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Motivation can change life

Motivation leads to creativity , growth and success. Human beings need a motivational trigger to get things going. Periodical boost and motivation lead to stability of the people and organisations.
people exceed their performance level if handled with care and concern. The benefits of such intangible asset are far more in the long run , than the tangible ones.
Human power has no limitations to succes in life . It only depends on conviction , confidence and courage one has to take things forward..

With the Technological changes in the world the system of operation, execution and monitoring also change their processes. Creation gives birth to innovation and thinking out of the box which in turn lead to growth and success of the organisation.
Motivation takes it a step further towards perfection and growth of the organisation.

Motivation builds determination to achieve something and when you succeed, you feel happy and proud with your achievement. If you continue to motivate yourself and achieve new goals you not only benefit but the organisation also benefits from your achievement.If taken in good spirit motivation has its impact on the individual, his family , his friends and his organisation . The desire to do learn and do something special ignites your thinking capabilities to function more actively.It increased further when encouraged and appreciated by seniors. The results are commendable adding value to the company.
If an individual is motivated to do something different he sets example to others and becomes a model for them. Recognition appreciation and due respect attained has not limit of happiness. Your family and friends follow you and enhance their scope of work improving quality of life at work and at home. Discovering means to enhance motivation is crucial as it demands for change in behavior, developing competencies, adopting innovation and creativity , setting and achieving targets, making plans, developing competencies and talents .

It calls for rigorous and consistency in updating and upgrading minds and technologies.The crave to learn and grow should be there all throughout. Once you get the the taste of success ,the honour of being appreciated by others you will never look back.

We all agree that Motivation is a pathway to change our way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It leads to formation of team building , understanding,being empathetical .It makes you more confident ,friendly and approachable to others.Remember a creative mind is the stepping stone to growth and success in life.

A sales boy is motivated to work hard and strive forward becomes a manager in the organisation.
A trainee in the industree highly motivated becomes a general manager in long run.
A hawker selling toys bon the road side becomes the proprietor of his business.
A student properly motivated cracks all entrance exam and become an IAS officer ,the pride of the family and nation
The adverse effect of demotivation leads to employees dissatisfaction, higher employee turnover, lower levels of employees engagement, poor communication and unhappy family life .
It becomes our moral obligation, responsibility to motivate children to feel the taste of success and happiness. At workplace a little care attention and appreciation to the peers and subordinates can drastically change their life and ways of looking at themselves and their colleagues.