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Moan (part 2)

Hotels,Shikaras, travel agents, Shop keepers,horse hi holders etc all had their livelihood from tourism.Due to terrorist incidents the numbers of tourist visiting the valley was decling day by day..The country was suffering from the problem of unemployment.Seconderly unemployment was also increasing due to decreasing number of tourist.Many unemployed were bbc seduced by separatists.These people used to prepare for protest, demonstration and throwing stones after taking money.
Naserm was a labour.The deteriorating situation in valley had also affected him,He too didn't get work every day.Sometimes he did not get work for many days.He was also lured by the separatist for money.Naseem was a true Muslim.Even if he does not offer prayers for five times,but believed in following the path of Allah.He loved to starve but not to do wrong things.So he did not come under the greed of separatists.
Some villagers were influenced by the ideology of the separatists.When terrorist were trapped under security forces these people used to give them shelter in their homes..But Naseem was not among those people.Once a terrorist escaped from the security forces and reached Naseem's house..He applealed to Naseem to give shelter in the house.But Naseem shouted at him and said,"I will not let your nefarious step in my house."
The result of Naseem not giving shelter, the terrorist shot dead by security forces.
The terrorists were irritated by Naseem on the death of his partner.They started thinking of Naseem as their enemy..One day many terrorists came to his house.They forcefully pulled Naseem out of the house.One of them said while pointing gun to Naseem,"Do you know the consequences of enmity with us?"
Jamila ran to save her husband.She lay down on her husband..Bug the terrorists forcefully pulled her apart.Jamila kept crying begging for her husband to leave.But the terrorist had no effect on her crying, pleading.They shot Naseem.
The son,who had killed her husband, became their companion and she could not believe that her son could do so.
After the murder of the husband, the responsibility of raising the son came on her. when the husband was alive,she never went to alone.But she had to get out of the house to work after her husband murder.
Zaheer was fond of cricket since childhood watching TV.When he was young,he used to play cricket with the children.In school he became the captain of the school team..On growing up he formed his team with boys from the near by village..He started going to play matches outside the village with his team.
Seeing her son playing cricket.Jamila also got fond of watching cricket matches on TV. She would watch the cricketers on TV.She also sees that after winning the match the players are getting reward from place to place.. People are crazy about the players..They are getting love and affection of the people.The country is getting praised abroad.And Jamila also started dreaming of his son's beautiful future.
She thought one day her son will also become a big player of cricket.Her son's photo's will be published in the newspaper.He will also be seen on TV.
People will be crazy about her son..Her son will also have his name abroad.People will say how well Jamila has raised her son even if she does not have husband.People will respect her along with her son.
The dream she had been seeing for years,the son shattered in one stroke.The terrorist who murdered his father.The son become their partner.
Will she be respected in her society, community and village.Patriot father's son traitor.People will curse him mn Will look at her with disgust.Seeing her they will taunt her,"look terrorist mother".
Hearing the burning and taunting of people,it will be difficult for het to get out of the house.. And how will she respond to her husband by going to God. What was lacking in her upbringing.The son who did not follow in the foot step of father. had joined the terrorist. Hearing the news of her son becoming a terrorist,she started mourning.
Had to go then he would have gone.But he would shoot me before leaving.. So that I don't live to see his hands stained with blood of innocents.Patriot's son traitor?I would not have lived to hear this..Had to kill me.I would not have to see a soot on my son's mouth..You left but I was left to die as a mole after ridiculing people..If you were to become a terrorist you would start by shooting your mother.Then you will know how much pain and sorrow he must have whose own is killed by a terrorist shot.It was better then such child.I would be childless.Atleast this day does not have to be seen.
Hamla was mourning over son's becoming a terrorist.someone made a video and this video viral.zaheer also watched it.
As soon as zaheer watched it,He thrown gun and
Mother my dear mother
Ran to the house