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Shephali - Part 6

"Hm, doctor my throat is choking out of curiosity and you are the only man who can treat me . Now lift the veil and start disclosing what truth are you two hiding from us. "
The doctor was sweating heavily in such a cool temperature. He wiped his sweat with his handkerchief and called the nurse to bring some water.
"Boudi , I was going to your house today anyways. I hope you didn't tell anyone about that day , as you are the one who saved us."
"Yes, I did save you guys and can also disclose your truth. Based on what you say to me right now."
"Yes, I will tell you the truth then you can decide on your own, either to disclose us or help us. So my first meeting with Shephali was in Kali temple almost 10 years ago . She was the daughter of the priest. I have from my childhood and secretly started to desire her. We often used to go to the temple and I can't hide my wishes from my parents. They also talked with the priest and they decided to marry me off when I graduate from med school. Everything was alright until one day a rap happened with her. The priest called me on the same night and asked me if I could marry her back then . I said I will definitely marry her , but not like this. It should be done in front of my parents, and they were out of the town then. I tried to persuade him but he was strict with his decision . He told me that if I can bring my parents the next day only then he will accept me or he will marry her off as soon as possible. And the next day my parents passed away as you know in the car accident."
The doctor removed his glasses and wiped his teary eyes.
"That accident not only took my parents but also snatched Shephali from me. I would have begged the priest if I could know the consequences. I heard from Subodh that it was when Shephali accepted his proposal."
"I see, Dr. Roy I can see your tragic love story but still didn't get what you were doing with Shephali today. Mind to explain?"
"Boudi can't you see it ? It is crystal clear that subodh got what's mine and now treating her like garbage. Do you expect me to sit and watch? I explained what you want to know. Now if you are willing to gossip this around the locality then you can but I will save her from that hell ."
"Cool down doctor, before pointing fingers at others you should think about your mistakes. Did you ever ask about Shephali's consent before proposing marriage to her father. Nor did you respect her current life she has family now. And you don't have to think about her safety cause we know our Subodh better than you. Also I am not a so-called neighbour who will gossip about her private life, she is more like a sister to me.
After speaking to you I really don't have a reason to tell this to her family. They will manage on their own . But mind it doctor if you do anything to harm their relationship then I will make you regret your doings."
"Boudi trust me I also want her well being , that's why I asked her to come there in the morning . She is really not doing well. She has scars in her body."
I heard these last words from the doctor while returning and said nothing. That seed of suspicion really costs a large prize.