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SirG And Missi - 4


They are too close now they share their every moment with eachother,SirG had taught missi a lot of things about respect politeness cuz he is the type of one gentle man with huge respect to other. Missi also taught him to make a wish on 11:11 every single night so they both make a wish on 11:11. Both become too friendly n frankly sometime som say I Love you and missi we should get marry then we will dance in a perfect ed sheeren song cuz he had a big wish of that n many more flirting line by kidding not kidding by his side he was ready to be with shila but shila is not ready to be in a relation cuz she thinks that she is not mature which should be and another thing she don't wanna be in a long distance relationship. There vibe match 110% but didn't match of thinking cuz sirG has tested missi already which she got failed on that😔. Som birthday is on 15dec it was near by, chatting were on as usual suddenly the day before his birthday he just ask missi do you have attachment towards meh..?? Shila do have but she can't say yes cuz she have her own destination soo she only replied 'No' then after he gone offline for the whole day she wait for som message she feels too bad but can't do anything. 12o'clock it's 15dec she wish him a happy birthday with 1long paragraphs with her feeling saying that I hurt you m sorry but I can't be with you cuz recently m not ready for any kind of relationship cuz I have my own destination and i have to get success on that first and I hurt you again n again for many reasons or without any reasons if we continue talking then you will give meh more happiness and i will hurt you more soo now onward we will not talk anymore n she decided to not to talk with him cuz she thinks that this decision will make him happy in future n said many more ....She was really sorry she hurt him but more she was hurting herself too by saying that.She wait for som replied but he didn't reply even he didn't came online the whole day she just feel too much bad,stress, heart broken but finally he replied by saying thankyou missi and shila was still feeling sad because she make his birthday the worst birthday ever. Then again he replied- Missi don't you talk with me now onwards ..?? She can't hold her emotion she directly replied 'no I do talk with you' . Then again he replied okey now I'm going to celebrate my birthday with my friends see you miss. Shila replied okey sir enjoy your birthday and once again happy birthday. Soo their story again begins with the same as usual but somewere som has lost that attachment which he feels like first he directly said to shila m soo sry missi but I don't feel for you as I like to do and she silently said Okey sirG with a smile but the fact was she was feeling too bad for him and for herself she want him in her entire life but can't make it because of her own mistakes(situation)😔

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