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Shephali - Part 4

After that night I really can't sleep at all. Every time I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about her. I understand why she suddenly wanted to marry someone of High status so badly, cause she wanted to escape. After all her own father wanted to get rid of him in fear of losing importance in society . But I always comfort myself by saying that now she will be happy cause a boy like binod will remain on her side.

Shephali returned to her house the next day after being comforted by mother. Time was flying again, binod got a promotion after a year. After that their family threw a local dawat for the family friends and between the neighbours. Our residence has once again got the festive mood on
. Their house was literally echoing in hustle and bustle. I also met many of his friends that day. All of them were teasing that it is her wife's Karishma that he got this treasure of luck . You know common bachelors talk. "Hey Binu, phucka treat is on you today . Ok "
Binod shouted loudly " Shiuli where is my wallet ? Come fast."
"Here, take it."
"Hey where are my 500 notes.I said you note to separate them."
"They are under the desk of the table. You said earlier that there are lots of street robbery hap....."
"Yes yes I get it now,bring it here."
"Boudi, our Binode is really a blessed child. She has a calculative wife like you, or else he is so casual about his money."
A round of laughter crossed the hall . We all were taking it just as an excuse to tease him by his friends. But I can see one person doesn't take it as lame fun talk. Anyways I just returned to the house as usual after bidding goodbye to them .

The next day I have to wake up earlier cause my husband has to go on a business trip abroad they are pursuing a foreign company to invest in them.
I started my day with a big yawn and came to the balcony of the garden. I can hear some whispers coming from far away. Ahh these little high school kids are now all roaming around all smart.
I sometimes have caught these love birds some times roaming around the alley beside our house. But what are these basterds doing in these hours, also in the garden. I tried to peek a little. That was not any kid! the face I am seeing right now is the doctor friend of Binod , I saw him at Binod's house that day. What is he doing here right now?
A deep curiosity drives me to know who the other one is. I came closer to the tree and the other one was Shephali !

TO BE CONTINUED...................

Hello guys I am back after a long break. I hope you stay tuned for the each part. I am planning to launch some other series. I am little confused so I will mention the catagory of series and let me know in the comments or message what will be best for now.