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Your love, your worship, your thoughts.

There is only regret in love in love.


Your desire, your passion, you are waiting for me.

Only love is wonderful in love.


Your happiness, your choice, your concern.

The only answer to love is in love.


Your memories, your wishes, your business is yours.

There is only a bubble of love in love.


Your talks, your nights, you are the only lock.

In love there is only the rein of love.





Every person needs his own sky.

By giving rest to others, I will find myself happy.


If people keep saying something or the other

To get peace of heart, I will eat sorrow


Listening to the people of the world today

Don't feel like a big mountain


has had a very deep impact on existence.

Today I will bring Basanti out in life


How people have taunted me throughout my life

Let it rain love, I'll go there only







Don't question your loved ones

I don't care like that


Ishq even put his life at stake.

I don't joke in love


Let those who go laugh and go away.

Don't give voice behind your back


I have brought four moments to meet you today.

Do not offend the beloved


Worried about this being asked.

don't ask questions in answer





I am doing my own thing

I'm right in love




Why do you ask who is with us?

Why do you think you are special to us!


Will you express love in the middle market?

Think you are too cool?


to the one who claims to be with

Try it now and see who is nearby!


Your absence does not bother you.

Looks like shadow is around you!


We will live with each other for many births.

Who has come close together!



Tears are precious too

sleep more than happily


Dilruba's tears flow

I will lose my peace


Count the moments

I'll plant seeds in hearts


Why does he look with thirsty eyes?

Feels that the heart is broken




The pain increased so much that even Hakeem came out ineffective.

I will come out of the fragile and uninformed of the deteriorating health


Remember, sometimes night used to be with the day.

Those who look close to the heart will come out from far away


The moments spent in the valley of love were refreshed.

The heart got lost whenever I came out of the passerby


The yearning for union increases in such a way that

Come back, the instrument will come out from within.


After passing through the street, a time has passed now.

I wish you all the way to your life.




eyes to eyes

I'll hurt beautiful


wanted to go away

Then I'll want in the middle


through the city of dreams

Memories will come back after roaming around


no cure pain

I will not forgive the medicine


alone in my eyes

chup ke chhat pe janam i ll




to call in memories alone

I'll settle in the eyes alone




Do love this life will not be found again.

The passing moments will not return, will not breathe again.




It is necessary to have love in life.

Without him life is incomplete


Have seen the changing faces very closely.

I don't care whatever the face turns


Shameless roam around

ll faces wandering alley nooks here and there


I have come to the gathering unmasked today.

The face of the lover will move to the glimpse


In the morning and evening roam here and there.

ll face the thirsty craves towards the heart


Those who never belong to anyone

The faces of loved ones move like sand




Always keep captivating the mind

The happy faces of the children ll




All love is false

Its shadow will surround everyone


do trust yourself

ll shadow himself


I got what I sowed

The fruits of karma will be found here


at the colorful world's fair

everyone has cheated


show off all

I came to my own work





Try to keep the velvet love

Enjoy your heart's love


I drink everyday with my friends in the gathering.

Today I will drink intoxicating jam from my eyes


After that, the night of long wishes has come.

I'll give you the gift of laughter in your face


There is prayer, there is custom, happiness is also an opportunity.

In these moments of meeting, I'll hug you


Be away from the world and the people of the world.

The heart is a believer that I will open the flower to the side





Look at the moon today or you say it now.

I will write you the moon or my friend, now only you will say





lost the beautiful moments of love

Today again my heart has cried due to sorrow.





Look who is living a false life.

I don't have time to see the beautiful garden.


For ages, the path of the gullies is waiting for the courtyard.

Sow the seeds of love with Mehka Do Gulshan


It is wise to keep up with the times.

Change has been the rule of the world for centuries.



Irrigate the plant leaf plant with love.

Chaman ll smells of gardener's hard work


The world is full of liars and fake people.

To show no one will be the mirror of truth


Life will not pass without hard work