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My limbs are relaxing . Mouth dry and my body is shaking.The gun is going out of my hand.What is the benefit of a such war in which a family member has to be killed n Make your own sister widow.No;;No.I can't beat the sin of windowing my sister.Whether he kills me.Im ready to die by his hands.
Relations between the two neighbouring countries were not normal.Firing on the border.But love does not see enmity nor does it accept the bond of religion, caste or boundary.No one knows when to fall in love with whom.
A's sister had a great attachment to the internet.Evryday a lot of her time was spent on the net..One day on Facebook she became became friend's with B of neighboring country.After friendship they both started chatting daily.
They fell in love while chatting.Their love rose so fast that they decided to become a life partner.One day she said while talking her brother about her love,"I want to marry B"
"You have gone mad?Do you even know what you are saying?The neighboring country is our enemy and you are dreaming living with the man of enemy's country", After listening to the sister,A said,"Forget him,. Think of making another man your life partner."
"How is the relationship between two countries.What does love have to do with it.? Love is a matter between men and women.Sania is also married to a man from a neighboring country.,"Giving some examples she said,"If I get married I will do it from B.Otherwise I will remain a virgen for life"
A had no one in this world except his sister.A. had to bow in front of sister's stubbornness.A married her sister to B.
The relationship between the two neighbors was not good.The rulers of both countries did not let any chance of spewing poison against each other go sway by hand.The people of both countries also looked at each other with unfaithful eyes.The media of both countries used to add fuel to the fire.
No matter how tense the relationship between the two countries.Brother-in-law, brother-in-law had tremendous love.B comes to A with his wife on the festival of Rakhi and Diwali.A did not forget to visit his sister and brother-in-law on Holi.They never faced any kind of trouble when they went to each other country.They got a lot of love from the people.They were ready to do anything for eachother.
Seeing his brother-in-law B in front.
A lowered his gun.,"No I won't kill my brother in law.He murmured in his heart and decided to flee the battlefield.He was about to turn from the battle field to flee that his conscience sounded,"What are you doing?"
"I will not fight a war."A said
"Why?"His conscience asked,"Come to fight then why won't you fight?"
"If I fight.I have to kill my own loved one.I have to kill my own brother in law".A said again.
"Forget what shri Krishna preached to Arjun in the field of Kurukshetr?"When the conscience reminded him,he remembered the teaching of Gita.
"Arjun ,who born his death is certain and after death rebirth is also certain.Body dies,not soul.Soul is immortal and indestructible.Why do you grieve? Don't forget you are a warrior.Kshatriyas religion is to fight..If killed in battle,you will get heaven.If you did not follow the kshtriya religion and ran away from the battlefield.You will be defame.Defamation is worst than death.
A's steps stopped as soon as the teaching of Gita came into focus.He thought.Im standing in the battlefield as a soldier of my country at this time.. Soldier religion and duty is to fight.The soldier standing in the battlefield in front of the soldier is not his brother but his enemy.He picked up his gun as soon as this idea came to mind.A said while pointing his gun towards B.
"I know that firing on you means making my sister a widow.But before the the duty is to my motherland.The mother who gave birth to me,pose me up.I will not let the enemy's nefarious steps fall on my motherland.Protecting the motherland is more important than protecting the honeybee.
B said after listening to A,"I also know what is means to shoot at you? Snatch her brother from sister.But this time you are standing in front of me not as my brother in law,as enemy soldier.As soldier of the country from the enemy.".
A and B said after listening to each other,"Let's do our duty
A and B gun fired simultaneously and