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Life Without Friends.. - 28

Love happens


When I see George, my heart begins pounding. I was surprised and happy too to see him. No, I was just taking sidewalk. So, let’s go home. Yaa sure, I decide to go with him. For what you were here? I ask. I have taken transfer and now I am working here. You took this decision for your mother, right. Yes, I want to find out where is she now? And I want to start my new life and my own family. His voice hesitates but your mother said that you are happily married and has a son too. I laugh and he looked so serious and I felt ashamed of my act. I am sorry. I really didn’t mean to hurt you. No, don’t be sorry. I want to tell you something. What? Let’s reach home first.


We reach our floor and I invited him to come to my apartment and he looked as if he was waiting for this. I make coffee and grilled sandwiches because I was hungry too. Thanks! He takes coffee and a sandwich; I really need this he said while eating. We both eat and watch tv together and after couple of months I feel relaxed and deep inside really carefree and happy. After an hour I switched off the television and went to clean the utensils and come back after a while. So, do you want to tell me something? I sit on my couch and look for an answer in his eyes. Yes, he takes a deep breath and start that the day when you asked about my mother if she had someone in her life. Yes, I asked but my intention was not to hurt you.


No, it was a true, she has someone in Switzerland and his name is Steve Dyer. He has a grandson and obviously his son and wife. He fumbles in between. So, she was talking about them only. May be yes, they have been together for around five years now. He is her son only. Yes, I mean he is not my biological brother but Steve told me that my mother is like a mother to his children also. How do you know all this? I again question him. He came to me when I was in Scotland, his family was worried and they were also missing my mom. Are sure that he is not involved in your mother’s disappearance? I am sure, he really loves my mom. He himself is trying hard to find her. But why your mother did not tell you? I was drug addict; in depression and unable to handle things on my own. Steve told me that she decided to tell me once I come back to normal life. I can understand Mrs Marie completely. Thanks Nora! Today I am really missing my mother and dad. Life sucks man.


I see him in pain. How your father died?  I really want to know about him. He was hit by some drunken driver. He died on the spot. He speaks in tears. I know this pain, George. I come and sit near by him. I hold his hand. My parents also left me and few months back my aunt Darby, my mother’s sister and now a serial killer killed my friends too. He looks at me. But why? I don’t know. Police is still investigating, you know when you called me in the street, I was following someone, whom I suspect of killing my friends. He listens to me very carefully. Please Nora, don’t do that I cannot live without you. You are the only person whom I ….and he stopped in between. I look at him and he kisses me and I kiss him back. For a moment we kiss each other passionately and I open his shirt button and he also move his hands on my body. I really like his touch. And very soon we both were in each other’s arms and he worships my body and I also enjoy him deep inside me.


When we both catch breathe, he kisses me on forehead and asks, ‘will you spend the rest of your life with me’? We are pain partners and he laughs and I kiss him and laugh too. Yes, but first, I have to find out who has killed my friends and maybe he is after me too. Please he again kisses on my lips don’t say that I really need you, I don’t want to lose you. I see true feelings in his eyes. I also want to begin a new life with you. So, let’s move to another place. No, I can’t. Police doesn’t allow me to do so because they think that I am a killer. What? He laughs. No, you are the sweetest person I have ever met in my life. Thanks George! You are not an officer, I smile. They are fools. Why do you trust me so much? I ask and looks for an honest answer. He says that his heart knows the one who has lost her near ones will not dare to kill other dear ones. So, I trust you. I kiss him on cheeks. But why are they blaming you? Because and I told him the whole story of my life and he looks so serious. So, did you wish them to die? In words only. I can understand that my love. When I came to know that my friends were jealous of my selection in team and few of them intentionally wanted me to become a drug addict so that I lose captainship. I really want to kill them. It happens when you deceived in friendship. I am happy that you understand my point. Yes, we are made for each other and again we kiss. Come to my bedroom let’s sleep together. I pull him and he laughs and picks his boxers.

 Early morning, I woke up with ringing of doorbell and found George cuddling me tightly. I make a space, put my rob and go out to check who is on the door. I make sure that I don’t disturb George’s sleep. I see through the camera and the person who was standing outside was Shane. What is he doing here? Does Gloria know that he is in New York? or he has come along with her. He again presses the doorbell and I open the door.