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The Darkzone - 2

Part 2

You know there is two reasons why no one talk to her. first she doesn't even talk to anyone and second Some students feel a negative spirit like vibe from her and also the girl who was sitting there at last bench.Her name is Meenakshi one day she tried to talk to her and for two days they sit together but after that she move to the back seat and she stopped talking with her. ( I look at that girl Meenakshi, she was writing something) He started grumbling again and his voice was too down like Some words got over me.He said that Meenakshi saw Neha was talking with a black spirit one day....( Oooo ..... Is her name Neha , I think in mind. And Her pictures with cycle starts moving in front of my eyes and I think have a crush on her when I hear back to him he was still back bitting for Neha) Aaaah !! Just fair enough I speak slowly to him . You didn't told me your name.
" Vidit" he said.
In this I didn't notice the teacher was teaching for long time and we are grumbling here ,then I notice Vidit was writing from board while talking to me and therefore Meenakshi,Neha and others were writing something.suddenly school bell rings for next class. ( Teacher left the class )
Vidit why didn't you tell me earlier that teacher has already come to the class?
"What"? I had told you,he said.
You didn't tell me. You are just talking about Neha,..I claimed.
" I think you should go mental hospital". Ryan said and he put his notebook into bag then Arun came to our bench with his bag and they both change their seats .( He was just refusing and now he changed the seat with Vidit) I was about to ask then another teacher entered the room.
After school

Ryan is in way to home from school and he notices Neha cycling front of me. He increase the speed of cycle and he reach close to her ." Neha ".. please give me your science notes. She stopped the cycle and said surprisingly," At the behest of the teacher ,I gave the notes yo you in the morning." Ryan stopped the cycle . No, I didn't got any chance to talk to you and you are saying that you already gave me the notes. "Good," ... So, check in your bag.

Ryan open the chain of his back and then he saw a notebook with brown cover and a nameslip on it over which Neha is written.

Ryan get in shock. Hmm.. see Neha said by giving a strange expression. Then Ryan remember that what vidit was saying today.
He give the notebook back to her."Thank you I will do self". and he left the place went straight to home. He left the cycle down and ran to his room. ( I have been ordered your medicine, it will come any day,... This was her mother voice but Ryan didn't listen it).

Vidit was right. I also can feel a strange horrible vibe from her. She is not normal.
Then it's began to move her picture around him and he get lost into it.He take the blanket and cove himself with it. So he fell asleep in his dreams. Here Neha is cycling and Ryan is buying something from kiryana shop,then Neha called him . Ryan ...Do you live here ? "Yes". he said.
Let's study with each other I will also help you in,.. at your place.
They both began to study at Ryan place.
Neha and Ryan is studying . Are you get bored? Ryan ask.
Yeah!!! I feel the same, she said.
Ok will you see any movie , Ryan ask her.
She agreed with him.Ryan played a movie but at one moment a kissing scene came front of them in video.Ryan off the phone.
I think we should move back to study, he said. Neha agree again. While studying they get so close to each other and Ryan hand get over on her hand and they looked each other so closely and they kissed each other.Then Ryan feel that Naha has bitten his lips.Aaaah!!!!Aaaahhh !!! He wake up and remove the blanket from body.
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