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Shephali - Part 5

I was just so stunned to speak anything in the situation so as them. Only one thought crossed my mind, what if someone sees them right now! Shephali will be in the most vulnerable situation. Just as I thought my great mother in law was coming out to do the Surya Namaskar, it was her daily routine from the day she arrived in this house. I told the doctor to escape from the back wall of our house and told Shephali to pluck some 'Durba'(the smallest shaped grasses used for worshipping in India).
"Bouma, what is she doing here, At this hour?"
"Ma, she set that minoti mashi told her to bring some durba , for Puja."
"Really but why is she here they could have taken it from their own garden."
"Right, Right ".
I was literally trembling thinking what would come next , my heart was beating like crazy.
"Oh , after tomorrow's function their heavy cooking ornaments were still in the garden so how can they pluck Durba."
"Oh ,I see"
Thank God, or else this lady byomkesh may have exposed me right now. while returning I said to her "I don't know what guys got yourselves, but as your saviour today and using our house as a part of it , you have to tell me what's the matter".

Strangely enough after that she continuously avoided my gaze even in private. After failing to get a proper answer from Shephali , I decided to talk to the other party.
Dr. Roy , the only child of two renowned professor of Jadavpur University. After graduating from Kolkata Medical College, it was decided that he will go to London and persuade the higher studies . But not long after his MBBS his parents parents passed in an car accident so he decided to settle down in Kolkata with a private chembar in the heart of the town for a brief period. Some of his history was known to me by the friends gathering that day and some was told by the Dr. himself .
I decided to give him a visit myself . That day I argued with myself all day long , why should I meddle in another household affairs , after all it's their problem to deal with. On the other hand I can't ignore the fact that I already considered Shephali as my own sister. After the intense battle of brain and heart, I realised ift can't be ignored after watching it physically. I took the ricksow to the Dr. Roy's chember that afternoon. When I arrived there it was packed up with patients as expected. I revealed my identity and told her to inform the doctor immediately. Seems like doctor Roy was already anxious about the incident so as soon as he heard about my arrival he called me inside and dismissed all the patients by asking them to come after lunch time.

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