The Darkzone - 4 - last part books and stories free download online pdf in English

The Darkzone - 4 - last part

Part 4

Early morning,

Ryan's mom went his room to wake him up.
Ryan .. wake up for school.
Ryan hear her mom, but he refused to go school.
Then she went close to him and put her hand on his head then she saw a mark on his head.
Now,... who beats you in your dream? She said him.
He turned to her, no mom ..a black spirit harm me yesterday and it was she..
I think you had a nightmare...I will call the doctor today, she said.
Then she went away .
My mom will not understand that Neha is not a normal girl she is demon. This all happens just because of me,. because I started talk to her.
All the more she lives left to my,..I will run away back to Delhi.
Otherwise she will scared me everyday .
He locked his door and began to pack his bag.
Hmmmm.. I will run at night and after that I will stay with my grandparents there and they know these things so,they can easily confess Mom Dad.

Here his mother was discussing all this with his father. She hear his spouse saying that Don't worry! it will come soon ,.. may in the evening.
Ok,.. she replied and then cut the phone.
It's get 12:45
She called Ryan for lunch and for then he reached at dining and have his lunch of Omelette with juice.
Her mother began to talk to him...
I'm noticing that you are not studying and this is your 11th class which is not so easy as you think,... so when you will prepare for it.
Mom , .. This is October and I have five months to prepare the syllabus so I will do it.
He finished his lunch and took his dishes and went inside kitchen to wash them.
( Mom,.. I'm sorry I will leave this city today . I will study in Delhi at my grandparents place)

He went towards his room and his sight fall on the ball which was lying down.
He saw that football get blown itself.
But now he didn't scared because he thinks that It will be normal when he will reach grandparents.
He went to bathroom and shower himself with water over him without removing clothes.
He feel relax when he got shower.
He left whole thoughts from mind and Start singing.He feel heavy on his body then he remove his clothes and he left the clothes down on floor.
After sometime ,he get tired so he close the tap.
He came out from the bathroom and open the almirah and start searching clothes then he get to know that he packed his good clothes inside bag, then he opens the zip and take a pair from that.
Then he looked at the ball which was blowned .
In the evening,his mother called him .. Ryan... See who is here....
As he come below he saw Neha, vidit and
Arun .They were sitting on a sofa.
As you know,this is my son Ryan and specially you Neha urf Niharika... You and Ryan used to play together in 2nd class and then after your parents death you have been living with your nani ji and you rember, and your mother was good friends,..(she started crying, and Ryan is listening to her) hmmmm,.. so we are here .
So tell me what you feel Neha is???...
He get hesitate but still he speak up,..
Mom,... I recognise her now but she is is not like before... Vidit,.. you tell my mom what you said to me about her bad spirit.
"What"??.. vidit said.
Here, Neha behaves as she is shocked.
" I want to listen it from you,.. " his mother said.
" I saw neha yesterday she was searching space for park cycle and he dropped her cycle which made fall other cycles,I helped her.....

He tell the thing happened in the school and when he asked for notes and when he was harmed by her spirit which he had already narrated earlier in the story.
You know you have IMD,.. her mother speak up . (IMD,.. except Neha other guys start muttering what is that?)
Yeah!! But mom this happens in my dream and this I can see from my open eyes both things are different.

His mother told them about IMD.she said," Ryan has illusion mentallic disorder ( IMD)
in which he feel things real about he thinks in mind for like; as he thinks that vidit is going to slap him, he will slap himself and and his mind will show his eyes that vidit had slapped him. Means in this disorder his mind create an illusion which feels real to him and
he also harm himself.
And therefore he was behaving like that yesterday and as he told about yesterday from his side of eyes but that was his hallucinations and what did you see that was a real world.
Mom I have no illusion about the situation .
I'm not sleeping now, Ryan said.
Son, it's been a long time you don't have your medicine, and the Your IMD which occurred in your dreams before now disturbs your real life. Some year ago you hurt yourself in dreams and now you hurt yourself in real life.
You remember,..
When you were in 7th standard you jumped out of the window while sleeping and sometimes you used to see illusions on the walls and after consulting the doctor we realized you are suffering from IMD.
After having medicines you were fine too..
But now your illnesses has worsened.
And when you see this video your all doubts will be cleared.
In the video,..
He saw himself at school parking where he was searching space for parking and Neha had already parked her cycle on wall and she went inside.
But he dropped his cycle and it made all cycles fall one by one.
Here he saw slapping himself on head and he stacked all cycles one by one.
Here next he saw that he is standing beside teacher and she is saying something to Neha and she took a notebook from her bag and gave him.He sit beside vidit and they shake hands with each other and Arun also wave his hand like he is saying hello to him.
And next moment teacher enter in room whole class stands up except Ryan.
But he is just seeing down at his feet.
And he saw that after when teacher went out they are quarreling with each other ...
Video paused.
"I felt you are mad". vidit said.
But I realize about your illness.
I'm sorry everyone specially you Neha.

One day later
Bell rings of Ryan 's house,..
Ryan was in room he went downstairs as he
open the door he saw courier man .
" Medicine".he utter .
He knew that it was his IMD medicine.
The end.