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Arzoo mine was completed like this.

I remember his love




I write ghazals every moment, every moment.

Seeing the snow, I write ghazals for worship.


I have seen the beautiful ones change like the weather.

Bewafa o ki love, I write ghazals




I don't care what the world will say

Now I will not turn my way due to fear of anyone.


Just once did you become a friend

I'll have no desire in my heart except this


stranger where i only mean you

Won't care about anyone else here


You call today and we don't come

Listen, it's not such a big business.


Where are you running away while hiding?

Love is not a sinner





He reneged on the promise, that was a rumour,

He got deluded after drinking jam, that was a rumour.




The moon has a hijab of clouds

There is a shadow in the moonlight


Your arrival illuminated the night

There is a star in the sky too




life is a storehouse of knowledge

I'll be hospitalized in life


one word chime

get plenty of sacraments ll





once you understand the essence

ll need a lifetime basis


Its many types

I'll come to meet the idea


know the feeling

all dreams come true




It is useless to understand the foolish.

Understand in gestures that they are intelligent.


Prepare before objection.

Always alert he is alert


every thing said without meaning

Only strong words are effective.




Even after seeing the scene of devastation, man is not going to recover.

No matter how hard you try, Ignorance will not improve



The fire of love will have to be kindled in the hearts.

The extinguished spark will have to be ignited again.


I have lived for years with hatred in my heart.

The world will have to show a new direction.


Don't know in which half they are trapped.

The stereotyped thinking will have to be changed.


Lost in myself all the time

I'll have to get things done anyway


So that the breed should not be misled.

The price of unity will have to be explained.


Let's erase the borders first

The flame of brotherhood will have to be lit


To encourage others

Will have to try my own courage








You are my breath, you are my breath

You will be my fire, you will be my passion


I want you, you are my relief

You'll be my night, you'll be my moonlight


You are my moon, you are my star

You're my eye, you'll be my mascara


You are my passion, you are my passion

You are my innocence, you are my indolence


You are my conduct, you are my thoughts

I love you, my life you will


You are in my dreams, you are in my thoughts

You'll be in my sleep, you'll be in my memory


you with me, you with me

You'll be my way, you'll be my destination


You are my love, you are my love

my friend you, my friend you will


You are my mother, you are my companion.

You are my companion, you will be my lifeline




Life's new beginning

The world has talked about the secret


The meeting of two hearts in love

Dear Moments, I'll have a bright night




Why has the pen stopped today?

Why the things of the world have pierced me


remembering loving moments

Why have I bowed down in shame?


Are you getting sleepy too?

Why is it hidden inside the books?




Always stay away from love

Why have I written Ehsaane Pyare?


Jam in one hand was not enough.

Why do I have to smoke with cigarettes?




I have recognized a false friend.

I have accepted the world is bloodthirsty


continuously hidden for years

I have known unknown secrets


Relationships will continue in any case.

I am determined in my heart and mind


Keep an eye out all the time

I have sacrificed on this world




I can't bear these foolishness of yours now.

Know that one day, these devils will


In any way you celebrate your talk.

Leave these arbitrariness ll from today


Tie whatever comes in your heart.

Shut up, these words are two yards long.


You keep moving around without talking.

For how long will you remain angry, O Diljania?


You will not get pampered more than the limit.

I took a lot of your misery, I'll






The memory of you is haunting me like this.

Hearts and minds are stirring up




Don't do your arbitrariness all the time.

Give importance to the matter of others.