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The Darkzone - 1


I was lying on my bed then a voice came into my ear ,.. Ryan wake up, it's time for school now.I know she is mom who made this her habit to wake me up daily.
Yeah! Mom I am already awake .I went close to door then open it.
"Good morning,mom" I said.
Good morning, she utter.
Go fast and get ready for school (I take steps to bathroom and I can hear she is still speaking) Ryan..I don't know when you'll grown up ...(I Started showering then her voice get buried under it)
I take my bicycle then left for school.soon, I reached the school and park my cycle at parking area. After a long time I'm going school because recently my father transferred from Delhi to Hyderabad and It took so much time to get admission in a new school.

My sight fall on a girl with browny hair which was tied with rubber at her pony tail end.
She was wearing white shirt and blue skirt.
She is holding a cycle with her and looking a
place to park her cycle but by mistake her cycle left from hands and this make falls other cycle one by one and she screamed "oh, nooooo.." She is about to cry and suddenly notices me. I went to help her . I Stacked those cycles one by one.But it was strange that she didn't do anything to support me then I ingore the thing and when I move back, I saw she is gone. Then I took my cycle and placed it at a wall.I Start searching for classroom and I found the class at second floor of school building.As I entered in class I see that girl again and I was just entering in classroom without noticed the teacher who was teaching there, when I realize I take my steps back ( For God sake she didn't notice me) May I come in mam.
Yes!.. I sneaked in, the teacher start taking to me..Are you Ryan ?
Yes, mam.
Ok.. students this is Ryan and because of some circumstances he join the school in, as he is new here who will help him to make previous lectures notes.
When I found no response there then I said, mam,.. I will manage.
Ok..she said it smiling.
I take the seat behind that girl where a boy with short height was already sitting. When the lecture get over. I ask the boy beside me, hey what's the name of the girl sitting front of me? He get rude and began to say don't ask me any question about her. I said,"why"?
She is not a normal girl here everybody knows here and therefore she is sitting alone. No one talk to her because everybody believes that she is having a bad soul inside her."what the hell you are saying."? I interrupt him. Shhhhhh. He made a voice like this.
Don't talk so loudly she will get hint about it.
If you want to see a demo then just wait and watch. Hey! Arun, will you change your seat with me ( he said these words to the boy who was sitting back to him on third bench)
Nooo Are you crazy? Have you forgotten what happened to me? Then he move to me, you see what I want to show you.

If you want peace in your life then just stay away from her.

What is that bad soul in her and what Arun wants to say by this " have youforget what happened to him?."
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