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Your Handshake Says Something About You

Your Handshake Says Something About You

When you meet someone it’s normal to shake hands with him or her . But do you know the way you shake hands says something about you? In any personal or social get together when you shake hands , it is the beginning of your conversations. Just like your words can make a relationship sweet or sour , your handshake style too can make or spoil your relationship. So it is better to pay some attention to the way we meet and greet others with a handshake. Our handshake is like a reflection of our personality in the mirror for others .

There are different styles of handshake -

1. Submissive Handshake - If you handshake with your palm facing up and the other’s palm is under yours it is called a Submissive Handshake . This says that you are submissive and the other person has the upper hand in dealing with you .

2 . Warm Handshake - When you meet someone grasping and shaking hands with pleasure it is a warm handshake. It practically says you are in agreement with him or her .

3 . Strong Handshake - A firm but not crushing handshake is known as a strong handshake . It is universally recognized as a sign of strength , confidence and interest in the other person you are meeting . If you hold hands too firmly as if crushing the bones of the other person it will be called a Crushing Handshake . It is also considered a show of personal power . Your handshake should not be too firm nor too limp.

4 . Weak Handshake - A weak or limp handshake is the one handshake when you shake hands very softly and another person feels that your hand is almost nonexistent . It gives a signal that you are lacking interest and confidence. The other person might feel you are insecure or nervous and uncertain . If it’s your habit then better practice with your close ones for a warm or strong handshake . Weak handshakes are not welcome by professionals.

5 . Perfect Handshake - A perfect handshake is the one having - Good posture , eye to eye contact , usually holding your right hand out , good firm but not crushing grip , smile on your face and greeting the other person you are meeting with . Don’t look away while shaking hands, as it symbolizes your shyness, uncertainty or suspicion in the mind of the other person. This will give the other person a positive impression about your personality .

6 . Rushing Handshake - If you shake hands with someone and instantly brush him off without greeting or speaking a word it is called a Rushing Handshake . It is not welcome and a sign of rudeness .

7 . Lingering Handshake - Even if you are having a good firm and warm handshake but keep it holding unnecessarily for a longer time it’s not a good style of handshake . It is called Lingering Handshake. You should release your hands before it’s too late.

8 . Fancy Handshake - Some people try new ideas while shaking hands like fist bump . This should not be common practice with everyone . This must be limited to very close relations or friends only .

9 . Politician’s Handshake - When politicians meet , one might grasp one hand firmly as in normal handshake but the other hand will be on the other person’s shoulder or forearm or anywhere above the wrist . Unless they are good friends , this is just a fake show of sincerity trying to show they are closer than they actually are .

10 . Politician’s Double handed Handshake - You might have seen when some politicians meet they shake both hands . Usually this means warmness in relation , friendly gesture and mutual trust.

11 . Controller Handshake - During handshake you might feel that your hands are pulled towards the person and / or you are firmly guided in a different direction or towards a chair or something else. This means that person is trying to control you. If your goal is the same as his it’s ok otherwise try to find a common platform to focus on your goal or common goal .

12. Sweaty Handshake - During handshake you might feel the sweaty palm of the other person. It means that person is rather nervous and insecure .

13. Dead Fish Handshake - During handshake if you feel that the person has no energy , not even a gentle squeeze , there is no shake at all and you feel as if holding a dead fish . This is a sign of low self esteem of that person .

14 . Top Handed Handshake - If the handshaker holds his hand horizontally instead of holding his hand vertically so that his hand is on top of yours , it becomes a top handed handshake . This means he / she is giving you a signal that he / she is superior to you .

15 . Is it proper to shake hands with women - It is universally proper to shake hands with the same gender . But if you happen to meet the opposite gender, be careful and gentle . Better Shake hands only when he or she offers otherwise traditional greeting is ok .

16 . Men vs Women's strong Handshake - As compared with men women handshake is weaker but some women do shake hands strongly. These women usually have strong personalities too .