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Life Without Friends.. - 29

Shane Story


Shane, what are you doing here? Can I come in? And he straight walks inside and I stood staring at him expressionless. You look happy with a smiling face. He sits on my couch. Look Shane I am not alone in this house. I explain to him and then George comes out and look at him suspiciously. George, he is my friend’s Gloria husband, I told you about her. Yes. Hello! Mr Shane glad to meet you. He gives his hand and Shane shakes hand and greets him. So, Mr George are you Nora’s new boyfriend? He looks at me and I give Shane a weird look. I mean new love and he clarifies him. Actually George, I have come here for a business just then decided to see Nora. I will leave in an hour and so. No problem, Mr. Shane. Please be comfortable. Dear, I need to go.  I have to report to my new place and please ask someone to clean my apartment. I will keep the keys in the basket kept outside my apartment. He kisses me on lips and leave. Okay, I will do.

I come back to Shane and remembers him what I spoke to him when he came to Toronto when he came to meet me. I ask him to forget everything and stay happily with Gloria. Why don’t you understand Shane? Don’t make it complicated for me and you too. I told him in serious tone. Even I told you that I tried adjusting with her but now I have left her forever. He speaks. But why? It was a game and a mistake and you know that I never loved you. But I l love you. I want to be there for you. No, that’s not possible, I push him away as he tries to hold me. I am very happy with George and we decide to start a new life. Gloria is an amazing person. Please don’t break my friend’s heart. You call yourself a friend Nora. He shouts. What you friends did with her was not worthy. Does she know about us. I was curious and afraid. No, till now she only knows that I have someone else in my life. Which is more important to me that’s why I broke up with her. Please Shane, I beg you don’t do this. I don’t want to lose her because she is the only one, I have. I plead him. I know all your friends died. So, are you happy about this? I shout. Why would I?  But deep inside I am happy because they were the one who took you away from me. Did you kill them? Of course not. He raises his voice. Oh my gosh! Shane, there is nothing like that what you feel for me. It was just a one night or some days fling. I was not serious about you. Now you leave and do whatever you want to. I shout at him again. Okay I will tell Gloria everything. Now I am not afraid of anyone. I can survive without friends. If someone has to go then go. I don’t care anymore, understood. But remember one thing Nora I am not going back to Gloria. I know you have found new love but one day you will come back to me. In your dreams Shane. I shut the door on his face and lay on couch and close my eyes.

I remember the day, when Shane and Gloria got married. Past came before my eyes. They both were happy and meant for each other. We six friends sit, laugh and in mood to play. Guys, Shane looks sweet and innocent. He is head over heels in love with our friend. Grace takes a sip of wine. No, he looks cunning, smart and playful Hannah gives the statement too. Aaron and Joey agree with Hannah. Marlin was with Grace and I look at Shane who looked handsome, sexy and a man of girl’s dream. What about Nora? Why don’t you say anything? Well, I don’t know, I am just impressed with him. Do you want him? Hannah says and we all laugh.

After few months of her wedding. Shane came to New York for business and we all invited him. We waited for him in my apartment when he was on the way. So, guys, let’s play something. Hannah says. What? I bet that Shane can easily fall in love with Nora. No, he will ignore her. Marlin keeps hundred dollars on the table. Hey! what are you up to? I am not interested. Nora folds her arms. Come on honey! It is just a game. If he shows interest in you, I will win and he doesn’t then Marlin will lose. It’s not about Marlin and Hannah. We all are involved in this bet. Grace and Marlin on one side. Joey, Aaron and Hannah on other side. So, it’s done all everyone keeps hundred dollars on the table and look at me. I smile and agree to the bet.

Shane came and we all greeted him very well with champagne, food, music and different sort of games that we played that time. They all look at me and I liked that they were waiting for me to do something to win the bet. I was in full mood to impress Shane and sat close to him. First, he ignored but after a while he begin to enjoy my company. He gives me blush looks, laughs, freely touches my hand. We all notice what he was doing. But we all were waiting for the night. As everyone slept and Shane was resting in other room. I knock on his door. He opened and welcomed me inside. My goal was just to seduce him and come outside and declare that Hannah won the bet. The moment I went inside and we talked and he kissed me and I kissed him back. I wanted to come outside but he holds my hand and deep inside I also want to spend time with him. Things goes their way. I spend night with him and in the morning, I realised that I went too far. Hannah was happy as she won the bet. They asked me to stay away from him as our game was over. Shane was uncomfortable left early in morning and we think that the chapter is over.