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Smart work leads to Success.

There is a proverb ," Slow and steady wins the race "
But in today's VUCA world we can redefine it as " Fast and steady wins the race "
Smart work is the best solution for competing in the global market competition and being in the ten.
Be it an individual , organization , community or group, all need to be aware of their competitors and plan strategies to over shadow them. This calls for regularity , consistency ,hard work and awareness of what is happening around. It may be people, environment ,culture , process or technology. One needs to be updated with the relevant information and people around.

Smart work improves our innovative and creative thinking skills.It energizes you the inner desire to do same thing in different way which impacts effeciency , productivity and revenue generation.
Smart work enhances productivity through creative thinking of human being and quality work.
It teaches time management skills.
Smart work demands complete mental presence and hence improves our concentration power.
Smart work is really the need of the hour.
It teaches time management, management of people and technology to give positive result in minimum time.
Appropriate decision making ability and vast knowledge of the work along with experience lead to sound decisions. Smart working people are considered to be more intelligent confident , creative and result oriented.They are considered to be risk taker.
Comparison between hard work and smart work
Hard work is more important because it is only through hard work one can achieve the goals of life. Smart work, on the other hand, often leads to shortcuts and procrastination. To achieve anything in life, one has to commit to continuous hard work, which will leads one to the summit of achievement.

Smart workers take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of Hard workers to create , innovate and bring forth such solution which is beneficial to the individuals and the organization. Points to be kept in mind that benefit should yield results in short term as well as in the long run . Combination of profitability in both short and long term would be Smart working.
It's no rocket science to be smart worker. You need to sharpen your critical thinking process and think logically. Priotize your jobs as per it's urgency and adverse effect on you or the organisation. Finish the most important tasks first. Say yes to any commitment only if you have time and willing to do it.No question of pleasing others. Avoide procrastinating things as far as possible. Multitasking is good but focussing on one thing at a time improves your concentration and quality of work and life.
Unlike hard workers smart workers plan ahead keeping the future in mind . They set goals and work consistently towards the same and achieving. This not only unwinds your thinking rethinking process but also keeps your mind healthy. A warning to be taken seriously. Often smart workers bypass critical thinking , problem solving and delegation of power.
If you lack then develop them. It will not only make you good creator but also a leading solution provider.