . Now just as your attention will be attracted will be attracted towards your breath . In the same way ,the thought's of your mind will be reduced .And your mind will be calm . Remember you have to leave your body loose at this time . Now this is where the whole story begins . Now your thoughts diminish you will conquer.

Your body will start sleeping , now you have to let your body sleep .And keep the mind awake. Out of body is possible only . When your body is sleeping and the mind is awake .(means think something) , Speaking is scientific language ,when all the activities of your body are less .In such a state our brain starts going into sleep made . This is the time when you have to keep your mind awake .This can be a bit tricky in the beginning .But after a little exercise it all start happening on its own . Astral travel experience - Now as soon as you get out of your body ,first you will start to hear strange sounds . This voice is the sound of other realms. Talking about the time frame of astravel travel , it becomes 10-15 minutes .When you sleep at the level of the body ,but at the level of the body ,but at the level of the mind you will remain awake .
Then within 10-15 minutes you will be able to experience the experience of out of body . After that you will have to do astral travel for a minimum of 5 minutes.
Lakhs of people have experienced this , people experience time dilation during astral travel meaning time in passing very fast during astral travel .But in the real world only 5 minutes is spent .
You must have travelled many worlds in these 5 minutes In astral travel the concept of time crumbles. It seams like time does not actually exist. Do you have dreams at night many people do not have dreams . If you are among those who have dreams. Then you are lucky , because dreams are nothing but astral travel .
Science has not yet been able to explore these things.But due to Quantum physics it is slowly coming to the fore .This is a very big question .Why do we sleep we do not have the right answer for this as wil.Just some theories.
Sleep in unexplained things of science in such a thing .Which we have not been able to explore even today.In actual dream is astral travel meaning what you see in your dreams It comes true , In any other dimension The things that I am telling you.He is speaking on the basis of experience and experiment of million of people .Many people think that this is just illusion of mind .But this is reality.
Because a lot of Research is being done on astral travel projection in English to right now.Which is yet to be understood correctly .If you talk about the experience of people during astral travel ,you can room around this world as well as in many worlds.
In actual what we are thinking .It is happening somewhere in the multiverse If you have the avanger infinity war Then you would know .To defeat Thomas by Dr.Strange ,
Crores saw possible multiverse where there was a possibility to win . But in all those multiverse only one universe is like this .Where he wins over thanos Although this is just a movie .But this concept has been explained will in this movie.
This Concept is True
( A novel story will be coming soon related to this concept.)