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hear in carabian chains all experts are in looks of what can be possible!!
but, so bad they have confusion of helpless.
and really they all experts looks staired and symphthaized(સહાનુભુત:)(હ) and ofcourse looking helpless, a helpless of confusion,that ,the new adjustment of electrons will forgive gold coins or not!
they still not sure after lounch this new verson,evan.
and hear in tunnel there dule war is still on.
but through some gentle satelits this peopels are getting information,that, the tunnel is getting break.but so sad, they all gentel mans dont know,that!! what call human machine!!!
so in that turm also they are looking more helpless and confused too.
any way, now some moves, to the tunnel.
hear in tunnel they both still waring dually and there' punches sounds like bang.
and hear in carabian peopels knows that tunnel shouts of its breaks,but they only can to stair it, nothing more.

time spends,both nickels looking furious to each other. and their fight!! oh,all goodness!

like every enimats haves deefrant infinets, they all having deefrant kinds helpless too.
yet, hear this carebians looking most and extreem helpless,where they past did thir work.and now they have nothing is remain to do.

this also comes in kind if help

friends,before they sweetch to new verson,lets take move to univerce some .and be bake by some galexy and cosmos ofcourse.

as we know sence matters.
and as per this rule every animats thinks thair infinats as per thair brain and streches.

some how, lower then human animets are all most habitating some part of earth.and this part of earth ,including how much migratable wider, is call there univarce.and may be some time they could belive more then this much area a infinats .

how ever human got supers and graters then his lowers and his belifs of infinats come more widers then his liwers.and this quatant stoped at 360 degree sky.
yes friendós ,one commen and aurdinary human belives his univerce as per this petarn.including 9 planets and all.but still this eliment has no idea of gelaxy'swides.
but still there is one eliment is exited,which has knows of gelixy wides.and it's name is gods and godess poeopels.

yes friensds,
this peopels are not out of us ,i mean animets.
yes devta is also one kind of yoni,and jivatma too.so they also having cycle of born and death too.
just they are 1000 superior then us,and as per this supers they knows atlest more then 5 and up to till 10 gelixy wides.
butstill is not call border of univerce. becouse one eaged univerce is having more then 1000gelaxy in it self,and till this wides devtas can not be able to strach.
but nothing to worry,becouse we still ask this wides about to one eliment and that eliment name is,transparent eliment.i mean ishvar.becouse you and me what looking transparent between us,and we can look very clearly to each other that all betweens call ishvar.

yes,ishvar is the most transparent and most omniar eliment in the world.

that talk we came by listens that ishvar is adrashya but this is a big bulkshit.
becouse how sea water peopels can not live without tuch a water same how, we all living all time inside of ishvar.this talk can not say devines,becouse devines needs only faith but this talk is of our daily routine.